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Promote your law firm and your practice areas through effective over-the-top advertising campaigns to generate high quality leads.

Streaming TV Advertising for Small Law Firms

Television and radio advertising plays a key role in a law firm’s marketing efforts. For solo attorneys and small law firms looking to expand their reach, Overt-the-Top advertising or simply OTT, is a great way to promote your firm’s brand and draw in new clients!

OTT Advertising provides top-notch, professionally managed TV and radio ads. Advantage Attorney Marketing’s OTT accommodates small-sized law firms with a focus on value and convenience. Our OTT platform advertising services are affordable, highly targeted, and tailored for small-sized law firms’ specific practice areas.

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With Advantage Attorney Marketing, develop effective law firm OTT advertising to achieve your lawyer marketing goals and more.

Generate Higher Quality Leads for Your Firm

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What is Over-the-Top (OTT) Marketing?

Videos are streamed through over-the-top services such as Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, HBO Max, and Peacock TV. There are also more video streaming platforms out there, and they all account for 25% of the time consumers spend on using their televisions.

TV entertainment has changed over the years, and similar to digital advertising, we expect it to grow and change constantly. For one, there is an all-time high in streaming viewership. More and more adults and families in the US are switching from traditional tv to streaming through their devices, either through an app or a website.

With the growing popularity of these streaming platforms comes an excellent opportunity to grow your business – OTT marketing and advertising.

Over-the-top advertising for attorneys
OTT Marketing

How Did Streaming TV Advertising Become a Trend?

Over-the-top and Connected-TV advertising services, commonly referred to as streaming TV advertising or TV ads, are designed to target viewers streaming through video services or devices on the internet. Smart TVs and connected TVs are only some of the platforms that TV ads can be used.

Over-the-top” is a term that refers to the ability to bypass traditional TV providers. This gives marketers the ability to utilize targeted marketing, making it possible to reach their audience through streaming TV.

Highly-rageted TV advertising gives law firms the ability to move and make marketing decisions away from the mapped-out broadcast schedule in traditional television without geographic limitations.

Going over the top allows attorneys the freedom of movement without pre-planned broadcast schedules or geographic limitations. To know more about how your law firm can benefit from marketing your specific practice area on one of the TV Ad channels, consult our marketing specialists today. We will help you take your marketing campaign over the top.

Effective Connected TV Advertising for

Different from traditional TV advertising, OTT advertising helps small law firms and solo attorneys deliver ads through online streaming platforms. This includes connected TV or CTV advertising, video ad interruptions, sponsored content, banner ads, and more.

Connected TV advertisements give attorneys an effective tool to reach their target audience directly and get them to avail their legal services. People stream on multiple platforms and devices, and CTV ads are designed to fit well on every streaming device out there, from big tv screens to laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

OTT Ads for Attorneys
Benefits of OTT Advertising

Benefits of Small Law Firm TV Advertising

Another difference between traditional TV ads and OTT advertising is that you can reach a more targeted audience for your firm.

While there are many big players in OTT, such as FuboTV and Roku, there are also plenty of smaller and niche OTT streaming platforms out there. This means that there is an endless amount of opportunities for law firms to advertise their legal services and promote their areas of practice.

At Advantage Attorney Marketing, we offer low-cost television advertising to help you reach the local audience you need to grow your practice. We provide highly-targeted marketing that has helped plenty of law firms reach their marketing goals at affordable prices.

Contact our attorney marketing specialists today to know how to integrate video advertising with your other marketing campaigns to help you reach your business goals.

What You Should Know About Reach and Frequency of TV Advertising

Reach is the total number of homes or, in the case of contemporary online advertising, the total number of customers exposed to a given medium or entertainment platform during a predetermined period of time.

The frequency of exposure to a particular household or individual to the same advertisement is the usual, approximate, or precise number of exposures. By dividing the total number of impressions by the total quantity of distinct viewers or listeners, marketing platforms can calculate the average frequency. Platforms with more information can keep track of each consumer’s precise frequency.

In a nutshell, the first thing that TV advertisers should understand about television is that incremental reach will get more expensive the more people your campaign covers. Advertisers must also take into account frequency, or how frequently each person sees an advertisement.

With Advantage Attorney Marketing, you won’t have to worry about throwing money down the drain because every cent will be accounted for. Our strategies will make sure every last penny translates into more reach and thus turn into leads.

OTT Advertising
OTT Advertising

Increase TV Advertising Reach and Frequency at a Lower Cost

You can leave the testing and learning to us. Before we advise you to increase your investment, we will first figure out which combinations of creative, TV network, publisher, and program placement across linear and CTV would result in the best performance.

Niche Marketing for Attorneys Through Targeted TV Ads

Compared to traditional broadcasting, which caters to a broader audience, OTT advertising targets niche audiences. This means that by advertising on an OTT-based platform, you will maximize your ad’s reach, making it more targeted and niche-focused.

Just as streaming platforms are disrupting the traditional broadcasting industry, OTT marketing is also paving the way for the 21st Century paid media landscape.

The OTT channel can meet all your marketing needs, thanks to its data-driven scaling and measuring of the target market.

Many people talk about OTT as just another TV ad campaign. But there’s more to OTT. It’s full-funnel marketing that not only builds your brand but also engages more customers that are right for your firm.

Eliminate waste through precise targeting

Increase engagement through improved ad relevance

Support your other marketing strategies

Full accountability – measure effectiveness; improve future campaigns

Our television, radio, and video advertising campaigns are highly targeted to increase your business visibility across all platofirms. Are you ready to reach your goals? Get in touch with our attorney marketing specialists to start your over-the-top advertising today.

Niche Marketing for Lawyers
Eliminate Waste Spend in OTT Advertising

Targeted TV Marketing Eliminates Spend Waste 

While social media advertising is a great marketing tool on its own, OTT ads are a great complement to your paid advertising on Facebook. OTT ads work by producing specific targeting that eliminates waste.

For instance, if you’re a family law firm in California, we can help you run OTT ads relevant to your target audience. Divorce, child custody, or alimony are only some of the legal services that we can showcase through OTT ads.

This OTT marketing tactic will not only increase brand awareness for your law firm but also turn the audience into a paying client who will likely avail of your legal services.

Display Your Ads in Different Devices

OTT advertisements can display on different devices. Connected TV, Roku, Hulu, Amazon OTT, OTT apps, and other streaming services are only some of the OTT devices that you can display your OTT ads.

With Advantage OTT Advertising, we can showcase your OTT content on any device to stream videos over the internet.


Laptops and Computers

Connected TVs and Smart TVs

Streaming Devices (Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire, Sling TV)

Gaming devices

Advantage Attorney Marketing is a full-service marketing agency that provides quality, affordable marketing for solo attorneys and small law firms. We can help you reach your target audience with our highly targeted OTT services and advertising.

OTT Ads in Different Devices
OTT Ads Supports Other Marketing Campaigns

Support Your Other Marketing Strategies

A great website with great legal content is already a good marketing tool that helps you reach your desired audience. You can re-target your captured audience through OTT, audio ads, social media, and other marketing channels when you pair it with OTT marketing.

Bringing your audience into your law firm’s ecosystem increases engagement from users across different channels. OTT Advertising is the perfect solution for your law firm. When you want to advertise your services to your community, there are a lot of options available. But, OTT Advertising is a direct marketing strategy that helps your small law firm reach a more targeted audience through affordable and highly targeted advertising.

Talk to a law firm marketing expert today If you’re ready to have a holistic marketing strategy for your firm.

Get the Advantage Targeted TV Advertising

Advantage Attorney Marketing is composed of marketing specialists and legal experts to help solo attorneys and small law firms get the right clients for their firms.

We provide targeted and specific marketing that helps attorneys who offer legal services in bankruptcy, real estate, family law, estate planning, and more.

Our team of marketing professionals can help you create OTT ads that

Captures and engages the right audience

Fits all types of devices

Provides a personalized experience and relevance

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At Advantage Attorney, we will help your law firm leverage OTT ads to reach your target audience in creative and innovative ways. Consider making OTT advertising a part of your marketing strategy today and engage with your audience through meaningful and personalized marketing campaigns.

Regardless of your business goals, campaigns on OTT platforms can be customized and set up effectively to match your law firm’s sepcific needs. You are in complete control of who your law firm video campaings will reach through niche marketing and specific targeting. Through a good OTT marketing, you will have a wider reach without compromising the quality.

OTT advertising can be a great way to reach a large audience and connect with potential clients. Don’t let your business get left behind! If you’re a solo attorney or a small law firm looking for ways to expand your practice, our radio and television advertising can increase your brand presence. Our law firm marketing strategists can easily target your desired audience at affordable rates. Book a call to get our full-service marketing services and legal cloud computing technology today!

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