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4 Pillars of Digital Marketing Strategies for Law Firms

Digital Marketing StrategiesMarketing trends and tactics are constantly evolving. Traditional marketing techniques can still work, but to keep up with competitors, law firms need to have an online marketing strategy to keep with competitors. 

If you’re just beginning with your digital marketing strategy, you may not know exactly how to go about it. To start, there are four main pillars at the heart of your marketing plan. We’ll discuss these marketing tactics in brief as well as some actionable marketing tips to implement these pillars immediately into your marketing campaign. Don’t be afraid to avail of the services of an agency specializing in digital marketing strategies for law firms.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is the bedrock for your effective marketing activities. SEO refers to practices that place your website at the top of the rankings for organic search results. If potential customers search for lawyers through Google, an optimized website places your firm as their first result, prompting lead generation.

The key to optimizing your site is keyword research. Identify what terms clients put into the search engines to get to your site and your competitors’ site. 

Once you’ve found what keywords you need, place them in strategic areas throughout your site, like in your blog posts or your About Us page. Be sure to spread them around as stuffing keywords into a single sentence can harm your optimization, weakening your search engine marketing efforts.

Consider hiring a digital marketing agency to improve your marketing SEO.

Content Marketing

“Content” for your law firm’s website can take the form of videos, blogging, or email marketing campaigns. Content marketing attracts traffic from users searching for specific services or legal concerns. If you have an article that answers exactly your prospective client’s search query, then they are more likely to enter your site and schedule a consultation.

With a quality content marketing strategy, your site attracts followers, strengthens your online presence, and generates leads for your firm. Use SEO keywords within your content to increase visibility and brand awareness.

With each content you post, be sure to include Calls to Action (CTAs). These refer to devices that lead users to perform the desired action. For law firms, the desired action would be to contact your office. CTAs are a great way to increase your conversion rate from visitors to new customers and to insert keywords for better SEO.

Social Media Marketing

Most lawyers have taken to social media to reach their target audience as part of their digital strategy. Sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube have become consistent marketing channels for law firms to beat any competitor. 

Post bits and pieces of eye-catching content that are relevant to your niche of practice, incorporating SEO and content marketing concepts. Through social media, you can build your community, engage your audience, and provide an excellent customer experience. Nurture your potential customers so that they will come to you once they need legal help.

This doesn’t mean posting random pop culture bits or memes. Your content should still be relevant to the services you’ll be offering. Otherwise, the internet will take your page as a comedy page rather than a professional law firm.

If you’re just beginning, your social media strategy can simply cover one or two platforms. Quality over quantity. Take your time to truly engage with your audience, as over time, these will be generating leads and consistently bumping your conversion rates up.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing

PPC advertising means running paid ads to increase your target market and grow your business. As the name suggests, pay-per-click advertising means you pay a fee for every user who clicks on your ad and creates website traffic. 

As mentioned, SEO is the foundation for your sustainable growth. However, it can take a long time before it can become profitable and give you ROI. Effective online marketing includes PPC so that you can generate leads immediately

In a highly competitive environment, you must advertise online. If your competitors are running online advertisements and you’re not, your firm will get buried in the second page of the search results, where no one will ever see it.

Results from paid advertising may fluctuate from time to time. Work with a marketing strategist to determine how you can best implement online advertising into the most effective marketing strategy.

Final Thoughts

These pillars build a solid structure for your internet marketing plan. Eventually, you’ll be seeing more clients and conversions, without having to take any digital marketing course!

Of course, if you need help, it’s best to contact an internet marketing agency. Advantage Attorney Marketing is an agency specializing in digital marketing solutions for legal professionals. We can help you improve your SEO strategy, enact a responsive website design, and drive organic traffic to your content. Contact us today and let us help you on your way to marketing success!

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