Lawyers on Facebook: Connecting with Clients using Social Media

Lawyers on Facebook

When passing by a highway, you see billboards left and right, trying to influence you into buying this product or avail of this service. While buying a newspaper or watching television, paid advertisements are shown, convincing you to try a product out. While these forms of advertising are still used today, a new type has been used a lot lately: online advertising. With everyone going online now, businesses are also finding ways to connect with their potential clients with the use of the internet. Social media marketing is one of the strategies most people use in digital advertising. And when talking about social media, there’s this one certain platform that almost everyone knows and uses: Facebook. A lawyer marketing firm handling online engagement via social media and creating well-designed websites is your best bet in connecting with your potential clients.

Facebook Advertising

With billions of Facebook users, it has become one of the most popular social media platforms. With the number of people visiting the platform, businesses also considered advertising via Facebook to easily connect with more people and inform them about the product or service they offer. Boosted posts became a thing but it does not come with customizability. With that, Facebook found a way to help advertise businesses in the form of Facebook ads.


It is a paid service offered to allow you to advertise your business on their platform and reach your intended audience. The social media platform would ask you objectives and will assist you in reaching your goals. Before, the social network did not have dedicated tools for advertisers, but today, with Facebook Advertising, the things you need to do to set up your online ad campaigns are already laid out for you. Using Facebook ads manager also allows you to access targeting options for successful audience targeting and retargeting, and an online dashboard to track the click-through rate or the metric measuring the number of clicks your ads receive. Such a marketing strategy can help build your customer base by making you more visible online.

Lawyers can also take advantage of this traffic by setting up a Facebook ad about their firm or the services they provide. You can take ads for your business even further with the help of a lawyer marketing firm. 

Types of Facebook Ad

When posting a status, uploading an image, or sharing a video, Facebook ads have different types of formats. Here are four of them:

  • Image ads. These ads involve engaging photos or visuals that talk about what you offer.
  • Video ads. People also gravitate towards audio-visual pleasing ads. You can create your ad using their Video Creation Kit or you may upload your creation.
  • Carousel. A newer ad format where you can put up to ten images in one single ad, each with its landing page. This type of ad is effective for businesses that sell multiple products.
  • Collection ads. A form of ad that displays some of your items from your catalog.

How does it work?

Your business has to create a Facebook page where other products or updates are posted. It would also be where your ads originate. 

Advertisements on Facebook don’t appear randomly as you would expect. Any website or app predicts what advertisement you might like to see based on your search history and recommends anything that might be helpful or related to that search. On the other hand, while ad targeting, to make sure that the ad reaches its appropriate target audience, advertisers should specify the demographics for their ads. What age, gender, or interest should a person have for the ad to show up on their newsfeed. In this case, when Facebook determines that a user matches the demographic for a specific ad, it will most likely appear on their newsfeed.

Ad placements depend on where you access the site. On mobile devices, it can appear as a sponsored post or a video ad. When viewed on a computer, it will be shown additionally on the sidebar.

Still, social media advertising is just one way to highlight your business and the services you offer. Search engines are still a big contributor to generate website traffic. You should still optimize and include a call to action (CTA) to your linked content. Know more about the benefits of optimization and what to consider when optimizing in this article.

The process to advertise on Facebook has been made even simpler with all of the social media’s new features. Other social networks are also opening their platform for this kind of marketing. Instagram and Twitter advertising is also being used by businesses today due to the continuous increase in the number of users for both. Combined with other digital marketing strategies, you can make your business stand out above the rest. Let us help you find solutions that can work within your marketing communications budget. Advantage Attorney Marketing can help your law firm with a free marketing checkup! Schedule a call to know more about the marketing and advertising strategies we offer. 

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