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Marketing for lawyers

Every law firm needs a good marketing plan to sustain the business in the long run. There are different ways on how to market your law firm. Traditional marketing strategies such as advertising through radio, TV, newspapers, and magazines may seem ideal; however, digital marketing has proven to be much more efficient and effective. Creating a digital marketing plan for your law firm is essential for developing effective strategies for sustaining and growing your law practice.

Most potential clients find it convenient to search for a lawyer or legal services through various online platforms, search engines, and websites. Digital marketing can help you boost your online presence, establish credibility, acquire new clients, and generate more leads. A reliable digital marketing agency will help you learn more about the benefits of digital marketing for law firms.

This article will explain the following ways that a law firm digital marketing plan can help your business:

  1. Build a Personal Brand
  2. Optimize Website for Local Search
  3. Run Google Ads Campaigns
  4. Publish Optimized Landing Pages
  5. Develop High-Quality Content
  6. Promote Your Content
  7. Use Social Media Marketing
  8. Get into Video Marketing
  9. Find Your Niche
  10. Enable Live Chat
  11. Manage Your Reviews from Clients

Build a Personal Brand

The personal branding of your law firm must not be limited to extravagant marketing awards, attractive business cards, or expensive letterheads. It must be based on the fundamentals of the image that you want your law firm to project. One of the most common online marketing platforms that you can use for branding is LinkedIn. Creating a bio page for your lawyers with strong call-to-action statements can increase client conversion rates. You may include the lawyer’s contact information, professional experiences, credentials, area of expertise, results, and recommendations from previous clients.

Optimize Website for Local Search

Most potential clients use Google to find lawyers near them. Optimizing your law firm’s website for the geo-specific keywords often used in local searches can help your law firm to be visible in the search engine results. The use of local SEO can increase your rank in Google search, drive more online users to your website, and generate more organic traffic.

Run Google Ads Campaigns

Many law firms face competition in the organic search results. Therefore, running a paid campaign on Google AdWords can help your law firm rank higher in Google search and generate viable leads. Google Ads allows law firms to target specific keywords potential clients use to search for lawyers in their area. You can set your advertising budget and pay a cost per user that clicks on your ad.

The Google Paid search offers an excellent opportunity for lawyers to be found at the right moment a client is looking for legal help. You can fine-tune an AdWords campaign based on what your potential clients are searching for. A well-planned and optimized Google AdWords campaign can send large volumes of highly qualified traffic to your website to convert into paying clients.

Publish Optimized Landing Pages

Your law firm should have search engine optimized landing pages for the legal services that you offer. You can also optimize these landing pages for Google Ads, or you can have separate landing pages specifically for your pay-per-click campaigns. An optimized landing page can increase the conversion of passive online visitors into potential clients.

Furthermore, developing unique “Thank You” pages for completed form submissions can easily track conversions. In this way, you can generate a report in Google Analytics on that specific page to monitor generated leads.

Develop High-Quality Content

Begin your content strategy with keyword research to identify the key terms your potential clients are using to find law firms like yours. Your audience is searching for valuable information to help them navigate the legal process. You can use “long-tail” keywords relevant to the common questions of online users regarding legal services. High-quality content can also attract readership and online attention. That’s why law firms must focus on the quality of the content instead of quantity.

Promote Your Content

After completing your well-designed website with high-quality content, the next step is to promote your content. Email marketing, video marketing, and social media marketing are essential for law firms looking to reach users across various online platforms. If you are marketing your law firm on social media, you can use LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook to bring out the most from your law firm.

If you’re into blogging, it is advisable to create a content schedule to ensure the consistency of publishing your blog, optimizing the content for Google, and distributing them across various online platforms. Focus on writing a few high-quality blogs rather than a lot of lower-quality ones. You can generate business from your blogs by creating content that potential clients will read.

Use Social Media Marketing

In social media marketing, you must focus on sharing the suitable types of content related to your audience’s questions, the struggles they’re facing, and the goals they want to achieve. This can take the form of blog posts, graphics, informative posts, images, memes, videos, and more. Don’t forget to respond to comments to keep your followers engaged.

Get into Video Marketing

Video marketing is essential in establishing the online identity of your law firm. Most online users like to gather information by watching videos on various online platforms like YouTube. Your marketing videos can help you:

  • Introduce your digital marketing attorneys
  • Provide a behind-the-scenes view of your law firm
  • Answer FAQs and provide how-to information
  • Feature client reviews and testimonials

You can include videos in your SEO-friendly blog posts and generate traffic through YouTube SEO/marketing as part of promotion efforts. There are nearly limitless opportunities when it comes to driving traffic and leads with video.

Find Your Niche

Another critical area of branding is communicating the full extent of what you do and your capability to deliver. You need to be very clear and specific about the scope of your law services. You can highlight case studies and testimonials to demonstrate your law firm’s expertise and success. Select particular services that you want to focus on and go deep on them. It is highly recommended that attorneys can highlight one central practice area and showcase their relevant expertise.

Enable Live Chat

It can be challenging to respond to every client inquiry at all times, especially if you are relying on phone calls and contact forms. Incorporating a live chat feature is one of the most common ways law firms optimize their websites for lead generation.

With live chat, you can respond to messages on your website via your mobile device or enable AI-powered messaging to provide people with the information they are searching for. Live chat lets you collect user information upfront, so you never miss out on a potential lead. Live chat provides instant gratification. The potential client doesn’t have to wait for a response email, and they feel at ease knowing they are speaking with someone in real-time.

Manage Your Reviews from Clients

In digital marketing, it is essential to protect your online reputation. More websites nowadays are offering reviews and feedback on the performance of an attorney from previous clients. Therefore, it is vital to respond to online reviews from your clients actively and remain engaged with them. This will help your clients feel appreciated and heard. Instant credibility is also provided by reviews and testimonials from your past clients.


Getting a Competent Marketing Team

A good marketing strategy can keep up with the changes in this evolving digital world. Digital marketing techniques that utilize branding and blogging helps in boosting your online presence. Marketing campaigns that use search engine optimization enable your firm’s website visitors to find solutions to their legal issues. A credible marketing agency can work on your marketing plans and strategies. Contact our attorney marketing firm at Advantage Attorney to know more about the marketing services and the marketing solutions that we can provide for your law firm.

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