Effective Law Firm Marketing Through Facebook

May 8th, 2021

Marketing is one of the key elements that contribute to the success of a business. It applies not just to normal business entities, but also to law firms.  It can help you build brand awareness, grow your business, and engage customers. It is important to educate your customers by providing relevant information about the products and services that you offer in a fun and interesting way. Marketing is an essential tool that can help you build a relationship of trust and understanding with them.

There are different types of advertising strategies which include social networks, paid advertisement, internet advertising, display advertising, and digital advertising. A reliable digital marketing agency catering specifically to law firms will be a big help in executing your strategies. 

Social media networks are now a significant part of every digital marketing strategy. The use of social media as an advertising platform of law firms is considered a cost-efficient digital advertising method that promotes business visibility and growth. Nowadays, Facebook Advertising is now one of the most effective social media advertising tools that you can use to expand your business, create loyal customers, and generate sales. When compared to email campaigns, social media posts can engage existing consumers and spread the word to new potential customers.

Before you start advertising on Facebook, it is crucial to know and understand your target market and target audience. Most of the active users of Facebook do not intentionally look for what you advertise. You can make use of “pay-per-click” (PPC) internet marketing in which advertisers pay a fee each time their ads are clicked. It is more affordable than AdWords clicks. It allows you to bid for ad placement in the sponsored links of a search engine when someone looks up a keyword that is relevant to your business offering.

You need to have clear objectives and goals before you create Facebook ads. This will help you customize your advertisements that can target your audience for a better response. Your target audience is categorized based on interests, behaviors, demographics, age ranges, connections, locations, or languages. The audience quality is more important than the size.

Another way of utilizing social media as a marketing platform is through website conversions. You can motivate your target market to take action on your business page or website, such as subscribing to receive regular emails or inquiring about your product or service. Website conversion tracking is easier when you install the latest version of the Facebook tracking pixel. It will allow you to track the website conversion rate.

If you want to target a specific location, you may use the Facebook local awareness campaign. Local awareness ads only appear to users who are nearby the law firm’s location and the maximum distance is specified when creating the ad.

When you advertise, one of your priorities is to promote brand awareness and ensure that your law firm will stand out among the others. You may do this by posting videos on social media and monitor its views. Video views are the number of times visitors watch or engage with your digital content for at least three seconds, especially your video ads. It can be used as an effective advertising tool to build customer rapport and to promote your brand, services, or products. It is a forward-facing advertising strategy that integrates engaging video content into your online ad campaigns.

You may also create your marketing ads directly through the native advertising platforms of Facebook to encourage potential clients to get in touch with you. They can contact you without leaving the Facebook page, instead of clicking an ad from your website. However, using native lead generation can reduce the chances of remarketing.

There are specific guidelines that you need to follow when you create a Facebook ad. The recommended image size must be 1,200 x 628 pixels with an image ratio of 1.9:1. The text must consist of 90 characters, a headline of 25 characters, and a link description of 30 characters. Your image should not have more than 20% text. Moreover, you must use the appropriate call-to-action button for your advertising campaign.

Facebook advertising helps you focus on audience targeting. There are three different types of audience that you can focus on. The first type is the demographic or psychographic audience that includes people categorized based on age, location, interest, and gender. Next is the custom audience which includes a list of contact details like mobile numbers or email, and lastly, a lookalike audience is an individual who shares qualities with an existing audience.

Furthermore, you can connect your Facebook marketing page with other channels. You can use an existing email list to make a custom Facebook ad audience. When you integrate with various channels, you will be able to engage with more site visitors.

Facebook plays a big role in the digital advertising of a business. Facebook ads may be cheap, but do not underestimate their power and influence. It will take your law firm to new heights. If you dedicate time to learn how to use the social media platforms, optimize your ads, allot advertising budget, then it will lead to successful advertising efforts. Advantage Attorney Marketing will assist you in using Facebook wisely to promote your law firm and your lawyers through effective social media marketing. Call us now for a free consultation.

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