Your Law Firm and Creating the Right First Impression

Marketing Strategies

One of the most difficult aspects of US law firm management that lawyers struggle with, regardless of what area they can practice, is creating the right first impression for their firm. With so many big law firms in Arizona, one should not underestimate what this can do for you.

If you have a vision of becoming one of the biggest law firms in your area, for instance, it is crucial to leave one solid impression: that you can address the legal needs of your clients.

Being one of the Best Lawyers in America

Your potential clients may have a vague idea of how arbitrations, negotiations, or settlements may affect their case but are clueless on the specifics of these.


Most of those who do not know what plaintiffs, defendants, and prosecutors do in the courtroom think there is no need for them to know. They are looking for an expert on a specific practice of law who can take care of these things. You would want them to see you not necessarily as super lawyers, but as members of the legal profession who can help them with the verdict, they need.

This is at the core of US law firm management. Whether you are a solo practitioner or there is more than one lawyer in your office, this is the impression that you would want to leave to your would-be clients.

The Best Lawyers and Hands-On Law Practice

Take for instance a personal injury law client seeking legal advice for medical negligence or wrongful death. He or she will likely not be familiar with what health law or medical malpractice law was violated. Similarly, a client with labor and employment issues will not know which labor law or employment law covers workers’ compensation and employee benefits. These people are looking for a hands-on American lawyer who can help with their case. Whatever areas of law you cover, be it family law, corporate law, or business law, they have to see that you offer top-tier client service.

Even if your competitor is a big law firm, you can still have a competitive advantage. The best law firms excel not only in their legal practice but also in their marketing strategies. An important thing to remember is that you want people to be able to see that you are a professional. Show people your competence and professionalism through your track record. These days, information, product, and services can be accessed through the Internet. This is an opportunity to grow your reach through an effective online marketing strategy. A digital marketing partner that caters to law firms can help you get started on your online marketing strategies or improve on what you already have. 

Legal Services for Legal Matters that Matter to Them

Someone facing criminal law prosecution might be looking for lawyers for criminal defense, or someone dealing with land use disputes could be needing legal representation for real estate law litigation, or a debtor could be looking for a law firm for a reorganization bankruptcy. When trying to make a proper first impression, it might help to keep in mind is that it is not about you. It is about your potential customers and how they perceive you and the ability of your law office to provide them options given their circumstances. They have specific problems that need specific solutions.

If your legal practice is on estate planning, common concerns include probate, drafting wills or trusts, and estate tax law. On the other hand, those looking for an intellectual property law attorney would likely have questions on trademark and patent investigations, intellectual property litigation, and possible dispute resolution. They need an attorney at law who recognizes the uniqueness of their case.

  • Attorneys and Lawyers from the Largest Law Firms Bank Avoid Vagueness

A litigator could be specializing in certain legal issues, such as business litigation, commercial litigation, corporate litigation, securities litigation, or tort litigation. Similarly, you must be clear on your areas of practice. Indicate if you cover various aspects of immigration law and finance law, or very specific issues on construction law, energy law, or maritime and environmental law. Avoid leaving an impression that you are trying to be a jack of all trades yet a master of none. If you want to be one of the top law firms in Arizona, be very specific on the fields of law that your law firm can cover.

Note that your location, region, and even practice area will influence, in one way or another, the impression that you will leave. Rankings and Law Firm of the Year awards, if any, can also impact the public’s perception of your practice. It is, in a way, a reflection of how you have been handling US law firm management.

If your large law firm has offices in various locations, make sure these can be seen on your site. The idea of getting a free consultation from top lawyers of a major law firm is often appealing. In the same way, small law offices benefit from offering free case evaluations by legal professionals. These help you leave an impression that you know what you are doing and that you can be trusted.

When bringing your law business online, firm size is not an issue. Both small and big law firms need assistance from experts in marketing consultancy for lawyers. Get in touch with our professional consulting and marketing company at Advantage Attorney Marketing for reliable consultancy and marketing services.

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