Cloud Solutions for Law Firms

Law firms often struggle with outdated computers, failing networks and the inability to access your files and programs remotely. Maybe you have multiple locations or difficulties collaborating with other attorneys or your staff. To share files, you maybe using Google Drive or Dropbox or even saving them to a thumb drive. There is a better way! ADVANTAGE ATTORNEY CLOUD makes it easy to access applications and documents from the office, home, or while traveling. Everything is you need is virtually on any device. It is always uptodate. You never need to upgrade it.

ADVANTAGE ATTORNEY CLOUD puts your law office in the cloud. You no longer need to worry about your in-house server, network problems or computer failures. You can say goodbye to your “IT” guy forever. You will see huge gains in productivity and your staff and fellow attorneys will no longer complain about your antiquated technical infrastructure. Best of all, our cloud solutions save most law firms 25-50% in IT and technical support costs annually.

You have enough to worry about without the daily hassles of your outdated computers and network. Let us show you a better way!

Law Firm Cloud Solutions

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cloud computing for law firms

Cloud Computing is the Future for Law Firms!

The legal industry has been slow to adopt and use technology but that is changing. Medical practitioners and, the medical industry as a whole, has embraced technology. In most areas, paper barely exists in medical offices, hospitals and pharmacies. The same is true for most other industries that once relied on paper for record keeping, document sharing, invoicing, etc. Because of this shift to cloud computing in other industries, we know that cloud computing:

  • Saves money over traditional computing and network solutions
  • Increases productivity by making collaboration more efficient
  • Reduces downtime through redundancy and ease of deployment
  • Improves security and privacy through advanced controls and restricted access
  • Eliminates the need for costly server, hardware and software upgrades
  • Virtually eliminates the need for on-site IT support

Courts in most states have recently gone or began the transition to a paperless filing system. The federal court system has already made the transition and now requires virtually everything to be filed electronically. Where do all of these documents get stored? On a cloud server. Over the next three years, nearly three million small to medium sized businesses, including many law firms, will ditch their on-premises servers and move to the cloud. In addition to the cost savings and productivity gains they will realize, law firms moving to ADVANTAGE CLOUD will also benefit from:

  • Enterprise-grade datacenters provide high performance and reliability
  • 99.999% SLA
  • Firewall, VPN and antivirus protection
  • Infrastructure management, backups and resource monitoring
  • Enterprise-grade software application hosting
  • Fixed monthly pricing that is upto 40% less than our competitors
  • Free 24/7 tech support
  • Free expert migration and support
  • A system that is designed and built for your law firm!

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Your Legal Software Cloud

What good is a cloud service if all you can do is access a few documents? Google Drive and other products offer document sharing and some collaboration but that is not the same as having your entire IT infrastructure available to you at home, in court or while you are on vacation. Advantage Cloud gives you access to all your software, files, email, etc., just like you were sitting in the office.

Legal Software in the Cloud