Lawyers on Facebook: Connecting with Clients using Social Media

When passing by a highway, you see billboards left and right, trying to influence you into buying this product or avail of this service. While buying a newspape...

Website and SEO Tips for Digital Lawyers

From online knowledge resources to instant messaging, the internet has brought convenience to our everyday lives. Before, we looked for suggestions from peers o...

Online Marketing for Lawyers: How SEO Became the Key in the Online Lawyer Competition

Before, when people needed to hire a service, let’s say for a law consultation, they have to know where they should be going. They should also know what speci...

How Important is Client Acquisition in Law Firm Marketing?

We are now living in an era where conventional marketing strategies no longer apply. Marketing can now be done using different online platforms. There are sever...

Marketing Strategies for Law Firms

Digital marketing has been continuously changing to adapt to new marketing trends and improvements in technology. The marketing industry is one of the fastest-g...

The Importance of a Law Firm Website in Effective Marketing

Effective marketing is one of the most important contributors to the success of any business entity, including law firms. It can help you promote brand awarenes...

Effective Law Firm Marketing Through Facebook

Marketing is one of the key elements that contribute to the success of a business. It applies not just to normal business entities, but also to law firms.  It ...

Soft Skills and Your Law Firm Marketing Plans

Marketing online and offline is not easy. Exceptional marketing skills are needed to nurture one's business persona. When doing marketing planning, both big and...

Your Law Firm and Creating the Right First Impression

One of the most difficult aspects of US law firm management that lawyers struggle with, regardless of what area they can practice, is creating the right first i...

Creating a Law Firm Marketing Program That Will Stand out From Other Marketing Programs

Some fail to see the importance of US law firm management. Both big and small businesses need marketing methods that suit them. For law firms, converting inquir...

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