Including Social Media in Your Law Firm Marketing Plan

January 5th, 2021

The use of online marketing tactics has become one of the fastest-growing marketing trends today. The world is evolving faster than ever and your business needs to keep up with all the changes. Since people may not be able to visit your physical office, increasing online presence through digital advertising is vital. Online marketing can help you grow your business and target more clients within your state and area of practice.

While marketing online can indeed get you ahead of your competitor, keep in mind that other law firms in this e-commerce landscape have opted for these marketing strategies as well. As such, on top of branding and website design that will make you stand out, your digital marketing strategy should make effective use of social media as well.

Most people venturing into internet marketing would start by setting up a Facebook profile with their contact information, featured blog posts, and links to their website. While this is indeed a good step to take, it is just one of the firsts. There is more to social media marketing than how many followers your page has. Your inbound web traffic may not always be your target audience. Looking into the following social media metrics will help ensure effective marketing, which would translate to a measurable increase in client count.

  1. Reach

This refers to the number of people viewing your content over a specific period. A high reach is often a reliable indicator of web presence, online reputation, and brand awareness. The goal is for this metric to continuously increase together with other measures of your marketing efforts in social media.

As with any other marketing plan, do not just focus on a reach or any one metric. While it is good to have more of your target market seeing your website content, you need to take into account other factors as well. People you reach must first take specific actions before they become your new customers or clients.

  1. Engagement

 Social MediaThis refers to the interaction that your content gets on a certain social media platform. Such interaction can come in different forms, which may include clicks, likes, shares, comments, or saves. 

This aspect of your social media strategy indicates whether or not people who see your web content are interested in what they are seeing. It can give you an idea of what resonates or appeals to your target audience. Additionally, it shows what can be improved upon to jumpstart a positive customer journey.

  1. Bounce Rate

In contrast to other metrics, an ideal bounce rate should be very, very low. This indicates how many people who saw your website content on social media decided that you are not what they are looking for. These are the people who reached your website landing pages but, instead of messaging or calling you, opted to ‘bounce’ or leave.

A minimal bounce rate indicates that your posts on social media help in converting inbound traffic to actual clients.

  1. Conversion Rate

This is often used to check the ROI of the marketing budget spent on social media. This refers to how many social media referrals become clients or leads. The definition of conversion may vary and a good marketing team will work with you to determine this.

A trusted agency can provide specific marketing solutions for this metric, such as shortened URLs or specific calls to action (CTAs), to help improve conversion rates and make you more profitable.

Get the most out of your social media marketing campaign by hiring a digital marketing agency that knows what you need. If you want to market your business online, get the right marketing company that will work closely with you.

Our marketing skills and experience will help your law firm reach your business goals. We can provide you with digital marketing solutions that truly make an impact. Contact us at Advantage Attorney Marketing.

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