Why Mobile-Friendliness Should Be Part of Your Marketing Plan

November 20th, 2020

If you have not yet incorporated e-commerce and online marketing tactics in your law firm’s marketing plans, you are missing out on a lot of things. Your competitor is doing it. You should, too, and a reliable marketing company will ensure that you are doing it right.

As a good marketing agency can explain to you, your online marketing tactic should be able to keep up with our evolving world. Refine your media strategy and keep in mind that most people today conduct searches using their mobile phones. Boost your business online by ensuring that your digital marketing strategy is mobile-friendly. A good online marketer can explain to you further why mobile-friendliness is crucial, particularly through the following tactics:

1. It contributes to mobile SEO (search engine optimization)

One of the fastest-growing trends in internet marketing is search engine optimization. With limited access to your office location and face-to-face consultations, improving online presence has never been as important. Do so by including effective local search and engine optimization in your marketing campaign.

Optimizing for search engines is about positioning strategically in search results. Through it, you can increase the chances of your website content showing up on the first page of search engine results. This is even more so if your site is mobile-friendly. Including SEO in your marketing strategies will bring more inbound web traffic and potential clients to your website. Mobile-friendliness will allow you to increase your web presence and utilize search marketing even more.

Being mobile-friendly is now a factor in search engine rankings. Through it, your law firm website will better perform in search engine results pages (SERPs). Given Google’s mobile-first indexing, a responsive site will essentially rank higher when a person searches using his or her mobile device.

2. It improves user experience

marketing agency When your target audience reaches your landing pages (say, through featured blog posts), the next step involves converting them to actual clients. This can be a challenge if your web content is difficult (or impossible) to read using a mobile phone. Even if your web design is a standout, it will not build your business. The first encounter with your site jumpstarts the customer journey, so do not waste your chance.

Furthermore, web sites that are not mobile-optimized are often slower. Since mobile phone users will likely abandon web pages that take more than a few seconds to load, some of your marketing efforts could be going to waste without you knowing. Getting the content marketing services of trusted agencies will make sure you are putting precious marketing budget to good use.

3. It increases average time spent on your law firm site

Website design and branding will help you grow your business if your target market takes the time to actually see all of them. Regular blogging helps in increasing website traffic and improving your credibility and online reputation. However, this content strategy will only translate into effective marketing if potential customers actually read your posts. There is a higher likelihood that they will do if your site is mobile-friendly.

When your website works the way it is supposed to when viewed using a mobile device, a site visitor will spend more minutes reading about the legal services you offer. Improve your digital strategy to bring about measurable improvements.  Mobile-friendliness will allow clients to read all the way to your calls to action. They would hopefully then be calling or messaging you to inquire.

Get a marketing team that offers SEO services to effectively market your law firm and bring your business to new heights. Contact a digital marketing agency that can help you reach your business goals. Call us at Advantage Attorney Marketing for expert marketing solutions.

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