Lawyer SEO Marketing

Back to Basics: Doing Search Engine Marketing Right

Lawyer SEO Marketing

One thing that people tend to forget about content marketing is that your potential clients will not Google a particular attorney. Legal searches are non-branded and people use online search engines for generic legal advice. They will key in their legal issue or the legal service that they need, such as ‘divorce lawyer’ or ‘personal injury attorney’. Very rarely do they key in specific law firms.

Beyond traditional marketing, the best way to get new clients for your law firm is through online marketing and organic search. Get an expert marketing agency that can help you secure a spot on the first page of search results. Remember, more searchers and website traffic translates to more phone calls and inquiries from clients. At Advantage Attorney Marketing, we will help you reach your business goals and make your marketing efforts more profitable.

What this article will focus on are things to consider to make sure that you are using SEO and internet marketing effectively. It will cover:

  1. Local SEO and Optimized Lawyer Website
  2. On-page Optimization and Internal Links
  3. Off-page SEO and Improving Credibility
  4. Getting the Services of the Right Marketing Company


Local SEO and an Optimized Lawyer Website

Search engine optimization is a marketing tool that makes use of Google’s search rankings to help boost your law firm. It is about making use of optimization for local search.

Mobile-friendliness, for one, caters to your target market since most of them search for legal services through smartphones and mobile devices. Image descriptions through alt text and compressing images can also help your site rank higher in search engines. An experienced marketing agency can help make your content, including images and videos, mobile-friendly. Additionally, to make the most out of search marketing, it is important to make sure that your website and posts mention not only your name and practice but also specific geographical areas. 

A reliable digital marketing agency can also help you review your listing in Google My Business (and in other legal directories online) to ensure that the information about your practice matches across every listing. 


On-page Optimization and Internal Links

Optimizing your law firm websiteLocal SEO for Law Firm Online Presence enables visitors and clients to navigate it more easily. Therefore, your site layout and website design should be user-friendly and must allow for intuitive navigation.

Generally, search engines index content through headers, title tags, and URLs. As such, to increase search engine rankings, it is helpful to make sure that your keywords are indeed relevant to your content.

Your digital marketing strategy should also include internal linking. Linking the pages on your website improves rankings and user experience. Grouping content based on subject areas and linking your main page to several related pages will allow you to maintain an organized law firm website. A marketing firm specializing in SEO services can provide you with the services that you need.


Off-page SEO and Improving Credibility

You should find ways to improve website traffic, make sure that your website is organized and mobile-friendly, and regularly come up with great content with click-to-call phone numbers. These are good marketing strategies that will help you get more clients. However, you should also know how an off-page SEO strategy can also affect your website rankings (and that of your competitor).

A high bounce rate is usually a sign that you are not using SEO tactics properly. People could be seeing your site in search results but are not able to see the information that they need when they reach your site. A possible means to address this is to look into social media marketing and high-quality backlinks. You should also proactively make sure that your web design meets the needs of your target audience and that your content gives you credibility among clients. 


Getting the Services of the Right Marketing Company

There is more to digital marketing than just branding or social media channels. Using appropriate keywords, for example, helps tremendously in targeting the right demographics. Search engine optimization can help you reach your business goals by helping you improve your online presence. This is why it is important to get the services of a professional online marketing team.

It is important to remember that not all marketing campaigns involve effective strategies. If you wish to grow your business online, include SEO in your marketing strategy. Regularly posting valuable and relevant content will help your website visitors get answers to their legal questions. Usually, these are the ones who will eventually become your clients.

When compared to paid ads, email campaigns, and other digital marketing, there is a high return of investment or ROI in search engine optimization. Contact us at Advantage Attorney to know more about the digital marketing services that we can offer to your law firm. Call us now for a free consultation.


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