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Our affordable digital marketing packages offer All-Inclusive Solutions for small law firms. We are more than a website company. We are the solution to all of your marketing and advertising needs.

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Get effective attorney marketing services and fast cloud computing for law firms at pricing plans that fit every budget. Schedule a call with us today to find out how Advantage Attorney Marketing & Cloud Solutions can help you grow your law firm and thrive in your practice.


Bronze Plan

A great choice for small law firms looking to grow their local online presence.



Silver Plan

Best for growing law firms in competitive markets or multiple locations.



Gold Plan

Best for law firms seeking market domination through content marketing and organic SEO.




If you have special requirements or need more resources dedicated to your marketing, we can craft a plan just for you.

Our Comprehensive Law Firm Marketing Plans are Packed with Value.

Our Law Firm Marketing plans all include everything a small law firm needs to be successful and compete with the larger law firms and offer the unsurpassed value and service hard working attorneys deserve.

Free Custom Website

All of our attorneys receive a FREE custom website designed to enhance their digital image and convert more leads to clients. No cookie-cutter sites here. Of course, it is yours to keep, even if you cancel.

Free Chat Options

How much are you paying for chat services each month? Well not anymore. Our attorneys have three chat options to choose from including interactive video chat, ChatGPT powered Chat, and Live Chat.

Free Social Media Assistance

Using a sophisticated method of content syndication and curation, we help attorneys keep their social media accounts active and full of life. Also, we can help with profile creation and brand management, all for free.

Free Graphic Design

From business cards to billboards and everything in between, our talented graphics team are here to assist our attorneys develop their brand and marketing materials at no additional charge.

Free Video Editing

You shoot the video. We make the video look professional. We can edit out the awkward pauses, add your branding and lower thirds, create video thumbnails, add music and more. Gratis.

Free Reputation Management

Do you want to rank better locally and convert more leads to clients? Then having a fresh stream of 5-star reviews is a must, but who likes asking for reviews? We do! Our review system does the work for you.

Free LSA Assistance

Are you paying $500 or more per month to have an agency manage your Local Service Ads and not getting the results you need. We show you why and help you get on the right track at no additional cost.

Free Content Jump Start

Is your content short, not well written and not helpful? In your first weeks with us, our content team will jump start your most important pages with fresh content your visitors will read, and Google will love at no charge.

Free Stuff is Great, but What About Everything Else?

No digital marketing for law firms would be complete without the things that make it work. We provide cutting-edge marketing solutions for small law firms powered by ChatGPT, Google’s Bard AI and IBM’s Watson that create the ability for small law firms to rank faster and go toe-to-toe with the mega-firms. No other marketing agency leverages AI in the way we do.

AI Assisted On-Page SEO

Using our ChatGPT based system, we can analyze thousands of pages of a website in a matter of minutes. This is not the old-fashioned dumb audits that didn't yield much useful information. Our AI based optimization system can pinpoint exact what needs to be changed and recommend the best course of action.

AI Assisted Local SEO

Google never tells you exactly what is wrong with your listing, why it doesn't rank or what needs to be revised. But our Google Local SEO system based on Google's Bard AI does just that. Using Bard, we can analyze your competitors and compare the results to your listing and Bard then recommends changes that improve rankings.

AI Assisted Keywords

Finding the exact keywords that will bring you the most traffic with the highest search intent used to take hours and relied mostly on the experience of the person researching. With our AI system, we can determine the best terms to focus to produce the best results.

AI Assisted Local Citations

Our AI SEO system identifies the best local and legal niche directories you should be listed in to move you up in the local rankings. Automating this process provides faster results and more consistent citation listings for local attorneys.

AI Assisted Backlinks

Leveraging AI, our system can identify the backlinks that will have the most impact on your rankings. AI can find links you currently have that Google doesn't like so that they can be disavowed and stop holding you back. Our AI system also makes recommendations about how to secure the hardest backlinks to acquire.

AI Predictive Analysis

Can you predict the future? No one can, but using the power of ChatGPT we can perform predictive analysis to help to map out the best longer term marketing objectives for your law firm. Using AI to predict how various factors will affect your market allows us to plan for possibilities your competitors won't see coming.

AI Based User Testing

Older forms of user testing couldn't tell you exactly why users were clicking a button, downloading your book or leaving your law firm's website without converting, but AI can analyze user actions and intent to determine what motivated them to convert or what turned them off. This allows us to make informed decisions on how to improve your website's conversion rate.

AI Based Analytics

Maybe you are scouting a new location, or you want to know what is driving traffic to your competitors, or you want to better understand your website's performance without feeling like you need a translator to translate geek speak into plain English. our AI assisted analytics does just that. AI can digest the most complicated data sets into an understandable format.

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