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Best SEO Marketing for Law Firms
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We Solve Law Firm Marketing & Technology Problems!

Do you find yourself mired down in marketing? Are you troubled by technology? Never fear, Advantage Attorney is here! Our team of law firm marking and technology heroes can rescue your law firm from the marketing malaise and terminate your technology troubles. We offer solid solutions to ensure your success for a price that is probably a pittance compared to what you currently pay. Our proven programs will profoundly propel your practice like it has superpowers! If you want to dominate your domain or launch a legal legacy, Advantage Attorney Marketing & Cloud Solutions has your superpowers.

Local SEO for Law Firms

Why is Local SEO Vital to Law Firms?

Are you a litigator with lackluster local SEO? If you can’t be found in the top search results of Google, you might as well be the invisible man. A local business listing, aka the “Google 3 Pack”, can mean the difference between being a local law firm superhero and just another sidekick. Does your Local SEO Company seem powerless? Maybe it’s time to call the Attorney Marketing Company with Law Firm Marketing Superpowers.

  • Local SEO
  • Get into the Local 3 Pack
  • Get found in search results for multiple cities
  • Rank locally & organically for multiple Locations
  • Get there faster and save upto 50%
Cloud Server
Affordable Cloud Solutions

Cloud Workspaces for Law Firms

Faster than a speeding ticket. More powerful than a congressional subpoena. Able to leap tall stacks of deposition transcripts in a single bound. It’s a bond. It’s a plea. It’s the Advantage Cloud Workspaces for Law Firms!

Riddle us this… What’s the one thing you could do that will:

  • Improve productivity
  • Provide a full Windows desktop
  • Work on any device
  • Accessible from any location
  • Keep all of your files safe
  • Allow you to easily scale
  • Cut your IT costs in half

HINT: The answer can’t be found in your office, at the gym or anywhere evil supervillains hangout.

Cloud Workspaces

Advantage Cloud Workspace is the only cloud-based Windows workstation system designed specifically for law firms and is affordable for law firms of all sizes.

Improve Conversion Rate

Holy Conversion Calamity!

Is your practice is in the pooper? Is your conversion rate in the crapper? You need to call Captain Conversion! Our intelligent conversion rate optimization system can put the kibosh on your conversion calamity!

Attorney Marketing
Remote Desktop

Does your marketing & technology have superpowers? Ask us how to supercharge your law firm and save money doing it.

Best SEO Company

Best SEO Company
Best SEO Company for Attorneys
“In the last year, Advantage Attorney has almost doubled my traffic for the keywords I want.  2017 was 5843 and now its 9500 visitors a month. Before you go somewhere else, give Advantage Attorney a call.”
Andres Mejer, New Jersey Immigration Attorney
Marc Grossman
“Advantage Attorney has saved me thousands of dollars a year over other SEO Marketing Companies and they have produced amazing results. I started with Advantage Attorney several years ago and I will tell you that their claims are not exaggerated. Better results, better price, it’s a no-brainer.”

Marc Grossman, California Personal Injury & Worker Compensation Attorney
Best Lawyer Marketing
Guaranteed SEO
Guaranteed SEO

More Leads Guarantee!

We want you to know we have skin in the game. That is why we offer our “More Leads Guarantee.” It is our promise that if you do not receive more leads over the same period from last year, your next month of marketing services is free. Of course, certain limitations apply and not everyone qualifies for the guarantee, but it is worth requesting more information to receive all of the details.

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