Online Marketing for Lawyers: How SEO Became the Key in the Online Lawyer Competition

Online Marketing for Lawyers

Before, when people needed to hire a service, let’s say for a law consultation, they have to know where they should be going. They should also know what specific type of service they are searching for. However, at times when your movement is limited by various factors like time, travel capabilities and restrictions, environmental conditions, or medical hazards, we turn to the internet for an easy workaround from these restrictions. With just one search, people will be able to find lawyers near them that specialize in things they want to consult. 

With all the websites for lawyers appearing here and there, how would the internet know which one to display first when you search? How would you keep up? That is where search engine optimization comes in. It applies a combination of online marketing strategies, helping your website get more clicks.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engines like Google or Bing use different codes and programs that determine how optimized your webpage is and rank them with each other. SEO is a data-driven digital marketing strategy where the idea is to optimize your website by improving your website design and content. In turn, it increases your website’s rank and makes your content stand out and appear on top of the organic search results when people input related and relevant keywords. Being on top of the search results means an increase in inbound web traffic, bringing more visitors or potential clients, new or returning. So, let’s say a potential client is searching for “California estate planning lawyers” in Google. With the help of SEO tools, it will optimize your website and will appear as one of the first few results. Still, your position on the list of results depends on how you rank compared to your competitors.

It is recommended to consult an attorney marketing firm to help you in SEO with the digital marketing services they offer.

The Benefits of SEO

Aside from the increase in web traffic for your site, there are more things SEO can offer to you and your law firm’s website. Here are some of those:

  • Being ahead of the competition. Data shows that when a site is in the top 3 of the search engine results, the chances of someone visiting that website and learning more about the services they offer is higher than compared to those who are not in the top 3.
  • Establishing your online presence with positive reviews. Providing articles that are relevant and easy to understand and being able to assist people with their queries is one way to collect positive reviews from your clients. More people would trust a law firm with more positive reviews than a competitor with negative to no reviews at all.
  • Turning page visits into clients. Creating quality content means more potential visitors. With the help of SEO, optimizing your content entices more visitors to reach out to your firm. More content from your website also encourages link building or having other websites link to your website, contributing to your website’s organic traffic.
  • Making your law firm one of the staples. The benefits mentioned above among others will help you establish your law firm’s online reputation and name as one of the niches, most trusted, and respected law firms out there, paving the way for opportunities, more clients, and more visibility to name a few.

Areas to optimize

Your website contains many components that search engines take into consideration when determining your ranking. Below are some of the tactics you should consider optimizing:

  • Website Content. Constant content development and updating is a way to keep up with people’s demands for answers. Using relevant keywords is one way to optimize your content and to make sure it will rank high enough on searches. However, avoid using the same keywords repeatedly or keyword stuffing. Instead of helping you, it will even hurt your SEO even more. This category also includes thinking about your branding or how you present yourself and your firm. This includes your title, tags, URL, headers, among other things.
  • User Interface. Is your website easy to navigate? Is your website responsive? Does your website display correctly when viewed on a mobile device? Aside from the web design, it should also be a responsive website for both desktop and mobile users. Other things you should consider including in your website are a click-to-call contact number and an online messaging system that connects visitors to people that will assist them.
  • Links. Include internal links that connect your article to other related articles you have published. Not only does it organize your website, but it also improves the traffic for the pages that are not performing well.
  • Images and Videos. Adding a relevant video, image, or infographic to further emphasize your point contributes to the overall optimization of your site. Even including relevant alt texts to your images is also a factor in how your site will rank. Also, ensure that images will be displayed by limiting the file size and resolution. There are free online tools that will help you in compressing images without the obvious decrease in quality.
  • Security and privacy. This is a huge thing nowadays. Everything is online and we upload our information even without us knowing. Making sure that your website is using a secure transfer protocol (HTTPS) assures that your client’s information is safe with you.

Partnering with a law firm marketing expert gives you more confidence that your website will be more visible to potential clients with the help of their SEO techniques. Advantage Attorney Marketing offers you a free marketing check-up to help you assess the online marketing solutions you need. Schedule a call now and let us provide you with affordable and effective SEO services.

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