Connected tv advertising

Why Advertise An Connected TV?

Connected TV advertising

After a long period of time, Connected TV is radically making digital advertising into the next level of the advertising industry. As an advertiser, it is a must that you should consider utilizing it. Connected TV allows you to make your social ads appear on the big screen without spending much of your advertising budget and effort. Advertising on television brings no doubt that you, as a lawyer, can capture the right audience. If you are wondering why advertising on Connected TV is a great choice, a reliable marketing agency, Advantage Attorney Marketing, will discuss more. 

The Real Advantages of Connected TV

The primary reason why Connected TV is a terrific advertising strategy is that it provides additional opportunities for awareness which are easily viewable. Connected TV is a great way to raise awareness as part of a complete funnel campaign.  Below are the significant benefits of Connected TV:

Accurate Targeting 

With Connected TV you can have the precise targeting options. Doing this can be the most effective digital display for your target audience. Below are the available options for TV ads: 

  • Audience with similar look
  • Cross-Channel Advertising
  • Day of Week
  • Time of Day
  • Device Model
  • Device type
  • Frequency Capping
  • Retargeting

Spend less time and effort on creatives

Connected tv advertisingIf you’ve ever done any creatives for social media advertising on YouTube, you know how time consuming it can be. There is no need to develop fresh content with Connected TV. If you’ve done it previously on traditional social media platforms, you can do it again with Connected TV! The advertising cost on this is undeniably lower, and it helps you to save more time.  

Brand Safety

Your brand advertising on Connected TV may ensure that it reaches your target audience, particularly those who engage in content and premium channels.

Guaranteed Viewability

Your brand advertising on Connected TV may ensure that it reaches your target audience, particularly those who engage in content and premium channels.

More Ads Completion

It has been revealed by the CTV Media that there are 98% of people watching the TV advertising until the end. 

Media Ad Results are measurable

In contrast to the traditional media ads wherein the data you obtained from ad campaigns have more data of audience, CTV is different. Some of the metrics you may monitor are listed below:

  • Click Through Rate
  • Rate of Video Completion
  • impressions made by
  • Platform
  • Device
  • Date
  • Day of week

Engage with Younger Viewers

Evidently, the two largest demographics are Millennials and Generation Z, who spend more time watching internet-based TV material. If you want to target a younger audience, you should employ Connected TV for your advertising campaign.

Kinds of Connected TV Ads

Below are the three major types of Connected TV options that you can choose from for media marketing:

  • Home Screen Placement

These are display ads that appear on the home screen. It may be animated, static, or digital video.  

  • In-Stream Video Ads

These are the common online ads that you can see which are unskippable that would last for approximately 30 seconds long. They may appear at the beginning or middle of the show. 

  • Interactive advertising Pre-Roll

They are termed interactive advertisements because they feature specific ad displays that will direct the user to their website. When readers scan a QR code, they will be routed to their website.

Over-The-Top (OTT) vs. Connected TV: What’s their difference?

Connected TV refers to advertising that is essentially connected to the television, whereas OTT refers to television advertising that is transmitted over the internet to which Connected TV has access. Smartphones, SmartTVs, tablets, and so forth. The primary function of Connected TV is to serve as a channel for transmitting OTT video content. 

Why are OTT and CTV So Popular?

It is a commonplace for people to pay for cable subscription on national TV but they don’t watch certain channels. The arrival of on-demand online video advertising has radically changed the way people use media. Unlike in the past, you may now overindulge a series of episodes or rewatch your favorite show. Watching tv today is not the same as it used to be. You may now watch movies that you haven’t seen in theaters whenever you want!

People utilize these ad platforms since there are several advertising strategies that are conveniently available to employ nowadays, as well as various approaches to maximize your product or service. People would rather choose more effective advertising campaigns than the traditional ones. That’s precisely why CTV and OTT are becoming popular today.

There are still some people who are deemed Cord Cutters – they are those people who don’t have cable subscriptions. As revealed by TechJury:

  • In the United States, 30% of viewers intend to quit their cable subscription in 2021.
  • Almost every American viewer from ages 25-34 are watching TV through the internet. 
  • 90% of millennials and Generation Z are watching TV shows through the internet.

How to Start a Connected TV ad?

Before developing a new advertising tactic by using CTV, always remember the following considerations:

  • What are your target audience in terms of:
  1. Demographic
  2. Interests
  3. Kinds of content they consume
  4. Juncture of their client journey.
  • Determine what leveraging ad creatives you should use on which OTT.
  • Look for a Demand Side Platform or companion in the advertising market that is expert in programmatic media buying in Connected TV.

When you use programmatic buying process, you optimize your digital ad purchasing. You may now forget about the difficulties of paying for a spot on traditional television. Programmatic advertising uses AI software to buy ad placements that are aired on several digital channels. For this reason, programmatic ad technology can assist you in buying ads for Connected TV softwares.

Run Connected TV Ads now!

Connected TV may be the best approach to sell your legal services if you are a lawyer seeking for another technique of social advertising. People, regardless of age, will always search the internet for attorneys to employ. If you are using Connected TV advertising commercials, there is a significant chance that you will attract the proper clients. Advertising on TV is a terrific method to grow your law firm’s audience, but Connected TV is more successful. Advantage Attorney Marketing will assist you if you are seeking an inexpensive and professional small law office marketing solution.

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