SEO for Lawyers: 4 SEO Best Practices to Help Clients Find You

SEO for LawyersThe COVID-19 virus has placed most law firms on lockdown. With traditional marketing strategies rendered impotent by the pandemic, lawyers are looking into online marketing to grow their firms’ business. 

If you’ve been looking into investing in a website and building your online reputation, you may have encountered the term SEO. But what is SEO exactly?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. By optimizing your website for search engines, your site places higher on the search results page, increasing the likelihood that searchers will click on your firm’s site.

As the competition grows, it’s paramount that a firm’s marketing campaign evolves as well. Establish an online presence to stand out over any competitor and build your client portfolio. In this article, we’ll discuss some basics for improving your firm’s SEO. 

It can take some time before your SEO campaign generates enough organic traffic to have ROI and become profitable. This is why some SEO specialists recommend implementing pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns simultaneously to boost website traffic immediately. Don’t be discouraged. If you’re unsure whether your search engine marketing is working, it’s best to hire the search engine optimization services of marketing agencies for legal firms.

Learn SEO Basics for your Law Firm

Speed up your Website

Loading time is one of the most important factors of a good SEO. Gone were the days when websites taking 5 minutes to load were completely common. Even a half a second delay in the loading time will lower your site’s search engine ranking and decrease web traffic. 

Below are three ways you can decrease your website’s loading time. 

  • Enable compression for large files
  • Optimize images. Use the appropriate image format and ensure the proper size.
  • Enable browser caching

If you want to minimize your website’s loading times and get the best SEO, it’s best to consult with experts in web design services for lawyers.  Hire the marketing services of Advantage Attorney to get started on your website optimization. SEO packages may also be customized for you.

Keywords are the Key

Develop a list of keywords that searchers use to get to sites such as yours. There are free SEO tools available online that help with keyword research. Once you have such a list, spread them strategically all over your web pages: in your blogs, your About Us page, your Testimonials page, and many more. 

Be sure to spread the keywords around and keep keyword density low. Too many keywords in a small space are called keyword stuffing and can lessen your optimization.

These keywords matter a lot for local SEO. Since your clients are going to need legal services from someone within their area of residence, you need to make sure that you’re capturing the clients in your local area with local search engine optimisation. Location-based keywords improve your SEO rankings and get Internet users who are more likely to be clients clicking your website.

Build your Online Presence with Link Building

Link building is the process of getting other websites to link back to yours. 

If a highly-respected website posts a link to your home page, this would increase traffic and your audience reach immensely.

SEO experts will say that link building is one of the most difficult parts of search optimization. However, learning SEO link building puts you way ahead of the competition. This is why top SEO  agencies spend plenty of time with link-building strategies.

Content marketing is one effective link-building method. Use your posts to link to other pages on your website and your contact information page. 

Create Quality Optimized Content

Aside from appeasing the search engines, remember that your customers are the people searching up on the internet. You may be tempted to focus on keywords on your articles to direct traffic to your website. However, if the users don’t find your content helpful, or feel uncomfortable from the unnatural language of your keyword-filled content, they might turn away from your firm. 

Create content relevant to your clients to boost your website ranking and create confidence in your potential clients. Optimize your content with keyword phrases that you got from your research. 

Keyword-optimized website content can boost your brand’s ranking and improve its credibility. Website content works as a navigator guiding the visitor to find solutions to their issues or get help. At the same time, quality content filled with relevant keywords allows Google to index the website and get it ranked higher. As they say, content is king!

Final Thoughts

Internet marketing is a relatively new practice. It takes time to learn SEO and the practices involved to increase your web presence. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from an SEO agency and get their internet marketing services to create the best SEO strategy for your law firm.  

Advantage Attorney Marketing provides SEO services to bump up your firm on organic search results. Our digital marketing agency specializes in SEO techniques and tactics for legal professionals which improves conversion rates, leading to more clients for your firm. Our services also include pay-per-click advertising, web design, and web content development. Contact us now to discuss your SEO campaigns.

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A simplified guide to SEO for law firms

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A simplified guide to SEO2 (1)

A simplified guide to SEO for law firms

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