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Live Chat for Attorneys

Customer service is an integral part of any business, and being able to provide quality customer service is a prerequisite for any law firm business to grow. In today’s fast-paced environment and increased dependability of customers to the internet, users generally expect the fast and proactive support of a business. 

Live Chat is one of the ways you can provide active support to your potential and new clients. It is also one of the top converting elements on attorney websites. Here at Advantage Attorney, we have 24/7 live chat support that is solely dedicated to attorneys. This means that all chats on your website will be handled professionally. Our chat operators never give legal advice, but they will make sure to connect the potential clients to you. 

A live chat software is still an untapped potential that can not only boost your conversions on your website but also help you understand your visitors and potential clients on your site. Aside from these things, there are still other benefits, both for your law firm and your clients, to having a 24/7 Live Chat on your attorney website.

Lawyer Live Chat

Lower Your Costs with Attorney Live Chat

Traditional methods of communicating with potential clients about their legal concerns such as answering phone calls and emails are still good methods of providing customer support. 

However, your employees can naturally attend to only one phone call at a time, and answering emails take about a few minutes each. This can become costly especially if you receive a lot of inquiries in your firm when potential clients need to get legal help. 

With live chat, you’ll be able to assist several visitors on your site simultaneously. You also don’t have to provide a dedicated phone line or desk space in your office, as Advantage Attorney Chat will handle all chat inquiries and concerns on your attorney website, thus lowering your costs. Call our legal technology experts today to get started.

Increase ROI using
Live Chat for Attorneys

Businesses are always on the lookout for the most cost-effective customer service solutions out there. Having a live chat for your business is absolutely one of them.

Of course, phones and emails are mainstays in customer support, but they can hold you back and produce several frustrations, like wait times and sustained back-and-forth communication. 

Live chat applications, on the other hand, are objectively cheaper to implement and more productive when it comes to answering inquiries and concerns. Chat leads are very hot leads which you should respond to as soon as possible. Advantage Chat can offer real-time customer support and answer multiple inquiries, thus helping you save time, labor, and money for your law firm.

Our live chat also includes connecting potential clients to your legal firm by telephone (during business hours) and connecting them to bilingual chat operators if there’s a need. Most chat companies add additional costs for these services but at Advantage Attorney Marketing, all our clients receive this for free.

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Live Chat for Attorneys
Live Chat for Attorneys

Get A Head Start with Live Chat for Attorneys

Most businesses have already implemented putting a live chat on their websites, but really, how often do you see it available on a website?

This is where you can choose to become proactive. While others stick to the old marketing styles, why not take a step forward and gain an advantage over your competitors by offering live chat that is available 24/7 on your website?

The thing about live chat is that eventually, business owners will turn to it for customer service. Brands can’t afford to miss out on this opportunity. Until then, you can have a headstart by taking advantage of live chat support before your competitors. 

At Advantage Attorney, we will make sure that quality live chat for attorneys and excellent customer service will be one of the cores of your law firm’s identity and branding.

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Increase Sales Through Live Chat

Consumers nowadays are becoming more conscious of what brands they should follow and support. Sometimes, what sells a company more than their products is the trust they have established with their customers.

Trust and education are important for 21st-century customers, so having a live chat on your website that can provide support and answer the visitor’s questions quickly can help you gain the trust of your customers. This will in turn increase your lead conversion rate.

With Advantage Chat, you will have 24/7 live chat support that is solely dedicated to attorney websites. Bilingual support is also available, which can help you get found locally by clients whose primary language is not English. Having this feature on your live chat will help you expand your reach, convert more leads, and turn them into loyal customers.

Law Firm Live Chat Service
Live Chat for Law Firm Website

Attorney Live Chat to
Improve Client Satisfaction

Clients feel more confident and secured in law firms that provide support in a quick and convenient way. Advantage Chat can help you provide just that.

While your lawyer website helps expand your reach, visitors on your website still need to feel that the help you provide is genuine and personal before they can convert into customers. Using a live chat app can help you provide a personalized approach to your business even outside the four walls of your office. 

Individuals who have concerns and are seeking legal advice want to feel valued and understood, so it is important to provide acknowledgment and immediate solutions for their legal issues and concerns. When clients can easily reach out to your law firm, you will be able to gain their trust, build your attorney reputation, and establish your firm as a valuable source of information and support.

Generate Long-Term
Client Relationships

Satisfied customers are less likely to switch. Also, they are less likely to switch and look for another law firm to provide their legal services. They also tend to be less price-sensitive. Customers who feel that their needs are being addressed are less concerned about what they are paying because they are being provided with quality service.

When clients chat with a real person and feel that their voice is being heard, it’s likely that they’ll have a stronger connection and a positive experience with your firm. Word of mouth is a great FREE advertising tool that you can always utilize and rely on.

Schedule a call with us and find out how you can make your website more accessible and give a good impression to potential clients.

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Want to get ahead of your competitors without breaking the bank? At Advantage Attorney Marketing, we are a full-service digital marketing agency that uses a proven system designed for small law firms and solo attorneys like you. Give your law firm the advantage you need by scheduling a call today!

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Live chat for attorneys is a great tool to attract more leads and convert them to loyal customers for your legal firm. With Advantage Chat, we have a free* live chat for your first 10 website chats each month, which is included in any of our attorney marketing packages.

Providing 24/7 customer service 365 days a year can be unrealistic even for large law firms. By activating attorney chat support on your website, you are able provide quality support even outside of your business hours when clients need to find a lawyer. A self-service chatbot can provide the necessary information that your client needs or we can also directly connect them to your office during your next business hour. 

Aside from 24/7 live chat support, Advantage Attorney Marketing can also provide you with your other legal marketing needs such as lawyer SEO marketing, law firm PPC campaign, social media management, cloud desktop solutions, and more. Contact our attorney marketing agency today to start your legal marketing journey with us, and let us grow your law firm together.

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