Innovative Approach to Television Advertising for Attorneys

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Small Law Firm Marketing in Upland, CA

A large number of lawyers and law firms in today’s digital era have shifted their focus from traditional to digital platforms. And rightly so. It’s safe to say that law firms no longer rely on the yellow pages to bring in new clients.

The race to SEO, SEM, Social Media Campaigns, and other similar technologies is well underway and has been for a long time. However, TV is still a powerful medium for law firms to raise awareness of their brand and should be seriously explored as an viable addition to your law firm’s marketing strategy.

Television and radio advertising are essential components of a law firm’s marketing strategy. Over-the-Top advertising, or simply OTT, is a great tool to promote your law firm’s brand and attract new clients for solo practitioners and small law firms that are looking to extend their reach!

Advantage Attorney Marketing’s OTT caters to small-sized law firms by emphasizing value and convenience. Our over-the-top (OTT) advertising services are reasonably priced, highly targeted, and designed with the unique needs of solo and small-firm attorneys in mind. To learn more about our marketing and technology services, contact our attorney marketing professionals now!

Why Do I Need an Attorney Marketing Specialist in Upland, CA?

It’s possible that your legal team is made up of highly qualified and talented attorneys. However, you are unlikely to have the in-house skills required to create and implement marketing strategies that would help your law firm in achieving profitable, constant growth. It’s also doubtful that you have the time to devote to website design, content creation, SEO, and blogging on a regular basis.

Here’s where Advantage Attorney Marketing comes in.

Our clientele, which consists mostly of solo practitioners and small law firms, have found us to be an indispensable component in their day-to-day operations. Yes, we can create a website for you and manage your search engine optimization and TV advertising. However, our value extends beyond just carrying out marketing strategies.

On a daily basis, we work with the owners of solo and small law firms. We’ve seen our clients’ successes firsthand and are happy to share that experience with everyone who decides to sign up with Advantage Attorney Marketing. We will develop a marketing plan that supports your goals, whether they are to remain a small law firm or to develop into something much bigger.

What is Over-the-Top (OTT) Advertising?

Over-the-top (OTT) advertising is a kind of internet marketing in which commercial advertising is streamed straight to a user’s connected device or smart TV (CTV).

Over-the-top marketing refers to strategies that enable marketers to directly access target audiences while skipping traditional TV providers that control media distribution.

Going over the top gives media firms (and advertisers) the ability to roam about without being constrained by pre-planned broadcast schedules or geographical boundaries.

OTT Video Is a Viable Component of the Performance Media Mix

Because of its increasing capabilities in measuring, scaling, and data-driven targeting, over-the-top video can support a broad range of marketing and sales efforts.Many sites use the term “over the top” only in the context of upper-funnel awareness or oversimplify OTT objectives as being the same as TV goals. You can use OTT video as a full-funnel performance channel that can engage and move clients through the whole funnel, rather than simply building your brand.

Innovative Approach to Television Advertising for Attorneys

Advantages of OTT Video Over Conventional Television

Precise targeting that gets rid of waste

Increased engagement as a result of enhanced ad relevance

Build and improve basic campaigns with targeted, complementary strategies such as incremental reach, frequency management, competition targeting, and a focus on lapsed customers.

Improved accountability – assess TV effectiveness; optimize future advertising

Viewership, Ad Investments, and Apps Continue to Grow in OTT

Because the future of television is becoming increasingly digital and data-driven, brands with solid digital strategies are including OTT advertising into their performance mix.

According to OTT video statistics, viewing has become more widespread in recent years, particularly among younger people, whose viewing habits have switched away from cable and toward streaming services and OTT applications such as Crackle, Hulu, Netflix, Plex, Pluto.TV, Roku, Vevo, Vimeo, and others.

Over-the-top advertising for attorneys

Where OTT Ads Can Be Found

Over-the-top video ads can be displayed on a variety of devices (like Roku and connected TV) as well as streaming services (like OTT apps).

OTT content is delivered through any device that can stream video over the internet:

Gaming consoles

Mobile devices

Personal computers

Smart/Connected TVs

Streaming devices (Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Roku)

However, OTT advertising does not just “appear” on these devices; content is delivered through a variety of OTT distribution channels.

Advanced TV, AVOD, CTV, Linear TV, SVOD, vMVPDs, How are They Different From Each Other?

Things can get rather complicated from here. The streaming video market is complicated and fragmented, with channels, devices, platforms, and publishers all competing for attention.

Streaming video might look like it’s all on the same channel at first glance. Under all the streaming video are competing business models (as well as devices) that influence how we access the content.

Brands that Invest in OTT Video Use a Range of OTT Distribution Channels

TV Publishers

OTT Native Services

Streaming Linear



CBS Interactive



NBC Universal

Discovery Communications






Outside TV













Amazon Fire TV

Let’s take a brief look at a few of the most prominent OTT channels and streaming devices

Innovative Approach to Television Advertising for Attorneys

Roku Advertising

Roku is one of a kind since it serves both as a streaming device and a platform. According to Roku, there are around 51.2 million Americans who use the service on a monthly basis as of the fourth quarter of 2020. Roku is not just popular among cord-cutters, but it is also regarded as a pioneer and leader in OTT advertising.

Roku’s native ad platform includes 15-second and 30-second ad spots, as well as interactive videos, overlays, and sponsorships.

Sling TV Advertising

Sling TV is a live TV streaming service that debuted in February 2015, making it the world’s first of its kind. Viewers may use their tablets, phones, and computers to watch the same live and on-demand shows that were previously only available on cable and satellite TV.

The advertising approach of Sling TV blends parts of traditional cable TV as well as more modern digital marketing strategies. Brands, like traditional cable TV, pay per impression and may choose to advertise on a variety of networks with diverse content. Furthermore, ads cannot be skipped, fast-forwarded, or disabled.

Sling TV, on the other hand, employs programmatic advertising, which enables advertisers to bid on coveted TV programming in private auctions. This inventory is divided into linear, live, and on-demand programs.

Innovative Approach to Television Advertising for Attorneys
Innovative Approach to Television Advertising for Attorneys

Hulu Advertising

As of 2021, more than 39 million people were using Hulu’s on-demand streaming service.

Hulu, like Roku, has its own ad platform, which provides a sophisticated set of choices for bidding, targeting, measurement, and various ad types.

Tubi TV Advertising

Tubi TV, another prominent OTT channel, is not far behind Hulu. Tubi’s ad platform, which has over 33 million monthly active users (global) and content rights from over 250 partners, delivers non-skippable 15 and 30-second ad spots.

Innovative Approach to Television Advertising for Attorneys
Innovative Approach to Television Advertising for Attorneys

OTT Audience Targeting and Measuring

One of the most effective aspects of OTT is the ability to target audiences on numerous levels.

You may target based on the provider’s audience data or, in certain situations, by adding your own client data, depending on the platform and your strategy for purchasing OTT.

The majority of the bigger OTT platforms let you target against:

Custom audiences (depending on your 1st and 3rd-party data sources)


Interests and behaviors


What Lies Ahead for OTT?

The industry is permanently being changed by OTT. Adults will utilize streaming apps as well as ad-supported OTT services like Hulu, Pluto, and Sling while traditional TV continues to lose audiences.

By incorporating this new channel into your media mix, you will have an unparalleled opportunity to reach new audiences in novel ways – and to do so ahead of rivals that aren’t as creative with advertising.

As OTT viewing grows, so will the opportunity for businesses to use OTT video to meet their sales and marketing objectives.

Learn More How OTT Can Help Your Small Law Firm

Contact Advantage Attorney Marketing now to learn more about how OTT can help your small law office flourish!

Advantage Attorney can help your law firm find creative and efficient ways to reach its clientele through the use of over-the-top (OTT) advertising. It’s time to start thinking about how over-the-top (OTT) advertising can complement your current marketing strategy and help you connect with your target demographic in more meaningful and relevant ways.

Advertisements on OTT channels can be tailored to your law firm’s unique objectives and set up in a way that yields the best possible results. Through niche marketing and specific targeting, you have total control over who your law firm’s video campaigns will reach.

No matter who you’re trying to reach, our law firm marketing specialists can get you in front of them at a price you can afford. Schedule a call with us now and take advantage of our full-service of marketing services and legal cloud computing tools.

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