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Affordable Video Chat for Attorneys

Customer service is an integral part of any business, and being able to provide quality customer service is a prerequisite for any law firm business to grow. In today’s fast-paced environment and increased dependability of customers to the internet, users generally expect the fast and proactive support of a business. Did you know that more than 67% of website users leave the website without checking out or booking an appointment? Customers want their concerns to be addressed instantly, especially if it involves legal matters. Any uncertainty from the client can cause a sale to be lost. Video Chat is one of the ways you can provide active support to your potential and new clients. It is also one of the top converting elements on attorney websites. Using a video chat support software allows you to answer customer questions fast and convert them into paying customers! However, getting live chat agents is not cheap. Most live chat agencies charge highly for 24/7 live chat agents, making it difficult to find a service provider that is sustainable yet effective. Fortunately, Advantage Attorney Marketing can help you save on customer support costs! Each of our full-service marketing plans comes with a FREE video chat*! Whether you’re looking to update your live chat, or planning on getting one, Advantage Attorney Marketing offers these services at no additional cost. Get a responsive and custom video chat for free by scheduling a call with our law firm digital marketing agency today! *See our pricing plans for more details.

Get the Advantage Video Chat For Attorneys

A positive video chat experience can affect the customer’s buying decision. With Advantage Attorney Marketing, get a customized attorney video chat that meets your law firm marketing needs and more.


Lower Your Costs with Attorney Video

More and more businesses are switching to video chat for customer service. This means that video chat is fast becoming a standard customer support channel. It provides the highest satisfaction levels compared to other customer service channels like email or phone. It’s a no-brainer that video chat significantly impacts marketing and conversion rates. It allows customers to get instant answers without having to wait long. With video chat, you’ll be able to assist several visitors on your site simultaneously. You also don’t have to provide a dedicated phone line or desk space in your office, as Advantage Attorney Chat will handle all chat inquiries and concerns on your attorney website, thus lowering your costs. Call our legal technology experts today to get started.


Increase Sales and Revenue for Your Growing Law Firm

Businesses are always on the lookout for the most cost-effective customer service solutions out there. Having a video chat for your business is absolutely one of them. With a comprehensive video chat, you can:

  • Reduce abandonment
  • Increase sales
  • Boost customer conversion rates

Start video chat today, watch your law firm grow, and build a good online reputation for your firm!

*See pricing plans for more details.


Get A Head Start with Video Chat for Attorneys

Most businesses already have a live chat on their websites, but really, how often do you see it available on a website? This is where you can choose to become proactive. While others stick to the old marketing styles, why not take a step forward and gain an advantage over your competitors by having a video chat that is available 24/7 on your website? Your law firm’s website is the face of your business in the digital world. Power up your law firm’s marketing strategies by creating a custom video chat that reflects your law firm’s identity and branding. Each law firm video chat we create is designed to provide a robust customer experience, ensuring that each conversation geared towards in addressing your client’s needs. Our proven system of developing a custom video chat will also increase customer satisfaction and provide high conversion rates. Don’t miss out on this opportunity! Get a headstart by taking advantage of video chat support before your competitors does. At Advantage Attorney, we will make sure that quality video chat for attorneys and excellent customer service will be one of the cores of your law firm’s identity and branding.

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Increase Sales and Revenue for Your Growing Law Firm!

Words alone are not enough. Start a conversation with your customers through video chat and watch your law firm grow! Fill up the form to request a quotation.


Increase Sales Through Live Chat

Consumers nowadays are becoming more conscious of what brands they should follow and support. Sometimes, what sells a company more than their products is the trust they have established with their customers. Trust and education are important for 21st-century customers, so having a video chat on your website that can provide support and answer the visitor’s questions quickly can help you gain the trust of your customers. This will in turn increase your lead conversion rate. With Advantage Chat, you will have 24/7 video chat that is solely dedicated to attorney websites. Bilingual support is also available, which can help you get found locally by clients whose primary language is not English. Having this feature on your live video chat will help you expand your reach, convert more leads, and turn them into loyal customers.


Attorney Live Chat to Improve Client

People don’t like waiting for an email to be answered, the same way they don’t like waiting in line on the phone. Use video chat eliminates unnecessary waiting time, ensuring all your customers’ queries are answered right away! While your lawyer website helps expand your reach, visitors on your website still need to feel that the help you provide is genuine and personal before they can convert into customers. Using a video chat can help you provide a personalized approach to your business. Individuals who have concerns and are seeking legal advice want to feel valued and understood, so it is important to provide immediate solutions for their legal issues and concerns. When clients can easily reach out to your law firm, you will be able to gain their trust and establish your firm as a valuable source of information and support.


Keep Track of Actionable Insights

Video chat transcripts are full of rich customer feedback and information that you can use to improve your law firm’s marketing strategies. By taking advantage of this feature, you can fast-track your way towards reaching your law firm’s business goals. Power up your law firm’s marketing strategies by collecting necessary information from prospective clients before a live video chat begins. Ask them their names, legal concerns, or email addresses using our flexible live chat support software. Schedule a call with us and find out how you can make your website more accessible and give a good impression to potential clients.


Increase Your Customer Engagement

Using video chat support lets you utilize user data and customize your chat to become more interactive and personalized. What’s more, AI can help you deliver consistent answers to your clients. This enables you to avoid spitting out unnecessary information. When your law firm can provide quick responses to your audience, customers can stay longer on your website, which increases your chances of closing a deal. Do you want to boost your customer engagement? Here are some tips from our Law Firm SEO Experts!

Personalized conversations. AI video chat is smart enough to help you analyze curated responses to help you engage with your customers at a more personal level.

Real-time response. Take advantage of AI chat support and deliver fast and accurate responses to your customers. Don’t let your competitors get ahead of you!

One-on-one approach. Enhance your customer’s experience by allowing them to feel that you provide customer service that strives to meet their needs.


Create Seamless Live Communication

Nobody likes to wait around for a solution. When clients have a legal concern, they’ll lose patience if your law firm can address the problem right away. The way customers interact with brands is changing. They have a shorter attention span, and engaging them with your firm can be challenging. You can engage with your customers easily without wasting their time trying to reach a human customer representative through proactive live chat support. A poor video chat customer experience can harm your business. You can lose sales, and customers may leave with a bad impression of your law firm. However, having good video chat support has customer benefits. It humanizes the digital customer experience and provides a personal touch to prospective clients. Decrease chat abandonment by providing a good customer experience through video chat!


Build Brand Awareness

Customers like to have their questions answered right away. By having a reliable video chat on your website, you can ensure that it will address their concerns right away. Combine a personalized approach with professional service, and you’re going to be on your way to building customer relationships that last. Showcase your law firm! Don’t distract your customers with unnecessary content. Design and personalize your video chat to reflect your law firm’s branding and showcase a custom-made platform for your business.


Build Trust Among Your Clients

In the digital age, it is the customer who calls the shots. They expect you to be available for them 24/7, and what’s the best way to meet this expectation? Integrate live video chat into your website. Video chat helps you engage with your customers where they already are. You can create an online experience that they will never forget by customizing your messages to suit the tone and branding of your law firm. Video chat support also helps you redefine your law firm’s customer service in a big way. Especially if you can offer multilingual chat services that helps you reach more people from different cultures and countries.

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Video chat for attorneys is an excellent customer support service that will help you attract more leads. Convert more loyal customers for your legal firm! Advantage Attorney offers 24/7 live video chat included in any of our attorney marketing packages. Providing 24/7 customer support can be unrealistic even for large law firms. If you enable lawyer chat support on your website, you can provide quality support to clients outside of business hours. A self-service live video chat can provide the necessary information that your client needs, or you can also directly connect them to your office during your next business hour. Aside from 24/7 live chat support, Advantage Attorney Marketing can also provide you with your other legal marketing needs. We offer lawyer SEO marketing, law firm PPC campaign, social media management, cloud desktop solutions, and more! Schedule a marketing consultation with our attorney marketing agency today to start reaching your legal marketing goals. Together, let us grow your business!

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