9 Digital Marketing Strategies To Help Your Law Firm Survive

November 25th, 2020

Mulling over the importance of marketing your firm? Convinced about the gains of internet marketing but don’t know how to begin? Even though digital channels are crucial to surviving the industry, many lawyers are still struggling with how to engage their clients effectively. But after reading this article, you’ll have an idea of why you need a digital marketing plan and which attorney marketing solutions are important if you want to rise above current legal industry challenges.

Effective Online Marketing Strategies

The best marketing strategy involves having a thorough knowledge of your firm’s current performance as well as your target market. Below are some of the most effective marketing strategies employed by growing firms.

Don’t operate without a digital marketing plan. Having marketing tactics written down is not just for large firms that have a marketing team or influencer promoting their brand, it’s for every law firm. Marketing plans don’t need to be lengthy or sophisticated, it just needs to contain answers to basic questions such as what services you want to be known for in your community, who your existing customers are, and what types of clients you want to attract. Once you have those figured out, you can seek help from a digital marketing expert or media marketing agency to handle the specifics. 

Follow a strategic approach. A common error is to create a marketing proposal that is incompatible with your business management needs. Your plan plus the forms of marketing you’re using should correspond to a bigger marketing strategy. These should jive well with your day-to-day business operations. If you don’t have a marketing team to craft strategic plans, work with a marketing services agency, or consult with a marketing specialist to develop a social media strategy and content marketing approach for your firm. 

 Online MarketingBenchmark with competitors. There are many digital marketing techniques like social media marketing, email marketing, search engine optimization, dynamic content for email automation, website personalization, retargeting, or content syndication, but not everything will drive the same results for you. Focus on what works for you and your competitors. Then improve your strategies to drive traffic and convert a lead. Assess where your growth is today to determine where you need to be a few years from now. 

Use online resources. The internet is filled with paid and free resources such as visual templates to help you get started with your plan. There are also marketing benchmarking templates you can use.

Craft marketing goals written in the SMART format. SMART objectives stand for specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. For example, “increase your client appointments by 50% by Q4”. Having an objective written this way will give you direction and help you evaluate your performance more easily.

Know your customer profile. You should research your digital market and target audience to know their behavior, what they value, the best options for marketing communication, and potential competitors. Some digital platforms offer tools like the Google Keyword Planner to help you identify user intent on keyword searches. If you have different target personas, you should tailor-fit your client value proposition to fit your customer’s needs and engage them consistently. 

Review your marketing budget. You should allot a portion of your operational budget on digital marketing if you don’t want to be eaten by your competition. Don’t purchase different marketing tools or hire multiple internet marketing agencies that offer redundant services. You want only the tools that work for you and enough people to manage those tools for you. This also ensures that you can continue engaging your audiences through various channels such as search engines, social media, email marketing, or blogs. 

Integrate digital with traditional. Pursuing a digital marketing campaign or leveraging on marketing technology doesn’t mean abandoning traditional media channels. It is better to integrate different marketing channels into your marketing and business strategy. This also allows you to become agile by catching up with the latest marketing trends. 

Continue Optimizing. Once you’ve gotten the basics of marketing, you should continually improve on things like site user experience, search marketing, website marketing, and you may even consider putting up digital marketing training to involve the whole team in reaching your goal.

In the end, building a marketing plan and starting a marketing campaign should fit your goals, your local market, your location, and your budget. If you want to increase your leads, boost your traffic, and deal with your competition through a local-centric approach, consider working at Advantage Attorney and see firsthand how our marketing system can increase the lead flow for attorneys by 40% as compared to a general organic marketing approach. 

Advantage Attorney Marketing offers a customizable plan for any budget to help you reach the SMART objectives you’ve set out for your time. Start putting your resources to good use and increasing your client bookings through a proven integrated marketing strategy. Ask us how!

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