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Website and SEO Tips for Digital Lawyers

SEO Tips for Digital Lawyers

From online knowledge resources to instant messaging, the internet has brought convenience to our everyday lives. Before, we looked for suggestions from peers or must manually find a place that would offer the service we needed. But now, you just have to type what you need on search engines and it will provide you with businesses that offer solutions to your needs. The majority of businesses have their websites today, even lawyers! Like them, you would want to have your website appear on searches. But with a lot of law firms also going online, you have to up your game and build your website. Fortunately, search engine optimization ensures that your law office can get more clicks from potential clients. A lawyer marketing firm can assist you along the process of taking your firm online. 

Web Design and Tips

Website design covers all aspects of implementing a website from planning the layout, actual designing, to the point where your website is up and running. Web designers of an internet marketing firm can do this for you.

Here are some things to consider when you are building a website:

  • Look for design inspirations. It is difficult to build your website from scratch. View some website designs of other law offices or check out design templates and tutorials available online for you to browse and take some inspiration from.
  • Design carefully. You aim to design a visually pleasing website while considering the user experience or how your visitor would view and use your website. Under this tip, here are some you should consider in your design:
    • Design according to your specialization and target market. You wouldn’t design your website in a way that focuses on plants or clothing when you are specializing in personal injury law. Also, be mindful of the typography or what font to use, and how your text would be displayed. Avoid using fonts that are hard to read or have thin strokes.
    • Adding too much to your site design may affect the user interface design of your website. Using too many pop-ups, videos, or animations may distract people from what you are offering. It may also cause slow loading times and decreased responsiveness. Sometimes, less is more.
    • Consider adopting a responsive website design to ensure that your website can be quickly accessed when viewed on browsers in PCs, tablets, or mobile devices. Designing another version for your mobile website is also a big plus. 
    • Make sure that your website complies with accessibility guidelines to accommodate people with impairments.
    • When considering a website redesign, keep in mind that your new design should be as intuitive as your previous one. Past visitors may still be used to the old site design. Try to keep the major user interface to a manageable level to avoid visitors having to relearn what to click or press.
  • Establish your branding. Always make sure that your law firm’s logo and name are visible throughout the site. Make sure that the logo design is appropriate to what you are offering. Also, during the website design process, consider using your logo’s color as accent colors for your website. For example, if your logo is dominantly blue, you can use the same color for the header fonts, and other design elements of the website.
  • “Promote” your services. Convince the visitors to avail of our services by providing things that you specialize in and what makes you different from your competitors. Also, include your credentials and achievements to prove your expertise. Testimonials from your past clients are also an effective way to promote the services you offer.

Search engine optimization (SEO) and Tips

Now with your brand new website, it seems that your law firm is ready to be viewed by potential clients. However, web design isn’t enough for you to gain more clients. You’ll need to have your website undergo search engine optimization or SEO. As the name suggests, it’s a digital marketing strategy that uses various tools and marketing strategies in optimizing your website. The effective application of various techniques improves your site’s search engine visibility, makes your website appear earlier on organic search results, and increases website traffic. It also assures that the content you post shows up to the target audience. Here are some tips on how to optimize your website:

  • Create content for the people, not the search engine. Make sure that the content you are writing appeals to your audience and not the search engine. After all, the people will be your clients. 
  • Avoid keyword stuffing. In content writing, using a keyword too frequently may hurt your website’s SEO instead of helping it.
  • Update content. Content management assures that you post regularly. This does not mean that you post almost every day. It also ensures that the relevancy of some articles to the current time does not decline as time passes. Updating your content from time to time ensures that the suggestion you made in your entry would still apply to the present.
  • Include alt-texts in your images. Texts aren’t the only thing that should be optimized, alt-texts should be a short but descriptive sentence talking about the photo you’ve included in your article.
  • Use inbound linking. Aside from giving more relevant sources for your readers, linking your article to your other ones will help your other pages to be visible to people and search engines.
  • Use social media. Social media is used by billions of people every day. Taking advantage of the number of people using social media to establish your online presence is a huge factor in gaining more prospective clients.
  • Use call-to-action. This is used to even push your visitors to contact you or consult you with their case. Aside from using a call-to-action on your blog entries, you may also include it in other web pages like your homepage and your contact page.

The tips mentioned above are only some of the things to keep in mind. There are more techniques that you can apply to your website. Marketing services involve a lot more than website design. Let Advantage Attorney Marketing help you build or improve a professional website through a free marketing checkup and find out what SEO services you need. Schedule a call now and make your law firm stand out!

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