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Small Law Firms Content Marketing

Content marketing is a marketing strategy tool that is used to attract and engage an audience by creating and sharing relevant content like articles, news, podcasts, infographics, and other media. Having legal content marketing will help build credibility for your law firm, promote brand awareness, and keep your law office on top of mind when it’s time to find a lawyer to help them in their legal needs.

Now you might think that creating a website and managing your social media is enough to jump-start your marketing strategy and tactics, but to have effective online marketing, you must have the types of content in your website that will create lead generation and convert those leads into clients. With the right law firm marketing agency, you can achieve your business goals and expand your reach. Advantage Attorney Marketing can help you create a good legal content marketing strategy that will surely attract your target audience and new clients.

Legal Content Marketing

Small Law Firm Content Marketing that Works

While traditional marketing is important to reach your potential clients offline, online marketing is a new and effective way to reach your potential clients outside the four walls of your office. A good legal content marketing strategy is one of the different online marketing tactics you can use for your law firm. It is a reliable tactic that is proven to be effective, and it provides a competitive advantage against your competitors. Here are some benefits of having a content strategy for your law firm:

Law firms and solo attorneys who utilize the use of content marketing in their blogs are proven to get more leads than their competitors who do not have one.

Most clients who want to find a lawyer to help them with their legal concerns are also more critical when it comes to choosing the law firm that they will partner with. Hence, it is important to provide quality legal content that will prove your credibility as a lawyer.

Content marketing for your law firm will help you reach higher growth rates.

Boost Marketing Campaigns Through Legal Content

Good legal content marketing can attract leads and showcase your legal services when potential clients are searching about what kind of legal services they should get for their specific situation.

To become an effective marketing program, you need to deliver the right message and content that is appropriate for your target niche. At Advantage Attorney Marketing, our legal marketing specialists will help you craft an attorney content marketing strategy that helps you reach your marketing goals.

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Legal Content Marketing

Building Empathy with
the Right Audience

When creating content for your firm, you should be able to address the concerns of your audience. Writing about their pain points, their challenges, and questions that they may have can be a good way to engage your audience. This part of the content should be informative and give how-to advice for their possible legal concerns. For instance, if you’re a bankruptcy law firm, you can write blog posts about:

How to file bankruptcy

Different types of bankruptcy

Benefits of filing a bankruptcy

Provide Legal Solutions
for the Right Clients

Through legal content marketing, you can offer helpful information and content on your law firm website, while selling your services. Having attorney live chat agents can also help you answer questions and show your clients that you care. 

You should educate the readers about what qualities they should look for, and what solution is best for their problems and needs. Of course, your content should ultimately lead to your law firm and the legal services you offer.

Law firm marketing can be a bit tricky, so it is important that you have a good legal marketing agency on your side. At Advantage Attorney, we will help you make the best of legal content marketing as part of your digital marketing strategy.

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Generate Value-Adding Content for Your Law Firm

Of course, having a website and social profiles for lawyers is important to your online marketing strategies. These will attract your clients, but where will they go after seeing your information? 

If you produce and distribute content regularly, you’re not only providing ongoing value to your audience, but also show Google and other search engines that you have fresh, informative, and relevant content on your law firm’s website. This will surely give your website and attorney accounts search ranking boost.

At Advantage Attorney, we can help you create a content marketing program that will surely engage your readers by providing them with fresh and relevant legal content. We will also make sure that each content on your website will help you get found on Google, by giving you SEO-optimized content that is keyword-rich and properly structured.

Close with More Clients Through Legal Content

Content marketing plays a vital role in closing a deal with a prospective client. When you have a website that works for all audiences, you can focus on marketing your legal services and showcasing why your firm is the best choice. 

Here, you can put emphasis on your experience and the benefits of choosing you as their legal firm, and make your legal expertise and knowledge the central message.

The best marketing content for this could be case studies, explanatory videos about your services, or client reviews. For example, if you’re an immigration law firm, you can produce content about:

The number of immigrants you’ve helped to get a Green Card

The different immigrant visas that you’re offering to demonstrate your expertise

Testimonials from your clients that you’ve successfully helped get a visa

Legal Content Marketing
Local SEO Marketing

Take Advantage of the
Power of Word of Mouth

Word of mouth is a powerful traditional marketing tool that can help you gain loyal customers. People are more likely to trust a service provider when they are recommended by a family member or a friend.

People nowadays are aware very picky when it comes to choosing a product or service. There is also a lot of competition out there. So you need to bring something helpful to the table instead of just pushing your services to them. You need to provide quality content, and if they appreciate the information you’ve provided, they will share that bit of information to others. And bam! Instant form of marketing for you.

Nurture Client Loyalty Through Quality Content

The more your clients feel that you’re resourceful and reliable, the more they’re likely to hire you as their attorney again.

Whether you’re an attorney practicing in family law, business law, estate planning, or other fields of law, putting emphasis on your desire to help, rather than convincing clients to get your services as a lawyer, will most likely result in a positive association of your name.

Call our legal technology experts and lawyer marketing specialists to develop your firm’s strong content strategy today.

Legal Content Marketing

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