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Do’s and Dont’s for Your Law Firm’s Marketing Plan

You spent your marketing budget on digital channels, hoping you would get new customers through website marketing.

Your website is up but there are no calls or emails from prospective clients. Turns out your firm has poor Google ranking and isn’t in top search results because you failed to make use of search engine optimization.

In recent years, law firms have leveraged SEO for improved online visibility. Critical in this internet marketing process is the understanding and targeting of keywords and phrases used by a potential client when they search for a legal firm. Search engines like Google use these to index your law-firm site.

The following are basic dos and don’ts for your internet marketing plan:

  1. Do optimize to help make search engines find you.

People search for solutions to their problems on the internet. If they need a family law attorney, they might start by keying in ‘alimony’. If they are looking for a bankruptcy lawyer, they’d probably Google Chapter 7, Chapter 13, or ‘credit history’. Work on specific content so you help search engines direct those who seek legal advice or a local attorney to your site. Instead of turning your site into a collection of keywords, optimize and design your site for visitors.

Effective marketing and digital advertising are not just about web design. The core of growing your business online is through search engine marketing. By creating optimized, informative, and useful content, search engines will see traffic that flows and stays on your site and will rank pages highly in search results. Including the keywords used by clients as they search online seeking legal help will bring them to your site. 

  1. Don’t settle for quantity when it comes to content.

As a practicing attorney, using the content strategy in your marketing activities may be difficult. The right marketer can help you increase your online presence with the right digital strategy and marketing tools.

Clients likely ask the same questions so all those must be answered by articles on your website. Search marketing increases the usability of your legal articles to market your law firm. If you focused only on an area of practice, such as personal injury, group together articles into categories such as slip and fall or car accidents.

Create specific, well-written posts on frequently asked client questions. Updating your site with a fresh post regularly can be tiring, so you may want to consider hiring a writer or investing in a web marketing agency to have regular content that helps with your ranking in search engine results. End-users in this case are clients looking for a competent and trust-worthy lawyer, and your content can help them reach you.

  1. Do check listings to increase clicks

An arguably more complex way of getting your site to rank high in web searches is to link outside sites. You can add the name of your law-firm in online legal directories and local directories such as Google My Business. Having accurate listings of your firm’s locations and links to these credible directories help improve your website’s authority and relevance among search engines.

In optimizing the web presence of your law firm, high rankings in search results are converted to more traffic to your pages. Generating quality and insightful content and leveraging directories online will improve search ranking so new clients can reach your firm.

  1. Don’t undermine SEO marketing specialists.

Some small businesses opt to attend digital marketing courses on their own to get marketing tips. However, learning how to create an effective advertising campaign is more than that. Put your marketing ideas to action and get a digital agency knowledgeable in search engine rankings. Search engine results are vital in promotional online advertising. You would want to have it done the right way.

For efficient marketing and advertising, start converting rankings into in web-traffic from your target audience. Increase credibility through search engine results. Convince potential customers that they must choose you over a competitor.

Are you aiming to grow your business, especially during this digital age? If so, ensure that your digital-marketing, content-marketing, and other marketing techniques are supervised by a trusted strategist. Advantage Attorney Marketing will make the most out of your marketing efforts through SEO services. Contact us now to learn more.

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