Podcast Advertising for Attorneys: Attract Clients

Podcast Advertising for Attorneys

Are you seeking out new clients for your law firm without spending the big bucks on extensive networks? Today, I’m excited to talk about podcast advertising for attorneys. 

Picking the suitable podcasts to advertise your services will depend on your niche, but in this post, I’ll give you some ideas for podcasts that fit many legal niches. And guess what? It doesn’t matter who listens to them – they all have a target demographic.


Introduction to Podcast Advertising for Attorneys

You may be asking: “What is Podcast advertising?” Podcast advertising involves using audio or video advertisements to promote your business. Podcast advertising helps businesses reach listeners all over the world.

This could be a complete podcast or a brief audio advertisement played at the start, end, or during a break in the podcast show.

Podcast advertising is a type of multimedia marketing, specifically digital marketing. It allows firms to reach a large audience of listeners. Compared to traditional marketing and other types of internet marketing, such as social media marketing and email marketing, Podcast advertising is profitable but inexpensive and worth including in your marketing plan.


Advantages of Advertising on a Podcast

Podcast advertising helps businesses build word-of-mouth advertising.

Potential customers are often found through word-of-mouth advertising. It helps listeners remember a business’s name, which allows the company’s online presence to generate word-of-mouth advertising.


Podcast advertising helps small businesses reach a broad audience.

It reaches listeners all over the world. The reach of a podcast advertisement is greater than that of most other forms of advertising media.


Podcast advertising helps business owners distinguish themselves from others. 

It allows a business to be unique and show listeners why it is different.


Podcast advertising helps businesses build their brand awareness. 

It can help a business to build a brand that allows listeners to remember a business’s name. It will enable listeners to associate a business’s name with the business’s products and services.


Podcasts help businesses with SEO (search engine optimization).

It helps businesses reach listeners when they search for keywords that relate to the business’s products and services.


Podcast advertising helps businesses target the market and build loyal listeners. 

It helps listeners remember a business’s name, which allows the company to generate word-of-mouth advertising, resulting in new customers.


How Can a Podcast Benefit Your Law Firm?


Grow Your Business Continuously

A podcast is a marketing tool that enables you to increase your online visibility and reach a larger audience, potentially interested customers locally or even globally. 

Additionally, it is a valuable addition to your advertising efforts and can help establish you as an authority in your practice field.


Internal podcasts for education and communication within the firm

Even after years of practice, you are never finished learning. An internal podcast enables a firm to share valuable educational resources with its partners, associates, and staff. 

Also, you can use the channel to discuss legal issues and invite guests to share their unique experiences.

It’s time to abandon the internal newsletter in favor of verbal communication!

Whether it’s company news or new legislation, a podcast enables you to communicate quickly and efficiently without requiring everyone to gather around the table. Rather than having your painstakingly crafted newsletter quickly discarded on Monday morning, allow your staff to press play and receive all firm updates while clearing their inboxes.

According to studies, people prefer to listen to content in their free time or while multitasking over reading blogs or articles. Therefore, if you’re going to invest in content creation, it’s time to consider podcasts.

Additionally, you can take significant cases or complex subjects and simplify them for your listeners by breaking them down into bite-sized, easily digestible content.


Exceptional Public Relations

Apart from marketing, podcasting can be an excellent form of public relations for your business. Your podcasts enable you to highlight your attorneys’ strengths, establishing authority and thought leadership.

When you publish new and timely episodes of your podcast consistently and use the appropriate Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and targeting strategies, you can reach your target audience and beyond. 


Get the Most Out of Local SEO for Your Law Firm!


The value of your content attracts journalists and members of the press, whose readers may find the topics you discuss interesting, establishing you and your firm as a resource and reference.

A podcast is also an effective platform for showcasing your work, whether it’s notable cases or ground-breaking pro bono work. Placing your legal work on display not only attracts positive attention to the firm but also helps reveal the human side of your law firm and contributes to transforming stereotypes surrounding lawyers.


Truly Effective Crisis Management

When the pandemic of COVID-19 started, law firms rushed to provide information to their clients. There were webinars, frequently asked questions, and newsletters coming from all locations.

Additionally, there were podcasts. Leading firms were releasing podcast episodes every few days to keep their clients informed of the crisis’s rapid evolution. These podcast episodes did not require the client to pause their work and register for a webinar or read a lengthy blog post.

In the event of a crisis affecting your clients or prospective clients, your ability to respond quickly is critical. You can react and respond immediately with your podcast without having to wait for a production crew or hours editing a blog post.


How and Where to Promote your Podcast


Capitalize on Existing Assets

If you’re new to podcast marketing, you can leverage your existing online assets, such as social media and your law firm website, to generate excitement around the launch of your podcast.

Share images, videos, soundbites, or anything else that comes to mind to engage your social media followers. Users of social media platforms can convey their message in a fun and creative manner.

Therefore, when creating promotional content for social media, be sure to use your imagination.


Upload To YouTube As A Video

I adore how the internet enables people to transform a single piece of content into an infinite number of different forms.

Podcasts appear to be out of place on YouTube due to their audio format. Fortunately, YouTube has proven to be an excellent platform for sharing podcasts and expanding your audience.

In a single month, YouTube has over 2 billion logged-in users. It is a well-known platform for those who want to listen to audio. Therefore, if you want to reach a large, active user base, don’t overlook Youtube, one of the most effective marketing tools.

Additionally, you can use video clips to promote your podcast on other social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Transcribing Audio from Podcasts

Producing a podcast and publishing it are two fundamental and necessary tasks. Transcribing your podcast simplifies the process for those who want to skim through it before playing or downloading it.

The internet is a large domain full of people from all walks of life. It would be best if you did everything possible to assist your audience and promote your content.

For instance, a transcript can be beneficial for anyone who wishes or requires to consume content in this manner. 

Are you curious about the cost of audio transcription?

Fortunately, there are a variety of tools and services available to accomplish this task efficiently. Utilize services such as searchie.io, Fiverr, or Rev.com to transcribe audio for as little as $1 per minute.

Additionally, providing a transcript of a podcast is advantageous from an SEO standpoint.


Promote Your Law Firm Across Multiple Social Media Platforms

Cross-promotion is an effective strategy for growing your podcast’s audience. It is a marketing strategy that can be applied in a variety of ways.

Cross-promotion includes sharing your content across multiple platforms, from blogs and law firm websites to social media. Another aspect is establishing relationships with other podcasters and sharing your content on their channels and vice versa.

For example, if you have a blog, you could contact other podcasters and request a content swap in which you can share content related to your show, which now allows you to reach entirely new clients.

Social media sites such as Facebook enable you to create and target lookalike audiences to remarket your content (content marketing) to people who have previously expressed interest in your business.

For instance, visitors to your website and social media pages in the past can come across your content and lead to conversions.


Make Use of Paid Advertisement

We cannot overlook the importance of media marketing – wherever there is an audience, advertising will exist.

While podcasts have grown in popularity as a source of valuable information for consumers, it’s difficult to advertise and capture the right people’s attention.

The good news is that podcast listeners notice advertisements for podcasts. The key is to establish a connection with the appropriate audience.


Conduct Outreach

Before the internet, businesses used cold calling to sell their products or services to customers and prospects. Today, a single click can distribute your message to millions of people worldwide.

For instance, you can send a single email to communicate with critical members of your business. But, email is not the sole option to communicate with your team.

If you don’t have an outreach strategy, begin notifying people about your podcast via email, Facebook messages, cold calls, Instagram Direct Messages, or any other medium available to you.

Create an outreach list before launching the podcast, including social media followers, blog readers, product users, and fans, among others. Send no emails or text messages to anyone.

Again, you must identify your audience across multiple social media channels.


Submit To Podcast Directory And Aggregator Websites

If you’ve created a podcast but have only a few listeners, it’s time to grow your audience. Distribute your podcast to additional locations where listeners look for new podcasts.

Numerous podcast directories can assist you in distributing your content and increasing your listenership significantly. If you want to be easily found, you should submit to directories. Because creating great content is only half the battle, true success comes from being heard by the right people.

You can reach audiences who might not have discovered you otherwise by promoting your content on the appropriate platforms.

If you can’t decide where to submit your podcast, here are some suggestions:

  • iTunes
  • Podcast by Google
  • Spotify
  • TuneIn
  • SoundCloud
  • Podcastpedia

The possibilities are endless, but I was hoping you could choose the platform that will yield the best results.


Takeaway: Podcasts for Attorneys is an excellent way to advertise online


The days of relying on print materials are over. That’s not to say you don’t still need other marketing strategies, but podcast advertising should be on your radar. 

If you think podcasts are worth trying for your law firm, one primary step is hiring Advantage Attorney Marketing- the best marketing and podcast advertising agency. Give it a shot; schedule a call with our marketing team and see what kind of result you get. Use podcasts for advertising your law firm today!

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