Building a Lead Generation Website that Consistently Brings in Quality Leads

Bringing Quality Leads Through Lead Generation Websites

Every business must bring a steady flow of customers to its website. But just having guests is insufficient – you need data to turn visitors into leads and eventually into sales.

Your prospective customers anticipate more from you than an elementary brochure site. Those customers want more knowledge about your service or product on their own. They desire interaction. Additionally, they want a consistent client experience on your website, social media channels, and email marketing.

B2B marketers should comprehend how to build a lead generation web page that focuses on customers while formulating their lead generation tactics. Your website establishes interaction points along the customer journey that enable lead acquisition, scoring, and nurturing using content strategy and marketing automation.

Do not worry if you are now on a broken website. We will examine the actions you could take to raise your conversion rates and make your website a powerful lead-generation machine.

Concentrate on Your Customer

It should not be complicated or take a lot of time to make a lead generation page. If a complete website redesign is not currently in the cards, you may start with a few simple actions to boost your performance. After that, you can gradually progress to more advanced adjustments and changes.

But before you do, review the following basics and take a look at these three things:

Identify Your Ideal Client

Even though it is your website, you are designing it with your audience in mind. You need to be familiar with your target client if you desire to build a site that appeals to your ideal client and nurtures an interest in your goods.

Study your target market and develop buyer personas if you have not previously. Putting the cart before the horse would be to create a lead generation web page before completing this phase. Review and update your expertise if you have established your audience already. Contact sales, customer service, and business development to certify a cross-departmental work group. Their input is crucial because they are in close contact with clients.

People are seeking answers to questions when they browse businesses like yours. Spend some time comprehending the inquiry that your website is addressing. Then design the interaction so that it provides the best response.

Define “Lead”

Knowing your end goal will help you improve your site and position it to attract more leads. The first thing to ask is, “What do you mean by a lead? ” even though it is crucial to know your profit goals, income, and other outcomes you seek to attain.

Some team members might define a lead as someone who frequently visits the website or engages in active social media activity. Some people may only classify someone as a lead if they register for a lead magnet or ask for a demo.

Does the sales team consider a lead match something the marketing team considers theirs? What is the transitional period between a “sales qualified lead” and a “marketing qualified lead”?

It will be simpler to plan and meet the necessary changes if definitions are clear and widely accepted.

Design Your Customer Journey

After having your concept of lead and buyer personas, you must expand your understanding regarding your customer journey.

What functions does your site perform during the buyer journey? What jobs must they accomplish, and how can your website assist them in completing them?

There must be touchpoints on your website for each level of the journey. For starters, make at least a conversion point for each level of your funnel. A minimum of one for the top, the middle, and the bottom of your funnel are essential. You can add more afterward.

Turning your Brochure Website into a Lead Gen Website

What are some ideas that can improve your existing website? How can you turn a brochure website into a lead generation website?

1. Optimize Your Website

Hopefully, you possess a definite, uncomplicated, and user-friendly website with a strong brand already. If not, you need to do some work before moving on.

Your site should also provide a brand experience consistent with the other platforms to develop trust and familiarity. Any page or post on social media and your website should be identified easily as belonging to the same company.

Make sure your website is simple to use and fast to load. A positive consumer experience and your search engine optimization performance depend on simple navigation. The three-click design rule, popularized by Steve Jobs, is a fantastic guideline to follow while creating designs. Customers will look elsewhere if they need to search through your site to locate what they need.

Finding other pages on your website and returning to the main page are made simple by fixed navigation. Additionally, put your navigation menu’s most critical call to action (CTA) in the upper right corner. Your website’s home page is not always where visitors first enter.

They can come across one of your earlier blog posts or end up on a product page from an advertisement through searching. No matter where they land, if there is a CTA at the top of each page, they always have that additional step to go in your direction.

2. Develop Conversion Points

Provide a conversion point to each page of your site besides the ones you already have in the navigation. You must, however, strike a balance between the requirement to give your potential clients several chances to get into your sales funnel. Confusion is caused by having too many CTAs on one page, which lowers your conversion ability.

Use your knowledge of the customer’s journey instead and think carefully about where every conversion point has to be. Utilize this information to determine the function of every page of your website and create appropriate CTAs.

For instance, blog postings are more probably to be entrance points at the top of the funnel. These are the perfect places to request a visitor’s contact information so you can send them a lead magnet to download or join your mailing list so you can keep them informed with a blog digest or newsletter.

Additionally, sales pages are the ideal location for bottom-of-funnel CTAs aimed at customers who are prepared to make a purchase. These may be individuals who answered an advertisement targeted to transactional keywords or leads you have been nurturing who clicked through it after receiving a targeted email.

In either case, the content provided on the website suggests they are more likely to accept the offer of a demonstration or even make an immediate purchase. On your sales page, you could also allow middle-of-the-funnel visitors to learn more.

3. Craft Your CTAs

As we have seen, conversion points must correspond to the customer’s buyer journey stage. You must also pay close attention to your call to action. Assemble your website’s micro-messaging such that it sells your offer and informs visitors of what to expect.

A call to action like “Call Us” is an example of a vague CTA. The customer is uninformed of the benefits of contacting you or why they should. A CTA like “Add to Cart” or “Schedule a Demo” clarifies to your customer what they will receive if they proceed.

4. Add More Interactive Elements

Make use of interactive elements like appointment booking forms and cost calculators. These forms are capable of more than just requesting the address and name of your visitor. You can include rating scales, branching logic, multiple-choice choices, and many more. They can direct visitors to the appropriate department and assist them in educating themselves about their issue and your product. You could also link your form to analytics and customer relationship management (CRM) to find out who is using your site and why.

Make it simple for your audience too. You will turn off your visitor if you interrogate them for their information all at once. Determine the right level of information for each process stage. You might require more information than your email address and name to access a valuable report or tool. However, do not demand them to complete a lengthy form about themselves, their employees, and their company to schedule a demo.

You will also want to gather reliable data that help you understand your clients, but you should strike a balance between usability and data quality. Assume you will have more than one opportunity to establish a relationship and obtain the information you require, as you ask for their contact information and consent to keep in touch.

Improving Your Lead Generation Website for Greater Results

How will you improve your lead generation web page and get more qualified leads if you have the preceding essentials in place presently?

For High-Quality Traffic, Create SEO-Focused Content

Your website must serve as an inspiration, drawing in the correct visitors by giving them the knowledge they require to resolve their inquiries.
As such, the content of your website must walk a fine line. It must be search engine optimized, educational and informational for your clients, and created to highlight your area of expertise. It must filter out those who are not fit, establish connections only with the right individuals, and persuade them that you possess the answers they want.

At every point of the buying journey, remember to start with your customer’s needs.

Your expertise is displayed in your blog posts. They also motivate new visitors to stay on your website and get to know you better. Lead magnets should provide measurable value to persuade middle-of-the-funnel visitors to provide you with their details.

Your sales and landing pages must also have excellent content to persuade visitors to take the last step and either get in touch or make a purchase.

Create evergreen content that is valuable and encourages readers to download your lead magnet or subscribe to your newsletter. To check whether you can turn your content into something interesting, look at the recent trends and news headlines.

But do not limit yourself to written material. When done effectively, a video may be a very effective tool for persuading website visitors. According to Wyzowl’s research, 84% claim that watching a brand’s video influenced them to purchase a service or product. Additionally, 94% said they had seen an explanation video to understand a service or product more.

Ensure your content is entirely SEO-optimized and contains the appropriate key phrases and keywords. At the very least, the title, meta description, headings, and first paragraph should all have your primary keyword or phrase. Ensure your copy is littered with related keywords to show Google (and other search engines) that your material is authoritative and comprehensive.

You will attract more qualified traffic if you create optimized content tailored to your target audience.

Make Dedicated Landing Pages For Distinct Content Offers

Visitors to your website or blog will have alternatives once they land on the home page. They can browse your store, read more blog posts, and look at other pages if you have any. The majority of your website’s pages provide additional links and navigational options.

However, when you use a dedicated landing page, you draw their attention to one offer. There are not any other distractions. They only got two choices: provide you with their contact information or leave.

It is more feasible they will be convinced and convert because of that tight focus. Concentrate on the caliber of your content and creativity throughout the process to significantly improve your chances. Here, spending money on professional designers and copywriters may make a huge difference. Ensure that everything leads to an irresistible conversion point, starting from the marketing campaign that draws people into the micro-messaging on buttons and forms.

Offer Content Upgrades

By gradually including a content upgrade with a sign-up form for each blog post, you can increase the value of your work. The aim is to give your visitor something related to the information they just read in return for their contact details.

Content upgrades should not be dragging or difficult. A detailed piece or webinar is not appropriate for this setting. A straightforward checklist placed appropriately will work in some cases. For instance, if you wrote an upstanding post about content marketing, you may offer a content update to your visitors, demonstrating how to produce content ideas.

Of course, the more of these you possess, the greater your chances are of obtaining a visitor’s information.

Include Live Chat

Use the live chat to capture your visitor’s attention. Any inquiries they might have can be addressed right away. You could also offer to provide them with more information or immediately point them toward additional information on your website.

Live chat could help you get through potential customers’ objections to buying and confirm that the person is a qualified lead.

Live conversation is engaging, educational, and beneficial. Your website must be exactly this if you want to draw in and keep audiences.

Ensure That You Track Your Visitors

If you do not track the results and collect data from your users, all your work is for nothing.

  • Track how people go through your website. Do they follow your laid-out conversion path?
  • Take note of the articles that are read the most.
  • Observe which calls to action, forms, and lead magnets generate the most sign-ups by looking at your conversions.
  • Watch your bounce rate and potential areas where you may lose website visitors.
  • Keep track of how many good leads you’re producing.

Test, Test, Test!

Test everything; even the shape and color of your buy buttons may leave an impact. Enter it with an open mind to trying new things. Try out several CTAs and headlines. Examine your most well-liked content and compare your lead magnets.

Learn what is not working out so that you can make adjustments.
You cannot concentrate your efforts on the areas that will produce results if you are not testing.

What is the Gold Standard for a Lead Generation Website?

Numerous strategies for optimizing your site for lead generation have been studied. However, you could maximize your results by investing in a comprehensive marketing automation platform.

You can anticipate the following characteristics from an all-in-one marketing platform:

  • Automate your social and email marketing posting.
  • Develop high-converting landing pages.
  • Integrate chatbots.
  • Track the data on your clients, which includes their interactions with you.
  • Administer your pipeline.
  • Host of other features, including life-of-the-lead tracking.

You can track customer interactions throughout all channels using marketing automation and connect your data for a complete view of your leads. Utilizing this technology, you may develop personalized landing pages and emails with improved conversion rates. Continuous profiling for behavior-based email workflows, lead capture forms, and automatic lead scoring to help you prioritize your resources are all features of a solid platform.

This gives you better reports and analytics while saving you time and effort. Your site will have complete lead-generating optimization.

Build Your Lead Generation Website Now!

All interactions are viewed as a part of the customer experience at Advantage Attorney Marketing. Even if a business necessity may have inspired website adjustments, it is essential to approach them by prioritizing the client’s needs. Gaining knowledge about your ideal client and the customer journey can help you do this. It is also vital to comprehend the possible queries your customers will have.

You can create a site that guides visitors through the buying journey and generates excellent leads by providing high-quality content that educates your target audience and a clear conversion path.

You can positively advance your lead generation with the appropriate platform. Contact us for an exploratory call or a demo if you want to learn more about how the best platform and approach can advance your lead generation.

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