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Cloud Desktops for Small Law Firms

Nowadays, businesses and organizations of all sizes are leveraging virtual computing services to improve and streamline their operations. Small law firms and solo attorneys can also benefit from using cloud desktops to back up their data, avoid cybersecurity risks, and access legal software remotely & securely from any device. 

Advantage Cloud offers complete & affordable cloud solutions for small law firms and solo attorneys. Don’t let your law firm fall behind from getting the most effective technology tool cloud computing services for your business. Talk to one of our law firm technology experts today.

Benefits of Law Firm Cloud Desktops

Workforce mobility has become one of the most important factors to have if you want your law firm to stay competitive in the 21st century. From security to cost savings, there are plenty of benefits for law firms to switch from the physical desktop to a cloud server.

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Stronger Security

As a legal firm that handles many legal cases every day, you might have apprehensions to adopt cloud computing solutions in your organization for security purposes. After all, if files and other data aren’t kept securely on-site, who knows how they are being kept secured and protected in a cloud server?

Especially as a growing law firm, digital security can become a concern. A single cyber attack can cost you money and sometimes, even clients. Clients want to feel secure, so preventive measures aren’t only optional, but definitely essential to secure that all your data and applications are safe.

Advantage Cloud provides cloud computing security against viruses, malware, and ransomware. This virtual environment for your law firm will make your information more safe and secure through our dedicated servers and redundant backups.

Significant Cost Savings

Of course, switching to cloud computing would come with a price. But if you weigh the advantages and disadvantages of using a cloud platform, you need to consider not just the initial cost, but also the ROI.

Once you’re on the cloud, it would be easier to access your law firm’s data, thus saving you time and money when dealing with a new case.

With Advantage Cloud, you can also protect yourself from cybersecurity risks while reducing IT costs because we offer complete & affordable cloud solutions both for small and medium law firms.

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Increased Productivity

Moving to a cloud desktop can definitely improve your legal team’s productivity. Your operation can become more efficient, while your team’s abilities can become more flexible. Your team can remain productive even in the midst of a disaster and with confidence that they’re protected against data breaches thanks to a more secure environment.

With Advantage Cloud, you can increase your legal team’s productivity while working remotely. Don’t let this opportunity of improving your workflow pass up, and call our attorney cloud solution experts to know how we can implement the right cloud solution for your practice.

Better Work Flexibility

Aside from making your workforce more productive, a virtually hosted desktop will also provide flexibility for your team of paralegals and attorneys. Your legal team will be able to access their desktops in any situation, location, or device. This will naturally increase your flexibility within the workplace or even remotely.

A remote workforce can leverage the same technology without having to install expensive hardware or buying new equipment and devices. The cloud will provide your law firm with overall flexibility compared with hosting a local server. In case you need extra bandwidth, a cloud server can address your needs right away instead of making complex upgrades on your IT infrastructure, therefore saving you time and money.

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Better Collaboration

If you’re working with a team, then having seamless collaboration is one of your priorities. Having a team that works together effectively can help you keep a consistent workflow. A cloud desktop for law firms can make collaboration a simple process. Your legal team can view and share information efficiently and securely across a cloud platform. 

Advantage Cloud provides collaborative spaces to connect your team across your law firm. Our cloud computing is designed with the needs of solo attorneys, small and medium law firms in mind, and with the goal of making your collaborative efforts easy and effective.

We provide you with Attorney Cloud Workstations where your legal team can work remotely in a safe and secure platform where you’ll be able to collaborate like never before.

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