How SEO for Law Firm Websites Work

Attracting and Converting Potential Clients

SEO for law firm websites

As with everything, the world of marketing is shifting to online means. If you’re looking to build your law firm’s online presence, you may be bombarded with terms like pay-per-click marketing (PPC), conversion rates, and all that. If you don’t know when to start, it’s probably best to learn about Search Engine Marketing or SEO.

It can be difficult juggling both the legal side and the marketing side of your law firm. You can leave the marketing to our experienced SEO specialists at Advantage Attorney Marketing! We’ve helped many solo practitioners and law firms attract potential clients and convert them into returning clients. Contact us now to get started!


What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization (SEO) enhances the search engine visibility of your law company’s web page into search engine results pages or SERPS. These are the pages that appear once an internet user searches into a search engine like Yahoo or any other search engine. 

If your law business pops up at the top of search engine rankings, particularly on the first page, you will see an increase in website traffic. Clients will contact you to know more regarding the firm’s services after clicking on your hyperlink in the organic search engine results. 

The biggest problem in this digital marketing is figuring out how to push your company to the peak of the organic search results. SEO is a complex area of internet marketing, and you may find yourself spending hours learning about it and being none the wiser. Luckily, we have a dedicated team of SEO specialists to figure this out for you. Contact our lawyer marketing firm today to boost your digital presence!


Black Hat SEO Practices 

Some less ethical people have figured out how to manipulate the algorithm without actually providing anything of benefit. Such practices are known as Black Hat SEO, used to artificially increase a web page’s SERP ranking or decrease a marketer’s site’s rating artificially. You may find a temporary improvement when you employ Black Hat SEO. However, if Google finds out, it can be very detrimental to your website’s visibility. You can find your posts and website rank lower on the SERP.

Here are some common examples of Black Hat SEO.

  • Buying Links – This refers to buying traffic to show the search engines that your page is popular among users. 
  • Private blog networks (PBN) – This means setting up many blog pages to promote their pages using their target keywords, and they will decorate phrases that they wish to rank well throughout the article. 
  • Spamdexing – It is a combination of Spam and Index. This included changing the web pages in ways that violate search engine criteria. Examples of spamdexing are keyword stuffing, meta-tag stuffing, and duplicating content from high-ranking websites.

There are many more Black Hat practices that you can fall into if you’re not careful. If you don’t want to be negatively marked by Google’s bots, you can hire our SEO company for your firm’s website instead. Call us now to see how we can help you reach new clients with our SEO-friendly marketing services.


White Hat SEO Practices

If Black Hat is unethical, White Hat SEO organically boosts search engine rankings by complying with the standards and requirements. 

White Hat SEO strategies optimize a website for search engines while focusing on relevancy and organic ranking. Applying phrases and keyword analysis, backlinking, link building to optimize online visibility, and generating material for readers. Here are some factors to help you boost your SEO rank

There are three easy ways to improve your SEO: website optimization and content marketing. 


Website Optimization

Website optimization is the process of using available tools to improve your site’s performance. If your website is user-friendly, clients will likely keep coming to your site, which signals the search engines that your site is helpful to many people. There are many ways to improve  website optimization, but here are some that you can focus on as a beginning law firm website:

  • Improve your website’s loading speed: If your website loads quickly, there is a higher chance that clients stay on your site, even view multiple pages on your site.
  • Be mobile-friendly: The internet is now in the palm of our hands. Many people are browsing the web on their phones now more than ever. If your website does not look good on the phone, people are unlikely to return or stay.
  • Meta titles and descriptions: These are the terms that display on the SERP. Google automatically places these meta-titles and descriptions if you don’t input them manually. You can utilize this to attract clients to your firm’s website.

Content Marketing

It used to be common practice to have content farms. Websites published high amounts of low-effort content that fit the SEO requirements. With recent algorithm updates, Google seems to be prioritizing “high-quality” content, meaning content that effectively answers an internet user’s purpose.



The key to creating high-quality SEO-optimized content is keyword research. Keywords refer to the terms that people usually enter into search engines. There are many available tools to find what keywords users use to find your website and your competitor’s websites. 

Once you’ve performed proper keyword research, you need to place it all over your content. Take care not to put too many keywords into one place, as doing so counts as “keyword stuffing,” one of the Black Hat SEO practices.

Content Quality

With keywords, your content fulfills the algorithm requirements of SEO. Now you also have to satisfy the users who click on your content. Once you’ve picked a keyword for your content, it also has to cover what your potential customer asks for. It should provide them with real value to get them to visit your site for their legal concerns and maybe eventually become clients.


Talk to a Law Firm SEO Specialist Today!

A search-engine-optimized website will lead to prospective clients for your firm. You have two options: learn it all yourself or hire people who’ve already spent years figuring it out.

Our SEO specialists at Advantage Attorney Marketing have helped many lawyers reach new clients in the increasingly online climate. Our clients range from solo personal injury lawyers to bankruptcy law firms. 

If you need help reaching new clients online, schedule a consultation with us today!

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