how to attract high quality backlinks using content statistics

How to Attract High Quality Backlinks Using Content Statistics

Backlinks: An Overview

Google considers ‘backlinks’ when determining the value and relevance of a website. Hence, the more backlinks you attract, the higher your rank in Google search engine results. 

When several websites link to your content, Google assumes you’re offering something important and relevant, and Google simply wants to provide the best results to its users.

Successful link building requires a wide range of resources. Google’s unpredictability and constant change make it difficult to develop long-term strategies and tactics. As such, you should always look for novel methods to entice other site owners if you want an inbound link to be of good quality. 

Statistics-based content is one tactic that has been receiving some attention recently. Statistics play a significant part in search engine optimization (SEO) and SEO ranking since they are a critical cog in any link-building machine.

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What are Backlinks?

how to attract high quality backlinks using content statistics Backlinks are links that connect one website to another. When other websites link back to your own website, it suggests to the search engine that the content of your own website is essential. As a result, the more recommendations you get, the higher your website rank in search engine results.

It is common knowledge that Google prefers pages with large numbers of backlinks and higher organic search engine rankings. Backlinks were, in fact, the foundation of Google’s PageRank. Even though the algorithm has changed since its debut in 1998, backlinks are still one of the three primary search engine ranking factors.

For SEO backlinks to be effective, they would have to be valuable. Listed below are things to consider for an effective backlink. 

  • They should originate from reputable and authoritative sources.

If you’re into fashion, wouldn’t you rather have Calvin Klein connect with you than an unknown person? The same can be said about search engines. Such is known as ‘Domain Authority.’ 

Simply said, the more reputation a website has, the greater the “authority” it can offer when it links to your website. And the greater the “authority,” the more weight Google gives to the backlink. 

Of course, obtaining these links is not easy, but there is nothing like it once gained!

  • You should include your target keyword in your anchor text.

The hyperlinked text is known as anchor text. Although the anchor text should include the focus keyword, it shouldn’t appear forced. 

Also, don’t go overboard with this. “Google Penguin” – Google’s algorithm – pulls out websites that use black hat SEO link-building strategies. These refer to tactics that take advantage of certain loopholes to make the site rank higher. 

  • The web page and website linking to you should be relevant to your site.

Supposing you have just written an article on search engine optimization (SEO) best practices. Google will give greater weight to inbound links from reputable sites that discuss SEO or digital marketing than links from sites that discuss fashion or finance.

  • A domain that has never been linked to you before is now linked to you.

Links that come from the same website are worthless. In reality, the value of each consecutive link decreases. So it is better to have 50 links coming from 50 different websites than 500 links from only one website.

  • The link is of the “do follow” kind.

Google and other search engines ignore links using the “no follow” HTML tag. These links aren’t worth anything for SEO and might be from blog comments, paid advertisements, or press releases.

Why Should You Use Content Statistics to Get Backlinks?

Statistics-based content is beneficial for SEO since it feeds search engines information concerning your website that helps them understand it better. That raises your site’s ranking in Google search results and increases the probability of anyone clicking on it.

It’s also beneficial to users since they can have their queries answered quickly and conveniently. It cuts down on time they must spend digging for information, which makes it far easier to get the information they need while checking up on statistics. Their experience with your website will improve, and they will be encouraged to return if needed.

Lastly, it will attract high-quality backlinks using content statistics from other websites with comparable data or that utilize the same keywords for their titles and descriptions. People will be more willing to link back to your website if they see the number of backlinks you’re acquiring-which will result in more website traffic!

How to Create Your Own Content Statistics

Here are some ways to start great content statistics. 

  • Conduct keyword research to discover the best keywords for your target audience.
  • Investigate relevant statistics and information about your product, industry, or services.
  • Include an in-depth review of your acquired information and ensure it’s reliable and researched well; don’t skimp on this phase!
  • Understand your purpose: Before considering the kind of content to publish, you must determine your content strategy’s purpose. The easiest way to accomplish this is by checking your company’s goals.
  • Identify your audience: The next step is identifying your target audience. That plays an important role in your content strategy. To make your content compelling, you must first understand who your audience.
  • Audit your content: Before you add new content, you must first review your content material to see if it fits your goals as well as the needs of your target audience.
  • Concentrate on your subjects: Now that you’ve identified your target audience, narrowing down your content’s topics is essential. You need more than writing to sell your product or service. While it is vital to market yourself, you should also focus on subjects your target audience is interested in and would like to know.
  • Conduct keyword research: Now that you have your new set of topics, it’s time to conduct keyword research. You must determine which keywords to target for your new articles and what questions your target audience is asking.
  • Create content ideas: It’s time to start working on content ideas since you’ve decided on topics and keywords. That will be among your content strategy’s most interesting (and critical) elements.
  • Manage your content and publish it: You’ve just finished creating some new content material and are ready to go. Is it now time to proceed to publish all the content? No! However tempting it may be to toss fresh content ideas to the wall and see which ones work, you must be a little more systematic about it.
  • Reconfigure your content: Don’t simply forget about it as soon as you publish it. The creation of content is not a one-time event. You can always return to enhance it and, more significantly, repurpose it to cater to different audiences.
  • Keep track of your progress: Congratulations! You’ve created your content plan and seen it through to completion. The last stage is to determine if your efforts have been fruitful. Though you are unlikely to succeed immediately, you should begin to notice the benefits of your articles.

Top Content Recommendations for Your Statistics Content

These are a few of the most popular forms of content you can use to attract high-quality backlinks using content statistics for your business.

  • Statistics from your website. This kind of content shows your expertise in your field by sharing helpful information regarding your website and its users.
  • Statistics from other websites.  When you use this content to link to another site, you increase that site’s authority and the likelihood that Google will provide a backlink to it. However, don’t simply share any old statistic; make sure it’s interesting and relevant before sharing it with others!
  • Trends in the industry.  Trends will surely be popular with readers since they love learning about new things and staying on top of the latest. If readers appreciate these postings, there’s a good possibility that they will seek more information on some topics and turn to your blog archives (if you’ve published any others, that is).
  • Use General Forums to Find Ideas for Content. You can get ideas on topics to write about from online forums. Individuals ask questions about almost anything on such platforms. Simply enter the topic of interest to your audience or your industry’s name to start seeing questions you can turn into content.
  • Industry-Specific Forums (Forums of Your Readers). Though forums may be a relic from the early days of the Internet, they continue to attract a large audience and serve as a valuable resource for creating content topics. They’re one of the easiest ways for anyone to speak with other people online as they would in person. People exchange information, ask and answer questions, etc.
  • Online Communities (LinkedIn, Facebook, Viber, etc.). Social media communities function similarly to niche forums. People talk about their industries, hobbies, and other interests. You can look for industry groups with plenty of discussions and interactions.
  • Popular Topics and Titles in Industry Publications. Find the websites in your field that provide the most recent news, tips, trends, etc., that your readers are interested in. Find the articles that have received the most comments, views, shares, etc., as references.
  • Comment Sections in Industry Publications Comments. These can be found on industry publication websites. The people who leave comments can be your target readers, so pay attention to what they say to get content ideas. Because writers do not and cannot cover every aspect of a topic in one single article, readers may sometimes raise questions. Look for such questions and answer them using your own content.

Get Your Blog Wired For Traffic And High-Quality Backlinks

To start, you’ll need to ensure that you have a blog post with content up and running. After that, you can acquire new readers and boost your Google search engine results.

The very first step is to make Google recognize your blog as an authority in its niche through the use of keywords in your title and URL. Remember that Google is an algorithm continually seeking methods to improve its product by studying what people search for online and recommending other websites based on all those searches.

For instance, if I’m looking for the right source of statistics content concerning sports analytics, I might look up “sports analytics” or “statistics” rather than “best blogs.” Or, suppose my primary objective was simply to find SEO advice on improving ranking on Google’s SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). In that case, I’d possibly just click on one of the first two links before reading anything else!

How to Attract High-Quality Backlinks Using Content Statistics?

Content Statistics is one of the most effective ways to attract a high quality backlink. The more information you can offer, the more probable you will successfully attract backlinks. Statistics on a topic can help you show your authority on the subject and influence others to link to your website.

You can use statistics content in several ways, including:

  • You may use it to show how something is true or false. For instance, if someone says that a given food product contains 0 calories, they could easily prove this by utilizing their own data by testing the product (or have someone else test it).
  • Statistics can be a backup reference while creating articles on numerous topics. If there is an article on making pasta sauce using tomatoes and basil leaves, statistics will show how many people prefer tomato sauce over other kinds, such as Alfredo sauce. These provide value without being overly technical or dull; instead, they make the readers feel knowledgeable without overwhelming them with information!
  • It establishes your brand as a thought leader. Writing content with relevant statistics for your customer base, product, or company is a simple way to establish your brand as a thought leader.
  • It is already being sought after by content creators. Statistics can be utilized as a primary source of data. That means they are frequently sought after by a content creator (bloggers, entrepreneurs, journalists, knowledge analysts, market researchers, etc.). Your website can be the resource pages they need.
  • It is shared more often. To put it simply, people like numbers. They want something tangible to understand since information can back up concepts.
  • You could rank for it. Consider the innovators in your company. What would they type into a search engine to get statistics? If you work in the beauty industry, maybe “beauty statistics 2022.”

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