Which Online Marketing Services are Right for Your Business?

Law Firm Online Marketing Services in Upland, CA

While most businesses have shifted their marketing strategy to a digital platform, some have persisted with the same traditional approach. Even though the internet, social media, and digital advertising are popular, many businesses haven’t caught up.

Despite the apparent benefits of internet marketing, law firms and attorneys, in particular, have been sluggish in abandoning their more traditional methods of advertising in favor of digital ones. While many legal firms wish to invest in digital marketing, many are hampered by organizational issues. According to a study, 57 percent of law firms struggle to persuade their bosses to embrace digital marketing solutions.

While it is evident that digital marketing can help any organization, including law firms, get more clients and boost income, finding the necessary skills, resources, and capacity is difficult. When legal work consumes the majority of your time and marketing takes a second seat, consider collaborating with a marketing firm that offers the law firm digital marketing services your company needs.

Advantage Attorney has been in business for over 20 years, making it an experienced digital marketing agency. Through targeted plans and effective campaigns, our law firm digital marketing agency has helped clients in the legal industry in reaching their goals.

Our legal marketing services help both solo attorneys as well as small law firms in growing their practices. We have created a marketing management system tailored specifically to the needs of law firms like yours. This system will help you establish a solid reputation, expand your client base, generate more leads, increase your return on investment, and free up more of your time so you can spend more time on other endeavors. To get more details on how we could help your law firm grow, schedule a call with us right now

Lawyers vs. Law Firms

law firm online marketing servicesYour internet marketing plan will depend primarily on whether you are marketing yourself as a lawyer or your law office.

As a lawyer, it’s crucial to build what marketers term a “personal brand” to advertise your practice. You want to show a prospective client or company that could hire you that you can be trusted (if you decide not to start your firm). Make sure your LinkedIn profile, lawyer’s bio, and other online personal profiles have professional photos and clearly state your accomplishments, approach, and principles. If you can, include positive feedback from clients or companies you’ve worked for.

When advertising a law firm, creating a personal brand is just as important as it has always been. Katy Goshtasbi, a branding expert, says that the personal brands of all the lawyers in a firm significantly impact its brand. A key part of any law firm’s digital marketing strategy is teaching employees how to market themselves.

Ethics is another valuable factor to think about. Whether you’re marketing yourself or your law firm, there is a certain set of ethical standards in each jurisdiction. As a general rule, you shouldn’t call yourself an “expert” unless you have the credentials to do so in your location. Also, be careful not to share information about your lawyer-client relationships inadvertently.

A comprehensive law firm online marketing plan is one of the most powerful levers you can use to gain the confidence and credibility of a potential client and expand your law firm.

How Do You Choose the Best Law Firm Online Marketing Services?

Your end goal is clear: you need more clients, leads, and money. You’ve already thought out several strategies that you’ll employ to reach your goal. But the question is, with whom will you work to get there?

Which marketing agency is best to guide your law firm’s direction, expansion, and success?

Here are some things to consider when choosing a legal marketing company to help you reach your marketing objectives.

Do Some Research On Your Target Client.

Before deciding if a legal marketing agency is good or not, you need to know what you want them to be good at. That means figuring out the type of clients you want to reach (target audience). The first step in marketing is to figure out who you’re trying to reach. You must ascertain where your ideal clients spend most of their time online and what kind of content and messages they respond to best.

Start by reading up on industry reports for your practice area, talking to past clients about how they discovered you, and looking at any data you already have to figure out who you are marketing.

For instance, if you are an employment lawyer, most of your clients likely spend a lot of time on LinkedIn. So, establishing a presence on LinkedIn should be part of your digital marketing strategy.

Know your client, know what their circumstances are, and know what they are looking for. If you haven’t walked in your client’s shoes, your digital marketing strategy for your law firm won’t work.

Establish Your Digital Marketing Goals.

Setting clear goals is essential for measuring your law firm’s internet marketing strategy’s effectiveness. Consider the following questions:

  • Do you want more visitors to your law firm’s website?
  • Would you like more clients to write good things about you online?
  • Do you hope to see an increase in web-based appointment bookings?
  • Would you like more people to contact you through social media?

Whatever your digital marketing goal is, the end goal should be to bring in new clients and build a strong online presence for your law firm. This helps guarantee that your digital marketing funds are spent effectively.

Make sure that the goals you set are ones you can realistically reach. If you’ve never used social media before, posting every day might be hard to do. Determine how much work and time you can devote to digital marketing for your law firm, then set your goals.

You should also remember that even the best digital marketing firm in the world won’t be able to boost your sales and growth if you lack the internal capabilities to capitalize on the leads it generates. Ensure you have a sound system or support for handling leads and converting them into paying clients. Otherwise, your investments – in time, money, and effort – won’t pay off. 

Find Out If They Have a History of Success with Law Firms.

If you want to work with a digital marketing agency, the most important question you can ask them is: ” What kind of marketing results have you gotten for law firms in the past?

People tend to think that all marketing is the same. However, law firms face some distinctive challenges. Look for a company that knows what it takes to market a law firm with a good track record. Ensure they are knowledgeable or are able to explain:

  • What are best practices in law firm websites?
  • What are the best keywords for a law firm SEO campaign?
  • How should a Google AdWords campaign be set up to get the best results?
  • Where can we quickly get backlinks for a law firm SEO campaign?
  • Which legal directories are the most important?

Also, make sure that your law firm marketing agency knows what the best practices are right now. Digital marketing is a constantly evolving field.

If people from the law firm marketing agency write for legal marketing blogs, regularly publish content marketing, or speak about the subject, all these are positive signs.

Find Out if They Are Capable of Helping You Reach Your Goals.

One of the first things you’ll want to know about your law firm digital marketing agency is if they can help you reach your goals.  For that, you’ll need to do some research and investigation.

Here are some of the most important questions you’ll need to ask:

  • Are they capable of handling your law firm in addition to all of their other clients?
  • How personalized is the service they can give?
  • Do they have experience in all the marketing areas you require, such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO),  PPC,  landing pages, website design and development, and e-mail marketing?
  • How accurate are their claims? Do they make too many promises (this should be an instant red flag)?

Examine Their Reporting Methods and Work Processes.

Assuming the agency can provide the services you need, how do they exactly work?  How will it work for you in your daily life? Are you a good fit?

Some of the most important things to think about here are:

  • What specific steps will they take in their strategies for content marketing, lead generation, PPC campaigns, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), etc.?
  • Can you meet them in person or by video if you need to?
  • What amount of interaction do you have with the agency beyond the initial meetings to define your needs?
  • Will you be assigned an account manager to whom you can direct questions and ideas?
  • Can they work well with your employees? Maybe you have a person in charge of marketing who needs to talk to the agency often. How would this work?
  • How will they help you keep track of performance and results and give you feedback?

These things need to be established early on, so you know what to expect from your legal marketing agency.

Check the Terms of the Contract and the Fees.

You probably won’t want to sign any lengthy contracts until you’re sure the relationship is going smoothly.

Here are a few things to consider:

  • What’s the shortest contract length for the agency’s digital marketing services?
  • Can you work out a month-to-month agreement?
  • How can you get out of the deal if it isn’t working?
  • What KPIs, if any, are built into the agreement? Website rankings? How much traffic? How about lead numbers?
  • Keeping an eye on marketing costs is also going to be necessary. To put it simply, everyone has some sort of financial budget in mind:
  • Is the agency paid monthly or hourly?
  • Are the fees the same every month?
  • Does a minimum fee exist?
  • Would it be easy to scale up or down services as needed?
  • Will you incur costs if the agreed-upon outcomes are not delivered?

Find out exactly how the agency charges for its services so that nothing comes as a surprise. If the fees seem low, there’s probably a reason for that.

Now You Are Ready To Pick the Right Law Firm Marketing Agency

To market your law firm effectively, you will need to use a multi-channel strategy.  A combination of the following may generate new leads and opportunities:

Maintaining and updating multiple online presences, including a website, can be challenging, and it calls for constant and deliberate activity.

You’ll have to keep a lot of things going on at once. And that’s hard to do when you’re meeting with clients and working on cases. Most lawyers don’t have the time or marketing skills to keep everything moving.

Hiring a law firm marketing agency to handle your internet marketing may seem easy. Still, it’s also relatively easy to end up stuck with a pricey, unproductive agency that doesn’t satisfy your needs.

Now that you know the most important things to look for in a marketing partner, you should be able to make a decision much more quickly.

Think about how much time you’ll have to focus on the areas of the business that only you can handle. 

Affordable and Effective Small Law Firm Marketing in Upland, California

You can rely on the legal industry professionals at Advantage Attorney to meet your legal marketing and technology needs. We know what it takes to make a law firm successful and expand its reach. 

We will help you get noticed by the right clients with our full-service marketing packages and pull your team together with our cutting-edge cloud computing technology at affordable prices! What’re you waiting for? Make an appointment now!

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