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Small Law Firm Website Design Services

Considering the amount of time people spend online, it is no surprise that law firms have also moved their marketing online. Improving web-presence is one of the most effective ways for attorneys to market their legal services to the world and their local community. Since almost everyone is online nowadays, having a website is a great marketing tool that will open up opportunities for your law firm that you don’t usually get offline.

However, building a new website is not cheap. Most design agencies charge highly for custom web design and web development, making it difficult to find a marketing agency that offers services to create an affordable website. Fortunately, Advantage Attorney Marketing can help you save on business web design costs! 

Each of our full-service marketing plans comes with a FREE website*! Whether you’re looking to get a website redesign, or planning on creating a website, Advantage Attorney Marketing offers these services at no additional cost. Get a responsive and custom website for free by scheduling a call with our law firm digital marketing agency today!

*See our pricing plans for more details.

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With Advantage Attorney Marketing, get a customized attorney website design that meets your law firm marketing needs and more.


Website Design that Promotes
Your Brand

Since a website has a more extensive reach than any other type of advertising, with the proper branding, your website can show your clients who you are and what kind of services you can offer. 

Showcase your brand identity and attract more clients by establishing who you are, what you represent, and what your law firm stands for. As part of your brand strategy, Advantage Attorney Marketing will help you achieve on-point branding for your website by providing all the information your potential clients will need about you, your law firm, and your services.


Attorney Web Design for Increased Credibility

You might think that a lawyer doesn’t need a website to get clients, but having a website that looks good and communicates your services allows you to build a good online reputation for your firm

A professional web design will help you assure potential or new clients of the legitimacy of your law firm. At Advantage Attorney Marketing, our responsive web design allows your small law firm business to grow or attract the right clients by giving an excellent first impression and engaging your potential clients to take the first step in retaining your law firm as their legal partner.


Unique Website Designed to
Attract the Right Clients

Your law firm’s website is the face of your business in the digital world. Your website should always be in top shape and ready to face all sorts of clients. Because if people don’t like what they see, they move on to the next website right away.  Each law firm site that we create is designed to provide a robust customer experience, ensuring that each section is elegantly designed and easy to navigate.

Our proven system of developing a mobile-friendly website will also increase organic traffic and provide high conversion rates. Since Google favors mobile-friendly websites, our Free Website Package will surely increase your law firm’s discoverability in Google. With its user-friendly web design, clients won’t have a hard time knowing about who you are and what you do. Booking an appointment will also also be easy as 1, 2, 3.

Our digital marketing specialists can provide you with a practical yet elegant custom web design that clients will surely love and Google will favor. Or, if you already have one, we can make your website more accessible and redesign it to represent your law firm better. Take your law firm to the next level and start your legal marketing journey with us.


Mobile-First Website Design

Today, more than two billion people surf the internet through their mobile devices. By 2025, this number is expected to go up to 72.5%. At Advantage Attorney Marketing, we aim to be proactive and focus on creating an optimal user experience by concentrating on mobile-first design, only giving users the content they need.

Law firms with mobile-friendly websites are more likely to convert leads, giving you more chances of getting a new client. First designed for the smallest screens, you can make sure that the main focus of our FREE* Website Package is its core functions, making it user-friendly and Google-friendly.

Google’s algorithm ranks based on user-friendliness; that is why having a mobile-friendly website can also make Google prioritize your website more than your competitors. Our small law firm marketing and technology specialists will help create a strong foundation for your website with mobile-first in mind, creating a good user experience that makes good business sense. 

*See pricing plans for more details.

Attorney Websites
Designed to Convert

When trying to get new leads for your law firm, a well-planned web design will create consistency across your site. You want your audience and potential clients to have a glimpse of your law firm’s identity through your site. Having a consistent website will build brand recognition and will keep leads longer on your page. 

Our attorney website comes with custom conversion points tailored for solo attorneys and small law firms. We utilize various kinds of legal content to drive conversions on your law firm website.

  • Attorney Contact Forms
  • Law Firm CTAs
  • Attorney Live Chat
  • Legal Consultation Appointment Form
  • Legal E-book Download

Each of these attorney conversion points will turn each lead into clients. With little to no work required from the visitor, whether it’s a simple call-to-action (CTA) or an invitation to drop by your law office for an in-person consultation, an intuitive and visually appealing web design will increase lead conversion on your site.


Best Value for Money & ROI

While other marketing agencies can charge up to $5,000 for a customized law firm website design and development, at Advantage Attorney, we will help you build a custom website that is engaging and easily accessible for your target audience, for FREE*!

Of course, leveraging your website to increase your leads and grow your business is essential in every business today.

To help you do this proactively, we will also provide you with a FREE* law firm website revamp every two years to help you follow attorney marketing trends and update your digital marketing strategy.

*See pricing plans for more details.

Law Firm Websites
Designed for Everyone

It’s important to take accessibility into account when designing websites. At Advantage Attorney Marketing, we make sure that each and every site we build is a mobile-friendly website that is accessible to all.This includes ensuring that the website is ADA & WCAG compliant and accommodates everyone, making it easier for any potential client to find your law firm online and avail of your legal services.

With our ADA-compliance software, you can boost your SEO strategy by improving the user experience through better website usability and functionality. This enables Google to crawl your website better, which helps you get higher organic search rankings.

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