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Advertising With Facebook

Advertising With Facebook

Advertising With Facebook

There are many types of advertising. Facebook ads is an online ad campaign used by modern digital marketing strategies as an advertising platform for product or service used not just by big or corporate businesses but also starting and small businesses including a law firm so that they can stand out. Facebook advertising or social media marketing has been proven to be most effective in acquiring potential customers or clients online while building brand awareness, saving you the time and effort to talk personally to people face to face, especially during these challenging times of the pandemic. Digital marketers use several other options along with Facebook such as email marketing, SEO, to set up video content, advertising campaigns, and other promotional marketing communications.

What are the Benefits of Advertising on Facebook?

Social mediaAdvertising With Facebook platforms are arguably the most used and visited sites in the world. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are checked by people multiple times a day with Facebook being the most dominant social network. The following campaign objectives and benefits can be acquired when using a Facebook ad:

  1.   Audience targeting – Facebook users are the most active users in the social media sites with almost 2 billion users, averaging 22 billion ad campaign clicks per year. Through Facebook, no matter what type of audience you are looking for, you will surely find them through the search engine for your Facebook campaign. If you want to be specific, you can target the audience by using ad targeting options.
  2.   Advertising cost is cheaper – ads on Facebook are considerably cheaper than the cost of designing a website if you advertise on Google, or other paid social display ads. According to a survey, Facebook ads cost less than cable tv, radio, magazine, and newspapers. By making a Facebook page and spending around 1 dollar per day for social ads, you can reach 4,000 people already, a very budget-friendly way of advertising costs.
  3.   Analytics are convenient – you will not need to worry if your ads are working because the Facebook ads manager enables you to track the effectiveness of your ad on Facebook. All you need to do is to click a few buttons and statistics will be available for viewing.
  4.   You can create your ads – Facebook ads enable you to customize and create an ad in whatever creative way you want them to be including having video views of an influencer hence, having a high conversion rate.
  5.   Limiting your audience – people around the globe are using Facebook and if your business is not engaged internationally, having people from other countries seeing your ads can be quite useless due to the distance involved. However, Facebook marketing enables you to limit the scope of audiences locally or within the State or city you are in, letting interested and nearby clients be within your reach.
  6.   Remarketing – when you use Facebook and click a marketing ad, you might have seen the same mobile ads repeatedly from time to time in your newsfeed. Advertising on Facebook enables retargeting for those who have seen your ads already or those with search results like your advertisements, increasing the chances of messaging and advertising results in the media platform.
  7.   Call-to-Action – grants publishers the option of having the Facebook viewer visit their website just by clicking the ads online. People often disregard instructions unless they are conveniently and automatically brought to it, giving them more access to your website than just text ads.
  8.   Branding – Facebook pages or Facebook business pages help build credibility when people see that they can have direct interaction with the customers, increasing the interactive advertising and credibility for your brand or law firm.

Helping you with your Marketing Campaign

Most businesses are already engaged in marketing on Facebook as an advertising strategy, most likely, including your competitors. With Facebook campaigns being extremely popular, effective, and cheap, investing in different types of advertising will surely help your business grow on what works best. Call us now for a free marketing checkup.

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