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ADVANTAGE ATTORNEY MARKETING and ADVANTAGE CLOUD SOLUTIONS utilizes the latest technology, neural network and AI to provide affordable online marketing and cloud solutions to law firms. We produce results that are superior to other attorney marketing agencies and cloud solution providers. Our system is constantly learning from your competition and search activities on major search engines. We can do more than react to your competition, AI allows us to be proactive by accurately predicting what your competition will do next.


Simply put, you get more for less from ADVANTAGE ATTORNEY.  Using AI and our exclusive neural network, we can deliver a better product, faster and for much less money than other SEO companies, digital marketing agencies and web developers. Our SEO and local rankings system ensures ongoing, measurable results that puts all of the major players to shame. If you find yourself asking every month, “Why is my website so slow?” or “Why is my website not producing leads?” or “Why is my traffic not improving,” then it is time to also ask, “Why am I paying my SEO company so much?” Maybe it is time to switch? Find out what ADVANTAGE ATTORNEY can do for you today! Ask about our Results Guaranteed Advantage.

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We provide a one-stop solution to your marketing and technology problems. We have SEO and local ranking plans designed for every size of law firm with special packages for new attorneys and solo attorneys.


You have a law firm to run. You shouldn’t be spending your time dealing with computer, server or network problems. Your staff is sick and tired of computer problems caused by outdated software and hardware. You want to be able to access your files and programs from home or while you are in court but you can’t find a fast, reliable way to do it. Your so called “IT” guy has put two kids through college on what you have paid him but you still have the same problems. If any of this sounds familiar, you owe it to yourself to checkout Avantage Private Cloud.

More Productive. Less Money.

  • No servers or networks to maintain.

  • No software or operating systems to update.

  • Access your files and programs from anywhere.

  • Works on any device. No expensive hardware to buy.

  • Works great even on older computers.

  • Bank grade security and redundancy.

  • Centralized data with expandable storage.

  • All of your software in the cloud (BestCase, Tabs, TimeMatters, etc.)

  • Includes unlimited tech support.

  • Includes Microsoft Office for Business.

  • Includes business grade email hosting.

  • You remain in control of your data.

  • Save upto 40%.

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Attorney Marketing and Cloud Solutions

Get a FREE Marketing and Technology Review Now!

Lawyers know the value of a second opinion. We’ll give you a FREE professional, honest assessment of your situation using our cutting edge technology. We won’t bad mouth the last guy or try to sell you something you do not need. That means no sales pressure or BS, just straight talk about how you are doing and what you could do better.


The fact is that your clients love video and so does Google and other search engines. Quality videos convey information, emotion and passion that written words on a website simply cannot. Studies show that websites with professionally produced videos have nearly twice the engagement and conversion rates of sites without video. The same is also true with engaging photography. You can, of course, use stock images but stock images fail to connect your clients with you and your staff. Compelling images of you and your team help to make potential clients feel more comfortable calling to set their first appointment. We have a nationwide network of photographers and videographers to assist you. We also offer animated explainer videos, sketch videos and more. Our prices are 30-50% less expensive than most of the competition. Give us a call for pricing in your area or to schedule a photoshoot.

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Search engines love fresh, relative content on your website but many SEO companies have stopped delivering content to their clients or the content that they produce is subpar and not even optimized. To do content right, you need a plan that is designed to fill in missing gaps, gain ground on your competition and has a relevant keyword focus. We map out content for our clients in advance. You will know what date content will be posted and what the keyword focus will be. All of our content is drafted by licensed, practicing attorneys and professional legal writers who know how to structure, format and optimize content for websites. We recommend to everyone to have a content plan and to post content on a regular basis. We will help you to develop a content plan that is specific to your site for FREE, even if you are not one of our clients. You can take that plan and use it to produce your own content or you can have our team do it all for you for as little as $40 per article. Give us a call or submit the form on this page to schedule your FREE content planning session.

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Does your current SEO company fall short when it comes to reporting and transparency? Is their reporting platform slow, difficult to use or does it lack the KPI’s that you really need to track your success? Do you find that you know more about internet marketing than your account manager? Our reporting engine is a fast, free and easy to use system that actually uses AI to determine the most meaningful way to present your data. You can track all of your leads, conversions, calls, web traffic and more in one place. You will see all of your most important KPI’s in a clean, big number format that anyone can understand. You will also have the opportunity for weekly or monthly calls with an experienced legal marketing professional. All of our account managers have the rare combination of law office experience and extensive website marketing training and technical expertise. Our reporting engine is FREE to most of our clients and it is available to non-clients for a small monthly fee. Call us today or submit the form on this page to request a free demo or demo video.

Analytics Reporting


Stay up-to-date on the latest developments in SEO, Email Marketing, Reputation Management, Content Marketing and Cloud Solutions.

Snader Family Law

Advantage Attorney welcomes Snader Family Law to our ever-growing list of attorney marketing clients.

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