Increasing Law Firms Visibility through Digital Marketing

As the world keeps evolving, it is no surprise that, aside from word of mouth, information about products or services can be obtained through a digital search. With 1.34 million lawyers and over 447,050 businesses in the legal industry within the United States, the competition for legal counsel and guidance surely is tough.

Marketing your law firm today means understanding how crucial search engine optimization is to growing your practice and maintaining your competitive edge in a crowded field. A full-service small law firm marketing firm can help you achieve your objectives in reaching your clients.

What is Law Firm SEO?

Law firm SEO is the process of making your legal practice visible when potential clients are searching for your services online. By improving your website’s visibility on search engines, it’s more likely that you will be found by the 58% of legal consumers that use a search engine to find legal representation. By doing smart SEO and making sure your expectations are realistic regarding the absolute amount of traffic and local leads you can aim for, you can ensure that your law practice will do better than your competitors and snag clients without expensive paid ads.

Why Do Lawyer Websites Need SEO?

Law Firms Visibility through Digital MarketingAdvertising is not just good for your law firm, it’s good for the people you have the opportunity to serve. But in the internet age, it’s not enough to simply have a website; you also need a strategy to stand apart from the crowd. Whether you lead a brand-new firm or are simply ready to reimagine how you market your legal services, investing as early as possible in attorney SEO sets you up for the most success in the long run.

Getting your name on a billboard isn’t enough to build the trust and connection many people want to feel before even contacting you for the first time. 

When crawling and indexing sites, Google typically prioritizes high-quality content that’s accurate, recent, and easily available. Because the best law firms naturally provide this kind of content on their sites anyway, optimizing SEO – especially on the technical side to bring in high-quality clients just makes sense.

A competitive 21st-century law firm website needs to provide an immersive, educational experience. What you say – and how you say it – is your identity. The more people know who you are and how you can help, the more you can establish your firm as a trusted name.

Ranking in local search results is crucial for law firms

Given that each state has different BAR regulations, getting clients out of their locality makes little business sense for attorneys. Further, Milestone research of 500 local websites establishes that local SEO brings about 23% digital traffic.

SEO is a slow burn. It can take up to a year in competitive markets to start cracking the top spots in the local-3 pack, but once the SEO flywheel starts, results add up over time.

SEO for lawyers is particularly important because first-page rankings often translate into credibility and trust. And how many people take the time to click past the first page of search results? The first position in Google search results has a 33% click-through rate on both desktop and mobile, while second-page click-through rates drop to an astounding 2 to 3% and decrease from there.

How to make your law firm website more visible

While SEO has been on top of the books on digital marketing, there are other ways to help you increase your online visibility:

1. Get listed

While people look for local firm services via Google search, others look directly at specific websites or online directories. Wherever they’re searching, maybe via Avvo or, it’s important that you are visible and listed.

Make sure that your law firm listing has been maximized because people in your area are looking for your services. Furthermore, make sure that all of your entries throughout the web are updated with your active contact information and operation schedule.

 2. Optimize for search engines

When someone checks Google for “lawyer near me” and other relevant keywords, you want to ensure that your firm is on the first page of results and the top one listed. While your search engine ranking is largely out of your control, there are ways to increase your rankings and visibility, including optimizing your website for the relevant keywords you want to rank for.

3. Get more reviews

Regardless of whether potential clients find you on a local directory, a Google search, or on Facebook, in most cases, they’re going to want to read your reviews before they schedule a consultation or appointment.

Obtaining plenty of positive or commonly known, five-star reviews will help you build more trust with potential clients and get more leads for you. Best of all, search engines love reviews and will rank you higher when you have them. Reviews from people, especially those who had first-hand experience with your counsel are very helpful. Much more so if they use relevant keywords, because such will surely help your organic visibility online.

4. Social media channels

With the COVID situation, social media use is always in high demand. With digital marketing, where your prospective clients are looking, you need to establish a presence on the right social media platforms, primarily on Facebook, LinkedIn, or even on video-creating sites like Tiktok, Instagram reels, or Youtube.

Posting on social media using a blog or video content, for instance, will help you connect with your community, and build trust or credibility. 

5. Stay connected

Staying connected equates to giving importance to your clients, whether prospective or existing ones. Email and SMS marketing are great tools for staying in touch with them. Connecting with them for simple things like reminders of upcoming appointments or requesting feedback are awe-inspiring ways to stay in touch.

Elevate your online search visibility

If you are interested in increasing your law firm website’s organic search visibility for your content and other marketing services to be found, specific tools such as web design, SEO, Content Marketing, Review Management, and more can help. Worry no more. We got you covered!  

Talk to us here at Advantage Attorney, we are a one-stop-shop for Small Law Firm Marketing. Our team of creative and reliable marketing professionals are here to help boost your online presence. Schedule a free consultation today.

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A simplified guide to SEO for law firms

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A simplified guide to SEO2 (1)

A simplified guide to SEO for law firms

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