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Reputation Management for Small Law Firms

The online business landscape is still evolving, and there are different digital marketing strategies that are available for law firms. Today, websites, social media management, and online advertising are a few of the requirements for a successful marketing strategy online. 

Living in a digital society, it is impossible to seperate the line between your law firm’s online reputation and on-ground reputation. The internet is incredibly powerful; it can make or break your business. You want your online reputation to work for you and not against you, and the best way to do that is to be proactive on your law firm’s reputation management online. 

At Advantage Attorney, our attorney marketing specialists can help you create a positive online reputation for your law firm so you can satisfy your target market’s needs and avoid major PR crises. Don’t let a negative review about your law firm be the first thing a potential client will see online. Partner with us today and get effective attorney reputation management today.

Know What People Say About Your Law Firm

Monitoring your law firm’s reputation online is important so you can know what people are saying about you and your firm. When you hear what people say about you, it is easier to plan how you will respond.

What you monitor will depend on where your firm is present. Do people talk about you on your Google My Business profile, review sites, social media, or other law firm networks? Aside from these sites, you also need to monitor microblogs and everyday social media conversations.  

People talk about your brand all over the internet all the time. Managing all these conversations on your own can be challenging. To help you manage your law firm’s reputation, our online marketing specialists will track reviews and daily conversations on the internet revolving around your firm and collect reviews that would help convert your unconverted leads into clients.

Attorney Reputation Management
Effective Local SEO for Law Firms

Devise Effective Law Firm Reputation Management 

Knowing what and where people talk about you online is not enough. You need to be proactive and take steps to improve your reputation based on what you know. As with everything in life, it’s always best to have a plan. To manage your online reputation, you need to:

Monitor comments and reviews

Respond to new comments (if needed)

Deal with potential problems and questions

Provide a consistent response

Clients rely on client reviews before choosing or buying a product. Especially when choosing a law firm for their legal needs, clients are extra careful because it will affect their personal lives. Our reputation management specialists will help you improve your law firm’s online reputation and make sure that your reviews are accessible to your potential clients.

Impact Client Decisions with Reputation Management

Failing to manage your online reputation can cost you your customer base. Before availing of a service, majority of clients conduct online research and see what other people say about your brand.

The way your firm appears online will be a massive factor in whether they will choose your law firm or not. 88% of consumers read online reviews to determine whether your law firm is a reliable legal service provider.

Don’t let bad reviews be the first thing your potential clients will see when looking for you online. Our attorney reputation managers will gather all positive reviews about your firm and place them where your clients can see. Start leveraging your client’s positive feedback and use them to convert more leads.

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Reach Your Marketing Goals with Reputation Management

When it comes to attorney reputation management, there are three main goals:

Bury negative content and reviews

Build a positive, sustainable online reputation

Increase conversion rates for your website

When a user looks for your firm online, what they will usually see aside from your website and legal content are customer reviews and feedback. Though we cannot control what clients have to say about your firm, we can get the most out of your reviews by making them about your specific services and location.

Our review acquisition system is designed to automate the review process and get feedback from clients that are specific and concise. Of course, we know that getting feedback especially from past clients can be hard, that is why we’re offering unlimited access to our review acquisition program when you avail any of our attorney marketing plans.

Contact our attorney marketing specialists today to avail our reputation management services to help you reach your business goals.

Reputation Management to
Highlight Positive Reviews

Negative or positive, online reviews and feedback will impact your law firm’s sales. A positive review can significantly impact your client’s decisions, and a negative review can make them think twice about choosing your firm. 

At Advantage Attorney, we have designed a system for effectively gathering reviews and feedback from your past and current clients. Once implemented, our review acquisition program will

Send out automated bulk review requests to former clients

Send out individual review requests to current clients

Get useful feedback from clients for improvement

This can help your law firm when it comes to reaching your goals. Maybe your goal is as simple as getting potential clients to know your law firm better, but having positive feedback on your site can convert those leads into actual clients who will avail of your legal services. With Advantage Attorney Reputation Management, we’ll provide you with curated content that will highlight your law firm’s good reputation and positive feedback from clients.

Attorney Reputation Management
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Rank Higher with Attorney Reputation Management

When making decisions, consumers nowadays greatly depend on online reviews and feedback from clients. Aside from affecting your client’s decisions, your law firm’s online reputation can also impact your local ranking factor, especially on Google.

Google loves businesses with good reputation online, and providing a good customer experience will put you on Google’s top search results. With our reputation management system, we will help you gather positive feedback from clients and strategically place them on your website and social media accounts.

Having good customer reviews on your page to support your local law firm SEO strategies will make your law firm rank in search engines, and the best way to deal with negative reviews is to outweigh them with positive ones. Consult with our marketing specialists today to help you rank better in Google and other search engine platforms. 

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Start Your Attorney Reputation Management Now!

Having a good reputation online is important for a successful marketing strategy online. Nobody would want to support a brand that only has negative feedback from people on the internet. 

To help with your business goals, our reputation management system is here to help you create a good standing online. We will help you manage customer reviews and acquire new ones so people will know why they should choose your over the others. The promotion of your law firm across the web will be on us, too. 

If you’re ready to take your law firm to the next level, partner with us and let us help you reach your business goals. At Advantage Attorney Marketing, our digital marketing specialists have all the right tools and experience to craft the perfect reputation management and marketing campaign for your law firm. Book a call to get our full-service marketing services and legal cloud computing technology today!

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