Law Firm Marketing: Do’s and Don’ts in Your Marketing Campaign

January 10th, 2021

While internet marketing can indeed grow your business, keep in mind that your competitor is likely using the same technology to market their services as well. With new marketing trends evolving right in front of you, the question is no longer “Am I marketing online?”. What you need to ask is this: “Do my online marketing tactics translate to effective marketing?” One way to answer this is to look into search engine optimization (SEO).

The fastest-growing businesses in this digital age are those who efficiently use new marketing techniques, including blogging and search engine optimization. The following are four things that you and your marketing company should look into if you want a higher ROI from budgets spent.

  • DO optimize your campaigns for local search.

Law Firm Marketing Your marketing agency can help improve your media strategy by providing SEO services. If you want to boost your business online, your digital marketing strategy should go beyond stand-out web design and visuals. Using keywords and optimizing your content to improve search engine rankings will help boost your business online. Through marketing SEO, your site will have a higher chance of appearing on the first page of search results. This marketing plan improves your online presence, increases website traffic, and helps you get new customers.

  • DON’T disregard mobile-friendliness

Some digital marketers are not aware that mobile-friendliness is now a page-ranking factor as well. A good digital strategy will take into account search engine rankings and optimization for mobile devices. Your marketing strategies should be concerned both with what you post and how your target audience can see it. A mobile-friendly site also facilitates a smoother customer journey, so make sure your marketer considers this aspect.

  • DO be concise and utilize space effectively

Make sure that your website design is clean yet functional, from landing pages to your blog posts. Remove anything distracting or unnecessary. Images may be helpful, but remember that new customers will get their first impression of you through your landing page. If necessary, allot a portion of the marketing budget for content creation and even copywriting services. This will ensure that you are blogging great content that is concise, useful, and easy to read.

  • DON’T send unsolicited messages to site visitors

While you can build your online reputation through testimonials from past and existing customers, your target market will still largely rely on the first-hand experience. Do not try to make them get your legal services by constantly messaging them. Instead of converting them into actual clients, they may feel uncomfortable and opt for a different law firm. While your marketing efforts will ideally help them see what they want and need to see, remember that there are boundaries.

  • DO provide various communication channels

With increased website traffic brought about by search marketing tactics, your next concern would be to increase conversion rates as well. Since the call to action that potential customers see in the web content you post would involve contacting you, make sure they have options on how to do so. Phone numbers and your contact details in other messaging platforms should be visible. Your marketing plans will not be effective if you can reach out to customers but they cannot connect with you.

Making use of search engine optimization for marketing increases inbound traffic, which would ideally lead to a measurable increase in new customers. As such, the marketing services of professionals are necessary.

Your law firm will need a well-suited marketing program that will help you reach your business goals. Contact us at Advantage Attorney Marketing for reliable marketing solutions that will work for you.

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