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Call Tracking for Small Law Firms

With more people starting to rely on their mobile phones every day, it is safe to assume that phone calls are no longer necessary and effective marketing. However, this is actually not the case for digital marketing. Aside from providing a user-friendly website, small law firms and solo attorneys can utilize call tracking for attorneys to improve customer experience. Additionally, you also get the bonus of knowing how your law firm gets found by clients.

While counter-intuitive, most potential clients prefer to use their telephones to ask about their legal concerns, especially since this usually involves personal matters. Each inbound call you receive is full of rich information that no law firm looking to grow its business should ignore.

At Advantage Attorney Marketing, we offer the best call tracking technology so you can understand what drives prospective clients to your law firm better to support your digital marketing campaigns and local SEO strategies. Talk to our law firm marketing specialists to know more about Advantage Call Tracking today.

Get the Advantage Call Tracking For Your Firm

With Advantage Attorney Marketing, develop effective law firm marketing campaigns through our law firm call tracking software to achieve your lawyer marketing goals and more.

Advantage Call Tracking
 for Attorneys

Advantage Call Tracking allows you to track which marketing campaigns drive phone calls to your law firm. We do this by pairing a phone tracking number to a source you want to track. For example, we can put a tracking number to your Google Ads, Facebook Ads, landing page, etc. These tracking numbers forward the calls without changing the phone call process. Once a call is forwarded, you can record calls or determine what ad led a client to call you.

Including the calls you receive in your data can help you assess your law firm’s marketing performance. Advantage Attorney Marketing has all the right marketing tools and strategies to measure and optimize your phone conversations so you can reach your marketing goals. To know more about our attorney marketing and law firm technology solutions, contact our law firm marketing and technology specialists today to help your firm.

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Law Firm Call Analytics

Our Call Analytics software collects, analyzes, and reports call data being tracked. This provides important customer insights that you can utilize in your marketing strategies. As a result, it optimizes your marketing campaigns and ads, driving better phone leads and more quality conversations.

Have you ever asked a caller, “How did you find out about our law firm?” With our call tracking and analytics software, you’ll know the answer even before you answer a phone call. What’s more exciting is that you’ll also see which campaign, ad, or keyword got your caller’s attention. For instance, you can find out whether a client found you through your Google Local profile, social media, or website.

Onboard quickly to our affordable marketing plans so you can start experiencing law firm marketing campaigns that work. We have proven and tested marketing strategies created for attorneys by attorneys that will surely help you reach your marketing goals. To know more about our call tracking for attorneys and flexible law firm marketing platform, schedule a call with us today.

Benefits of Law Firm Call Tracking & Analytics

Knowing who your clients are and what marketing campaigns make your phone ring are two of the most important factors to have if you want your law firm to thrive in the 21st Century. Having a call tracking software is crucial to see the whole picture of your marketing performance across different websites.

Knowing what motivates a potential client to reach your law firm gives you a clear picture of what clients want across all sales channels. From enhanced marketing ROI to improved customer satisfaction, law firms and solo attorneys alike gain many benefits from tracking their calls.

Avail our call tracking for attorneys today! At Advantage Attorney, our call tracking and analytics technology can improve your marketing campaigns and increase your leads.

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Enhance Marketing ROI with Law Firm Call Tracking

Call tracking for attorneys is a powerful marketing tool that helps you understand which keywords, campaigns, or ads give your law firm the most qualified leads and conversions.

Knowing what works best in driving and converting clients helps you streamline and optimize your marketing campaigns and strategies. This is a game-changer for solo attorneys and small law firms, especially if they’re only starting. An effective call tracking system will not only improve your campaigns and budgeting but also reduce customer acquisition costs.

If you are running a Google Ads campaign for your law firm, call tracking can determine which keywords provide the most leads and sales for your firm. Specifically, if a user clicked a keyword to go to your website, a call tracking software can trace a call back to that keyword. Therefore, this provides better insights into your marketing campaigns, ads, landing pages, attorney blog articles, and more.

When you know which keywords perform best, you can focus on putting your budget on those keywords and remove the keywords that aren’t performing well. An attorney marketing and call tracking specialist can help you utilize call tracking to place your budget on campaigns that bring results. Call our attorney marketing firm to schedule a consultation.

Get a Better Understanding of the Customer Journey

Creating and mapping out the customer journey is one of the attorney marketers’ and law firms’ most critical tasks since this bridges the gap between digital and traditional customer interactions.

Not having a complete understanding of the customer journey will only result in ineffective and inaccurate marketing strategies. This means that you shouldn’t only focus your attention on online marketing efforts but also on the impact of telephone conversations on the customer’s sales journey.

That way, you can have a complete view of your law firm’s marketing performance and plan your strategy based on them. Our law firm marketing strategists use the best call tracking for attorneys to capture and store vital information so you can better understand your customers.

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Improve Customer Experience with Advantage Call Tracking

Providing quality customer service is critical to the success of your law firm. Meeting customer needs and providing seamless, and hassle-free phone interactions are crucial to boost sales and convert more callers into loyal clients. Call tracking for attorneys provides a way for law firms to do this.

Reach the right audience through advanced demographic insights

Follow customer journey across different channels for more tailored conversations

Offer a more personalized customer service

By utilizing our Advantage Call Tracking software and other CRM (customer relationship management) tools, you can assess who your customers are and provide a personalized interaction with your clients.

Never Miss a Potential Client

When a potential client reaches your law firm through phone or 24/7 live chat, usually it is because they have a pressing concern that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. Failing to connect with them or putting them on hold due to busy phone lines can be bad for your law firm’s reputation. In case this happens, a backup plan allows you to provide quality service for your clients still.

Failing to have a backup plan only increases your chances of losing your clients or steering them to your competitors. A call tracking software helps you avoid these as well. Every phone call that didn’t push through or got cut can still be traced. Additionally, a call analytics report also determines your law firm’s peak hours, caller intent, and caller location, so you never have to miss a phone call again. To know more about how your law firm can benefit from our call tracking for attorneys, don’t hesitate to schedule a call with our attorney marketing specialists today.

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Reach Your Law Firm Business Goals Today!

An effective call tracking technology helps you reach your attorney business goals. These can range from bringing the right clients to your law firm to improving customer experience.

Track all forms of communication and gain the insights you need to spark growth in your law firm. Analyze every interaction with your keywords, ads, and marketing campaigns and determine what works for your firm.

Our call tracking for attorneys can take your law firm to the next level and help you meet your marketing goals. With our proven and tested call tracking software, you never have to miss a potential client again.

Start reaching your law firm marketing goals today! If you’re a solo attorney or a small law firm looking for ways to expand your practice, our call tracking and analytics software can improve your marketing strategies and increase your law firm’s customer acquisition. Our law firm marketing specialists can easily target your desired audience at affordable rates. Book a call to get our full-service marketing services and legal cloud computing technology today!

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