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Lead Generation for Attorneys

Every law firm needs to drive leads to thrive in the 21st Century. For solo attorneys, small and medium law firms, generating leads is of utmost importance. Fortunately, there are many ways to get more leads fast. With our more leads guarantee, your law firm is sure to grow and reach your business goals.

Lead generation in attorney marketing is the process of gaining actionable customer interest for your law firm’s business output. This involves a potential client starting a conversation through your website’s 24/7 live chat feature or providing you with their contact details for a consultation.

There are many ways to generate more leads, and a good attorney marketer should have the rights skills and proper tools to grow your law firm by generating more leds.

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What is a Lead?

A lead is anyone who shows interest in your law firm’s services in some way or form. In other words, they are the potential clients for your firm.

In general, leads hear from a law firm after providing their contact information for a subscription or follow-up instead of getting a random cold call from someone they don’t know.

The lead generation process personalizes the way you talk to clients because you already know what they need and how to address them.

Leads are part of a broader system that consumers follow when transitioning from visitor to client. Not all leads are the same. Conversely, not all leads are qualified the same.

At Advantage Attorney, we have the right attorney marketing strategies to guarantee more leads for your firm while also making sure that it can convert visitors into clients. We’ll help grow your law firm. Subscribe to any of our attorney marketing plans today!


More Leads Guarantee with
Advantage Lead Generation

At Advantage Attorney Marketing, here’s an example of the Advantage lead generation process

  • A client discovers your law firm through your marketing channels, such as your attorney website or social media page.
  • The visitor clicks your call-to-action (CTA) button, message, or button, which encourages them to take some sort of action on your website.
  • The CTA then takes your site’s visitor to a landing page, which is optimized to capture lead information in exchange for an offer.

To summarize, a visitor or a lead clicks on a CTA that brings them to a landing page where they can get valuable information that answers their legal concerns. As a result, they will be more inclined to fill out a form or schedule an appointment for a consultation. At this point, they become leads for your firm.

Doing your own marketing research and strategy can be complicated and time-consuming. If you’re thinking of creating a marketing plan for your law firm, our attorney digital marketing specialists are here to help. We can provide you with a custom free attorney website that will surely guarantee more leads. Or we can also help you manage your social media page so you can focus on your practice. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.


Target the Right Audience to
Guarantee More Leads

The most crucial step in lead generation is identifying who your target audience is. To successfully reach and sell to your ideal clients, you need to know your target audience. Researching your target audience and knowing who they are will help you make a targeted marketing campaign that will generate more leads.

Having a comprehensive attorney marketing plan is essential for any law firm business. That is why at Advantage Attorney, we have attorney marketing experts who can help you create the right marketing strategy that generates more leads.


Optimized Legal Content
for More Leads

Having content on your attorney website that is useful and informative is a great way to lead users to a landing page. In general, consumers nowadays are looking for businesses that can address their needs and provide quality service.

As a law firm, it is important that when visitors and potential clients visit your website, they can find legal content that addresses their legal concerns. This builds trust among your site’s visitors, and it will be easier to lead them to a landing page. You can place a CTA anywhere in your content; in the middle, end, or on the side panel.

Visitors who like what they see are more likely to connect with a law firm. That is why at Advantage Attorney, we only create the most engaging and valuable legal content for our clients.

All our legal content is fresh and optimized to address your client’s needs and to appear on Google. If you’re ready to generate more leads for your firm, we have affordable attorney marketing plans that will surely fit your budget. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.


Generate More Leads with Social
Media Marketing

Social media for lawyers has created a way for attorneys and law firms to connect and engage with their clients directly. Social media platforms make it easy to prompt your followers to take action. For instance, the swipe-up option on Instagram makes it easy to lead your followers to your attorney website. Stories on Facebook can link to different pages on your site as well. Promoting seminars and placing CTAs on your posts are easy as well.

However, we know that lawyers have a hard time managing their social media pages on their own. Considering all the hard work and research they do for each client, there is hardly any more time to plan and create posts that will attract clients.

That is why at Advantage Attorney Marketing, we have social media specialists who can manage customer reviews and your social media for you. From social media syndication to legal content creation, our team can build brand awareness to guarantee more leads for your law firm. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.


More Leads Guarantee Through
Paid Advertising

A promotional plan should be developed to get your law firm and its services to the right target audience. As a result, this guarantees more leads for your firm. There are many ways to do this, such as creating an optimized Google Local profile for your firm, optimizing your site for local SEO, and paid search.

Paid search, or pay-per-click advertising, is a great marketing strategy to attract more leads to your law firm’s website. You might think that getting leads through paid advertising won’t be as effective compared to organic leads, but with a good marketer, getting paid leads will be just as good as getting organic ones.

Our marketing specialists have created a system that guarantees more leads for your law firm by only attracting the right audience. If you’re ready to reach your marketing goals, don’t hesitate to schedule a consultation with our attorney marketing specialists and technology experts. We have the right marketing strategies and cloud computing tools to help your business grow. Take advantage of both digital marketing and cloud computing and take your law firm to the next level. Call one of our attorney marketing strategists today.

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A lead generation campaign can help you reach more people and increase your customer base. These can range from increasing your law firm’s visitors to getting more clients to book a legal consultation.

Regardless of your business goals, lead generation campaigns can be customized depending on what action you want your clients to take. You are in complete control of where or when your site visitors and clients are prompted to take action.

No matter what your goal is, our attorney marketing strategists are here to assist you. Through our attorney lead generation campaign and strategies, we guarantee more leads for your firm.

Are you ready to grow your firm? If you’re a solo attorney or a small law firm looking for ways to expand your practice, our lead generation campaigns can attract the right clients for you. Our attorney marketing specialists can easily target the right audience at affordable rates. Schedule a call to get our full-service marketing services and affordable legal cloud computing technology today!

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