Marketing Specialists for Law Firms

Importance of Marketing for Law Firms

Marketing Specialists for Law Firms

The law is a serious business. For this reason, many lawyers steer clear of aggressive marketing strategies. They want to uphold an honest and dignified image, something that could be compromised by an ill-advised marketing plan. With today’s in-your-face marketing tactics, this is a very likely scenario.

Nonetheless, the legal field is a crowded marketplace. Like any business that needs to make itself visible to potential customers, a law practice needs to find ways to stand out among its competition. Marketing solutions are called for, but which marketing techniques should be included in a suitable and effective marketing strategy for a law firm?

Legal Marketing Before

Traditional marketing involving outdated marketing methods such as word-of-mouth used to be the general preference in the legal profession. It wasn’t seemly to flash advertisements for legal services on billboards since they usually deal with serious and sensitive matters. The general belief was that lawyers who advertised weren’t very trustworthy, so they avoided more attention-grabbing marketing activities to preserve their credibility.

Another reason why lawyers typically did not advertise back in the day is that many of them were self-employed with practices that didn’t have the marketing budget to tap into the expensive marketing tools of the time. Word-of-mouth was really pretty much the main marketing tool that “freelance” lawyers employed.

Legal Marketing Now

The Internet has catapulted us into new norms and standards. Having an online presence is imperative among businesses nowadays. Where before lawyers had to settle for word-of-mouth promotion, they found new options in the evolving marketing industry. The Internet has not only evened out the marketing field for small and big businesses, but it has also made it possible and acceptable for different professions to actively market their products and services, no matter their nature, by leveraging modern marketing technology.

These days, it’s common for law firms to use all the avenues that digital marketing provides, including content marketing, search engine optimization, email marketing, social media marketing, mobile marketing, as well as different online advertising options such as pay-per-click (PPC) and display ads. It’s very common for law firm marketing campaigns to include a marketing mix of SEO services, link building, copywriting, blogging, content creation, website design, social media management, video marketing, influencer marketing, and other new marketing techniques. Nonetheless, despite the broader marketing scope allowed it, a law practice’s marketing efforts should not detract from the image of trustworthiness, respectability, and dignity it must project.

To achieve the right balance, it’s important for a law firm to keep the following in mind when crafting a marketing campaign:

    1. Prioritize branding. Brand awareness is key in marketing. By creating a brand DNA, it’s easier to map out the growth desired for the practice, identify its target audience, set its primary goals, and pinpoint where its marketing program should be placed.
    2. Establish the target market. For effective marketing, market research is paramount. With brand values identified, it would be simpler to figure out the law firm’s target market. With interviews, surveys, questionnaires, and focus groups, their needs can be better understood and met.
    3. Come up with a strategic marketing campaign. With the target market identified, it’s easy to know which marketing channels would be right for the practice. For instance, Instagram might not be the best place to launch a social media campaign for mature markets.

In Need of Professional Marketing Services? Contact a Reputable Marketing Company Today!

Internet marketing is a full-time undertaking. A half-hearted or haphazard effort at online marketing won’t put you ahead of your competitor. If you want a solid online marketing strategy for your law practice, hire an Internet marketing agency that specializes in marketing law firms to market your services.

For you to grow your business, your law office must enjoy both legal and marketing success. For this reason, an excellent marketing team is worth its weight in gold. Make sure you hire the right creative marketing agency to help you build your business and online reputation. To find out more about effective Internet marketing, call us at Advantage Attorney.

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