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Attorney Marketing


Law Firm Marketing Audit

Is Your Marketing Effective?

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Our Advantage Over Most SEO Companies

Most SEO companies still use old technology and a trial and error methodology that is both more expensive and less effective than the latest AI systems for SEO agencies. ADVANTAGE ATTORNEY MARKETING and ADVANTAGE CLOUD SOLUTIONS utilizes the latest technology, neural network and AI to provide affordable online law firm marketing and cloud solutions for law firms. We produce results that are superior to other marketing firms for lawyers and cloud solution providers. Our system is constantly learning from your competition and search activities on major search engines. We can do more than react to your competition, AI allows us to be proactive by accurately predicting what your competition will do next. Our Advantage is we are always one step ahead.

Local SEO Services for Law Firms

Why is local SEO important? If you can’t be found in the top search results of Google, you might as well be invisible. The top local law firms will appear on the first page of search results in the local 3 pack of Google. These coveted few spots are gold to any business, but for a law firm, these local 3 pack spots can mean the difference between success and failure. To rank in the local 3 pack, your local SEO company needs to employ an aggressive strategy that includes link and citation building, fixing NAP information, acquiring 5-star reviews and correcting on-page, local SEO problems. We take care of all of this for much less than other local SEO companies. If you are curious about how your local SEO company is doing, take advantage of our free local SEO check for you and a thorough on-page SEO audit for you.

Free Local SEO Check

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Law Firm in the Cloud

Your law firm anywhere!

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Cloud Solutions for Law Firms

Cloud computing for law firms is changing how attorneys get things done. With Advantage Cloud, everything you have locally is moved to the cloud, and not just any cloud, the Microsoft Cloud and Azure. Using the same technology and security as the government and military, Advantage Cloud is rock solid, easily scalable, and secure. You get the full desktop experience that you are familiar with on your desktop, laptop, tablet or phone. You can fire your IT guy when all of your computing is done in the cloud and save huge over on-site computing. Your software is always up-to-date. Your computer is always fast. You don’t need to worry about disasters. Best of all, you take your law firm with you everywhere you go! Employees can now work remotely with the risk of losing sensitive client information on thumb drives.

More Than Just Attorney Marketing

Content Marketing, Reputation Management, Live Chat and More

Live Chat for Law Firms

US based live chat operators specifically trained for law firms. We provide a 24/7/365 way for potential clients to contact you. We even connect them by telephone to your office during business hours.

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Content Marketing for Law Firms

Google loves fresh content but just banging out a blog post is not enough. You need the right content to attract Google and captivate your readers and engaging graphics and video to make you stand out.

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Attorney Reputation Management

Your reputation is everything. Justified or not, all it takes is one upset client to destroy your online reputation. We use proven strategies and the latest technology to improve and protect your reputation.

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Videos for Law Firms

Compelling attorney profile videos and entertaining explainer videos are a great way to reach new clients and keep your website visitors engaged. The right videos can increase conversions by 50% or more.

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Attorney Social Media Management

Social media, like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, is becoming increasingly important to attorney marketing. Having a strong social presence can make your marketing efforts skyrocket.

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Pay-Per-Click for Lawyers

Using pay-per-click advertising on Google, Facebook and YouTube is a proven way to generate more leads for your law firm. PPC is fast, effective, and when done right, cost-effective. Get more leads NOW!

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More Leads Guarantee

We Stand Behind What We Do. Ask About Our More Leads Guarantee.

More Leads Guarantee

More Leads Guarantee!

We want you to know we have skin in the game. That is why we offer our “More Leads Guarantee.” It is our promise that if you do not receive more leads over the same period from last year, your next month of marketing services is free. Of course, certain limitations apply and not everyone qualifies for the guarantee, but it is worth requesting more information to receive all of the details.

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