Reputation Management for Solo Attorneys and Small Law Firms

Refining Your Online Presence

Reputation Management for Law Firms

As with all endeavors, reputation is everything, more so that we are right smack in the digital age when anyone can do reputation checks with just one click. Popularity and excellent skills can get you far, but a single negative review can also mean a drop in business. One of the key strategies to succeed as a law firm is tracking and managing your online presence across varying platforms.

Here in Advantage Attorney, you will be working with legal industry experts who are passionate about helping small law firms and solo attorneys manage and improve your reputation online with solutions designed and crafted to boost online engagements and ensure positive social mentions.

Our agency has a leading reputation as a management consultant whose primary mission is to utilize your reputation as a leading factor in your brand management.


Human Negativity and Your Reputation

Humans tend to linger on negative impressions more than positive ones. This phenomenon is called negative effect or negative bias. Psychologists explain why people are more likely to dwell on and remember negative experiences with businesses and service providers. 

This human tendency is the topmost consideration when it comes to reputation management. 

At Advantage Attorney, our team is highly skilled in building, improving, or turning around your reputation to boost your business. Our techniques can magnify positive customer experiences and cushion negative blows.


Reputation Management and You

Even the best reputation management team can only do so much to help and guide, enhance and boost, conceal and shield, or recover and redeem a reputation. It all starts and revolves with you.

In a way, packaging a mediocre product or service can achieve good results. However, you are more than likely to succeed in business when you and your team deliver quality services coupled with a reputation management team that provides effective results.

Our team can do a content audit, digital footprint audit, and media monitoring and work with you to enhance your office processes’ efficiencies and effectiveness and check areas of concern and areas for improvement. We will help you understand the relation between your operations and customer experience; why and how it leads to customer refusals or bad experiences? Our team has the competence and expertise in evaluating your processes and reputation monitoring to ensure that your customers are satisfied. This cycle of quality services and satisfying experiences will build on your brand reputation and will nurture your reputation in no time. 

This allows our team to map out a strategy that is customized for you and your needs, such as 


Online Reviews and Client Decision Making

In this day and age, turning to Search Engine Results is already part of intuition when needing products and services. Attorney reputation management and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services are essential aspects to consider in creating your social media and content strategies.

Your online reviews, especially negative results,  and how you respond to them are key factors that would help you get a potential client onboard. According to the 2020 BrightLocal Survey, 87% of consumers read online reviews for local businesses in 2020, and that 73% of consumers only pay attention to reviews written in the last month.

Small law firms and solo attorneys need to consistently and continuously feature their businesses to potential clients nearby. An excellent review portfolio online will exponentially help client referrals and customer feedback offline or via word of mouth.

A current client may have stellar feedback and refer your business to friends and their network. Still, negative information, damaging content, and unflattering words in online reviews could sway that decision and make you lose a potential client. 

The fact that one is looking for legal services already means that they are in a precarious and embarrassing position and reputation management will allow you to convert referrals and online profile views into clients onboard. In a field where clients are in high-stress situations, negative reviews cannot be avoided and could damage your reputation. Accepting this reality will allow you to create a sound and effective crisis management plan and manage your reputation well.

How you respond to bad online reviews and the steps you take to build your good reputation show how well you take care of your clients. Learn how to control negative comments and negative feedback and turn them into avenues where you can establish and develop a reputation that will be well-received by your audience and potential clients. 


Improve Your Reputation Beyond Google Search

While a Google Search is perhaps the most popular source of reviews that could make or break your reputation, other factors need to be considered. 

Internet users are now smart enough to assess and fact-check sources as well as identify their credibility. 

  1. Can potential clients find you online?
  2. Do you have an extensive idea of what people are saying about your firm and your lawyers?
  3. Do your lawyers have a good personal reputation online? 
  4. Have you maximized user-generated content? Do you feature peer reviews and testimonials in your profiles? Are they relevant? Do they build trust online? Are they credible?
  5. Have you featured your awards and recognitions in a way that potential customers can trace their credibility and trustworthiness?
  6. Does your legal profile have a negative review? Have you addressed it satisfactorily where potential customers are impressed with your response and customer care?
  7. Are your reviews recent? Have you reached out to your most satisfied clients?
  8. Do you have a management strategy, content marketing plan, brand protection strategy, social media management plan, and crisis management plan already in place?
  9. Do you utilize management software, monitoring tools, and other services online?
  10. Aside from your website, do you also have profiles in LinkedIn, Google Plus, Yelp,, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, social media platforms, other networking sites, and review websites? Is your content optimized to deliver the results?


Control The Narrative

A bad review is not the end of your business. Controlling your narrative is one strategy for your reputation management. 

  • Create and strategize your public relations efforts to be proactive. 
  • Actively seek out and promote your firm, your lawyers, and the cases you take on. 
  • Get a reputable site to publish content and blog posts about you. 
  • Build trust and enhance your reputation and internet presence. 
  • Learn how to bury and push down negative reviews and feedback.


Your Reputation for Success Starts With Us. 

How you leverage your proven reputation and maximize online reputation management to boost your business are key steps. Contact our attorney marketing specialists today to learn more about what we offer and what we can do for you and your law firm. We offer competitive packages and listings tailored to your needs to get the best results in having a positive brand image, good online reputation, and stand out.

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A simplified guide to SEO2 (1)

A simplified guide to SEO for law firms

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