Law Firm Cloud Security

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Cloud Security for Small Law Firms

When used in the legal profession, cloud management can increase profits for partners by avoiding data breaches and revenue lost during downtime. Law firm cloud computing and cloud desktop services can also improve performance through better working practices and data analysis capabilities, especially since decisions in the legal practice are heavily evidence-based.

Advantage Cloud is a complete cloud solution and cloud computing technology for law firms designed with the needs of solo attorneys and small law firms in mind. If you want to know more about the advantages of getting a strong cloud security for your legal practice, call us at Advantage Attorney Marketing today!

Secure Cloud Technology
for Law Firms

With the help of a private cloud, your law firm’s server and IT platform are replaced by a hosted virtual desktop. A private cloud platform generally hosts server-based software, which your employees can access virtually any time and anywhere.

A reliable cloud computing service provider is necessary for many reasons. Through a private cloud infrastructure, your entire staff could safely access documents and applications (including Word, Excel, Outlook, practice management, and billing software) using a wide array of devices with the necessary cloud applications.

If you want your firm to benefit from the many advantages of having data in the cloud, call us at Advantage Attorney Marketing. Our law firm technology experts will gladly answer your questions related to the benefits of cloud computing.

We’ll help you gain law firm cloud security when you subscribe to any of our attorney cloud computing plans!

Secure Cloud Technology
Reduced IT Downtime with Law Firm Cloud Security

Reduced IT Downtime

Another advantage of availing of monitored cloud services is the reduced chance of downtime for your firm. Issues that occur are resolved promptly. IT professionals with expert knowledge of both the hardware and software can monitor and maintain the cloud resources.

Reducing the likelihood of your servers going down prevents you from damaging your image as a reliable source of legal advice and services. Otherwise, if your clients cannot trust your firm, you can lose valuable revenue. This is where a dedicated cloud provider can help.

At Advantage Attorney Marketing, law firm cloud security is our expertise. We can provide you with secured cloud technology so you can focus on growing your practice.

Simplified IT Infrastructure for Law Firms

Secure cloud-based solutions simplifies your day-to-day routines, which give you more time to focus on projects that can make a difference for the success of your law firm. Cloud-based software providers generally operate on a subscription model, so onboarding a new staff member is as easy as adding a new subscriber to the program.

Aside from the ease of onboarding new team members and training them on software usage and security policies, the process of growing offices in recent locations is much simpler when compared to on-site solutions.

Our law firm technology experts will gladly assist as you layout your goals and find ways to achieve them. You will see the benefits of having a law firm cloud security to take your small law firm to the next level. Call our cloud solution experts today to know how we can help.

Simplified IT Infrastructure
Reduced Law Firm IT Costs with Law Firm Cloud Security

Reduced Law Firm IT Costs

Your law firm could have used the cost of storing, maintaining, and running on-premise servers for more productive things. Switching to cloud-based software will help you save money which you can use for other things such as PPC Campaigns, SEO Marketing, optimized attorney websites, and more.

Advantage Cloud can provide secure and hands-on support to your law firm with our reliable cloud computing system that fits your budget. If you encounter a problem, our team is here to solve it for you. 

Our law firm technology experts have the necessary knowledge and training on cloud computing, so you could effectively use cloud solutions to reach your business objectives.

Contact our attorney cloud computing specialists today to know how you can benefit from a law firm cloud security.

Secure Data with Law Firm Cloud Security

There are many important benefits in a law firm cloud security for your firm. For one, dealing with plenty of clienty data online poses a big risk in your law firm’s data security. Our law firm cloud security technology can help you secure sensitive data.

In the ever-increasing era of data breaches, Advantage Cloud implements security protocols to protect your law firm’s sensitive information, data, and transactions.  

Optimize your law firm’s performance to provide the best legal service that your clients need. Call our cloud computing experts today!

Secured Data Law Firm Cloud Security
Law firm Cloud Security Workplace Flexibility

Workplace Flexibility for Your Law Firm

Having the option to work anytime, anywhere is now table stakes for law firms. Taking this into account, you will need virtual private networks (VPNs) to access virtual interfaces and documents through on-premise practice management software.

Through cloud-based applications, lawyers and staff can securely access files and collaborate on cases from anywhere, allowing lawyers to check in on necessary details anywhere with a strong internet connection.

Through cloud-based legal software, lawyers have the flexibility to work from home and still be able to access and work on cases and documents and communicate with clients.

Our tech specialists at Advantage Attorney Marketing are proactive and are dedicated to giving you what your business needs. Through our law firm cloud security, we make sure that your law firm performs at its best. Call our law firm technology specialists today for more information.

Data Loss Prevention
Through Cloud Security

If your law firm is still not investing on cloud computing solution technologies, then all of your valuable data and information are tied to your office computers.

This may not seem like a problem at all, but you are actually putting your data at risk. When you experience a technical problem in your physical hardware, you are at risk of losing all your important data permanently. 

Viruses, hardware deterioration, or a simple user error are all malfunctions which your law firm can encounter. If you aren’t in the cloud, you will lose all vital information when you encounter these problems. 

Through our law firm cloud security, all information uploaded to the cloud remains safe and easily accessible for you and and your employees anytime, anywhere. 

Data Loss Prevention

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Legal cloud computing has come a long way, with many legal professionals realizing that the cloud is more secure than on-premise software. Embracing the cloud will keep your law firm on the leading edge of tech, and essentially help you and your legal team perform at your best.

The internet is a global tool which you can utilize to help your business grow by cutting down costs, improving collaboration, and increasing mobility. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to use technology as a cutting edge for your firm. If you’re a solo attorney or a small law firm looking for ways to expand your practice, our law firm cloud security can help you achieve your business goals.

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