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July 3rd, 2020

No marketer worth his or her salt would fail to harness the power and influence of a Facebook Ad. When it comes to online advertising, Facebook is definitely a platform to optimize, and not just through Facebook Ads either. 

Advertisers should understand the efficacy of social media advertising when it comes to targeting demographics that make up your intended audience. Social media platforms like Facebook should definitely be included in marketing strategies. 

People can advertise via Twitter. They can advertise on Google. They can advertise on Instagram. However, since Facebook is the leading social network, it offers a great venue for advertising and businesses prioritize it in their intent to advertise.

In this day and age, product or service providers should ensure that they are putting sufficient advertising efforts to not only establish their online presence but also see to it that they are more visible and attractive than their competitor. The same is true for lawyers. For this reason, lawyers should make sure that they are advertising on Facebook.

Creating a Facebook Ad Campaign

How do lawyers benefit from Facebook Ads? Their advertising campaign will be driven by their goal, but they can essentially achieve these three main objectives when they advertise on Facebook.

  1. Increase awareness. They can establish their online branding and drum up interest in their practice.
  2. Compel consideration. They can pique people’s thoughts and then sate their curiosity with easy access to further information.
  3. Encourage conversions. They can use various tactics, including a call to action, to push those interested to contact their law offices and arrange a consultation.

Once the goal of the advertisement is identified, they can proceed with ad creation and then ad placement. 

Creating a Facebook Page

legal advertising in FacebookAn important element in Facebook marketing is the presence of a Facebook page. Most legal practices have already created their Facebook page; the question is whether they have been able to make the most out of it.

It’s important to note that the advertiser does not need to have a website to run ads on Facebook, but having a Facebook page is a requirement for putting out Facebook advertisements. Lawyers can drive traffic to their Facebook page with Facebook Ads, in the process fortifying their presence and reputation.

What can lawyers do on their Facebook page as part of their marketing strategy or marketing campaign?

  • They can do content marketing and feature legal content (articles, ebooks, videos, podcasts, etc.) and other promotional materials they’ve created.
  • They can promote upcoming events.
  • They can engage their target audience in questions, ideas, stories, and other informative, thought-provoking content, and continue to nurture formed connections with these in a form of interactive advertising.
  • They can show their credibility by sharing achieved results.
  • They can use Facebook Messenger as a communication, conversion, and customer service tool.
  • They can build a community around their legal services with the right audience and ready supporters of their page.

The recommendation is to start marketing efforts by first setting up a Facebook page and organically garnering leads before looking into paid advertising. Definitely, an online advertising campaign should not start and end with Facebook advertising. Using Facebook and other social networks is merely a part of it. Lawyers should make sure that they tap into other marketing channels, including a good website, LinkedIn Ads, Google Ads, and, of course, search engine optimization.

Lawyers after brand awareness and attracting more potential customers should definitely put in effort optimizing the different social media marketing channels. If you have a law practice, you should stay on top of your Internet marketing strategy. You should create your social ads and take care of your social media management besides carrying out the rest of your marketing plan. That would include everything from email marketing and PPC to mobile advertising and search advertising.

Online marketing is a full-time job, but one that you can, fortunately, outsource from a reputable marketing agency that specializes in marketing and advertising for lawyers. For effective online advertising and marketing campaigns, contact us at Attorney Marketing Advantage to discuss how we can help you.

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