Digital Marketing Strategies: What to Look Into When Improving Your Law Firm Website

January 20th, 2021

The digital world is evolving. Your marketing techniques and tactics should be able to adapt to today’s marketing trends. A good tactic to increase website traffic is to include in your marketing plan a routine review of your law firm site. This will ensure that your marketing efforts are translated to marketing success instead of going to waste, 

On top of basic information about your law firm (including address, directions to your office, phone numbers, contact details, areas of practice, and other things stated in traditional marketing documents), your website should show potential customers that you can be trusted. Your law firm marketing strategy will bring about measurable results if your website is continuously reviewed by your marketing team.

Online marketing may not always mean effective marketing. A good digital marketing agency can help you refresh your website, from landing page to blog posts and everything in between. Below are nine things to look into as you review your current marketing plans:

  • Mobile-friendliness

Most people will perform searches for a product or service using their mobile phone. If you want your business to grow, help your target audience find you in search results, regardless of the device that they are using. Mobile-friendliness can be crucial for marketers in this e-commerce world. It also helps in actualizing your marketing objectives, since more people can see you and read through your content.

  • Page speed

This refers to how long web pages in your site load, whether on a desktop computer or mobile device. This has a direct impact on the customer experience. Additionally, when seen through the lens of your digital marketing strategy, page speed has an impact on search engine rankings.

  • Pageviews

This refers to the number of times internet users viewed a page on your website. This is closely related to the start of their customer journey. While blogging about relevant topics and having stand-out web design does contribute to this, page views are greatly influenced by other search marketing tactics as well.

  • Traffic

Digital Marketing In digital marketing campaigns, this refers to the total number of visitors that your website received. Without considering conversions, a high number could mean that you are reaching out to a large digital market. This metric is crucial if you want to know how to market properly using digital media. Inbound traffic could either be total clicks or unique visitors.

  • Organic traffic

In search engine marketing terms, this refers to internet users (both those belonging to your target market and those who don’t) who reached your website through non-paid search engine results. While this may not always translate to a lot of new customers, it can be a first step in doing better business online.

  • Landing page

This is a single web page containing a focused pitch meant to lead a site visitor to take a specific course of action. Posts on social media platforms could be linked to a landing page. Incorporating new marketing hacks such as this can help build your online presence and improve your chances of getting new customers.

  • Blog posts

Using a blog for marketing purposes can help in lead-generation. If you put in a marketing budget for content creation, your blog posts can help convince potential clients in your sales funnel to start calling or messaging you. Blog posts with optimized content and calls to action will enable you to make more out of this digital strategy.

  • Bounce rate

This refers to the percentage of site visitors who, after viewing the web page that they entered your site from, leaves without doing anything. This aspect of web marketing can indicate that certain changes in your site must be done by your marketing company. That is, for your law firm to be more profitable and for you to achieve your business goals of getting more clients.

  • Conversion rate

In contrast, this internet marketing term refers to the percentage of site visitors who become (or convert) to actual paying customers. Conversion rates are crucial when looking at the ROI of the marketing budget allotted for digital advertising. This is often an indicator that your marketing campaign is indeed helping you grow your business and get ahead of your competitor.

All these would work best if your online marketing strategy prioritizes search engine optimization. On top of the branding and functional website design, optimizing your website for search engines is the most effective way of achieving your business objectives.

When looking into improving your website and search engine optimization, get marketing solutions only from experts. Your marketer should be able to devise a media strategy suited for marketing businesses online. For reliable marketing services, call us at Advantage Attorney Marketing.

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