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Maintaining Effective Online Marketing Campaigns

Maintaining Effective Online Marketing Campaigns: Ultimate Guide for Attorneys and Law Firms

In the current digital age, law firms and attorneys must employ solid online marketing strategies to keep them ahead of their competition, boost their online presence, promote brand awareness, increase consumer knowledge of their product or service, and engage clients. 

If you are a practising lawyer, or someone running your own law office, this ultimate guide will provide you with five strategies to keep your online marketing campaign effective. Following these tactics will help increase site traffic (the number of visitors on your website), and generate more lead conversions (the number of prospects calling your office or booking an appointment).

  • Improve Your Site Visibility and Accessibility.

The first thing a prospective client sees is your website. Clients find your business page either through organic search (using search engines like Google or Bing) or by reading a blog or page that links back to your site. 

To increase page visits, your law firm must use search engine optimization (SEO) best practices such as using relevant keywords in your content. Doing so will help you rank at the top of search engine result pages (SERP). Start by creating a professional blog and check that blog posts have inbound links to your website. 

Moreover, attorneys’ pages must be readable on both mobile devices and other platforms to avoid customers leaving your site (bounce rate) before knowing about your legal services. If these concepts are too technical for you, and you do not have a marketing team, consider hiring freelance marketers or coordinating with companies offering SEO, website design, and legal content writing services, such as Advantage Attorney Marketing & Cloud Solutions.

  • Optimize Website Content

An effective content marketing plan entails conscious planning for your site topics. Clients must get as much legal information they can within the fastest amount of time. Improve your online presence by using topics that educate and offer solutions to your target market’s problems. 

Consider posting online reviews from satisfied customers on your website, social networks, blog, and other online platforms. Then, encourage new customers to share their experience of working with you. 

Your site is more likely to have higher lead generation when customers visit through referrals and recommendations. Clicks may also be improved by posting engaging videos that capture testimonials or frequently asked questions (FAQs), using chatbots, or display ads such as Google AdWords and Facebook Ads.

  • Increase Visitor Conversion Rate.

Having high web traffic is just one step in keeping your digital marketing campaign effective. To have better profitability, legal professionals must aim for high conversion rates. Conversions refer to actions that your potential customers make such as filling out an appointment form or calling your law office. 

Make sure that contact numbers are prominently displayed on your site or consider using instant messaging like live chats. 

  • Monitor Consumer Behavior Through Web Analytics

To maintain your marketing success, you also need to monitor consumer behavior. A web analytics software such as Google Analytics can help you with this. Data collected will inform you how many visits you get within a certain period of time, where visitors are coming from, customer demographics, and keywords used to find your site. For marketers, the data will help them assess who to target in paid advertising and social media promotions.

  • Get Help From a Legal Marketing Company

If you are not tech-savvy, or if internet marketing is outside your field of expertise, you may opt to just focus on your profession and hire a marketing agency to handle strategies 1-4. 

Digital marketing agencies use the most up-to-date marketing programs, systems, and tools in SEO, web marketing services, and social media systems. They will handle online advertising to attract new clients.

If you want your law firm marketing campaign done right and with a good return of investment (ROI), you may contact us at Advantage Attorney Marketing & Cloud Solutions. Our law firm marketing and technology experts are composed of paralegals, attorneys, and office managers that will help customize a marketing strategy plan to fit your client needs. Call Advantage Attorney here to request a free quote and web audit.

As a legal professional or law firm, harnessing the power of the  internet can help expand your client base. Your business growth becomes easy with the right media campaign, the right set of marketing tools, and right digital marketing agency to take care of your online business needs.

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