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Managing Customer ReviewsGuide


Here's your step-by-step guide to managing your advantage review system.

Step 1: Login to your review dashboard

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To kick things off, simply access your your dedicated review dashboard by using the credentials sent to you via email. In caseyou haven’t received your logins details or require any assistance, don’t hesitate to your contact our support team. We’re here to help!

Step 2: click on the "Get reviews" Tab and choose your preferred Method


Once inside the dashboard, navigate to the “Get Reviews” tab. From there, select whether you want to send review requests via SMS or email. After making your choice, proceed to add your clients’ contact information.

Step 3: Click On SMS


Option 1: upload a CSV file


You have the option to upload a CSV file containing multiple client contacts. Please ensure that your file is in CSV format. Once uploaded, click “I have consent to send messages to this contact” and then click “Request a review.”

Option 2: Add contacts Manually


Alternatively, you can add clients’ email addresses or phone numbers manually. After entering the details, click “I have consent to send messages to this contact” and then hit the “Request a review” button.

Customize your review request Message


If you wish to tailor the review request message, you can do so by editing the template on the same page. You can also send yourself a test message to preview how it will appear on the respective platforms (SMS or email).


Set reminders for follow-up


In case your clients don't respond immediately, you can set automatedreminders after 3 days or 7 days to nudge them gently. Simply toggleon the reminder button and customize the follow-up message. Don'tforget to click "Save" to apply your changes.

Viewing your reviews


Once the review requests are sent out, you can easily monitor all the incoming reviews in your dashboard. Click on the “Reviews” tab to view and manage all the feedback received. If you wish to respond to any of the reviews, simply click “Reply” to engage with your clients directly.


Hey, you’ve made it to the end of this tutorial! Now, you can totally rock at handling your customer reviews and customizing that review link like a pro. Congrats on leveling up with these awesome skills!

Happy reviewing, and keep up the great work!