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Running your law firm is not limited to drafting legal documents, giving legal advice, or representing clients in court proceedings. Nowadays, legal marketing has become integral in making your legal practice a successful business.

Whether you choose to hire a digital marketing agency for your firm’s marketing needs, or you’re interested in learning the basics of online marketing, read on below to find out five marketing techniques that will help you become a more effective legal marketer.

1. Build your firm’s branding and presence.

Before you start working on other digital marketing strategies, make sure you have an idea of how you want to brand your law firm. Having a clear idea of your brand image and how you want your tone and voice to be will make it easier for potential clients to see what your law firm is about and why they should choose you over your competitors.

Your marketing team can draft your law firm’s style guide, or you can consult a marketing agency to help come up with one. Once you’ve developed a style guide that reflects your company’s values and strengths, you can start working on a digital marketing strategy to increase brand awareness and improve your online presence.

2. Develop your client persona.

 An important part of effective marketing is coming up with a description of your ideal client. In creating client personas, you’ll need to consider your client’s demographics, challenges, motivations, and goals. This client profile will help you design a marketing campaign that’s suited for your target market and can address the challenges and concerns that they’re facing. An online marketing agency can guide you through the process of developing your client persona.

3. Improve your website design.

Your website is where your potential customers gather information about your law firm to determine whether you can address their concerns and help them with the legal issues they’re facing. That’s why you should make sure that your web design is readable, whether it’s viewed from a browser or on your phone. By organizing your site and making it easier to read, you’ll make it easier for both new customers and search engines to find your law firm.

4. Publish relevant content.

No one wants to be sold to, but clients will likely keep interacting with your site and doing business with you if you provide them with valuable content. Creating and curating relevant content should be a part of your content marketing strategy to reach more of your target audience by providing customer-value. Content-creation isn’t limited to blogging or infographic — you can also make use of video marketing and integrated marketing in social media platforms to establish your brand and build a strong presence online. A marketing specialist can help you come up with a digital marketing plan that best suits your law firm.

5. Align your marketing and business goals.

You can employ a wide array of online marketing tactics, but you won’t achieve marketing success if your marketing goals aren’t aligned with your business goals. Before you kick-off any marketing campaign, it’s important to set measurable key performance indicators (KPIs) which you can track to know how you can improve your digital marketing campaign.

Whether you need to focus on search engine optimization, try pay-per-click advertising (PPC), or make use of other marketing tools for digital advertising will depend on whether your marketing efforts were able to meet your business objectives.

Consult a Digital Marketing Company

Legal marketing is integral to your law firm’s success, but you shouldn’t have to choose between managing your digital marketing campaigns and representing your clients. At Advantage Attorney Marketing, we provide digital marketing solutions to grow your business and allow you to focus on serving your clients. Request a quote and free web audit with us and begin your digital marketing transformation today!


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