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First, we need to develop our action plan:

We’ll research your industry and competitors, perform a traffic study, and review your existing assets in order to determine exactly what needs to happen next.

If you’re already running paid ppc ads, we’ll evaluate your existing campaigns as well!

Your campaigns will be built completely from scratch to suit your business, your customers, and your goals.

At the same time, we’ll work with your team to ensure you’re properly positioned to begin receiving an influx in traffic and leads.

We’ll connect with you regularly throughout this process so you’re always in the know.

We perform a step-by-step walk-through of your entire campaign and only launch after receiving your full approval and sign-off.

Once we go live, your dedicated client manager keeps you regularly updated on the campaign progress as our team of experts works diligently to optimize and scale your campaign.

Paid Search Advertising for Law Firms

Pay-per-click advertising for law firms, or PPC, allows law firms to connect almost directly with potential clients. The question is, “are they the right kind of clients for you?” Many PPC managers focus on the number of clicks they have generated, not the number of actual leads or number of retained clients. So, who cares about clicks? While clicks are an important measurement of PPC advertising for law firms, if those clicks don’t turn into clients, you are just wasting your money. Google and your PPC company care about clicks because that is how Google and many PPC companies get paid. ADVANTAGE ATTORNEY takes a different approach to pay per click advertising for law firms.

Advantage Pay Per Click Advertising for Law Firms

We work directly with law firms to develop and refine their pay per click advertising campaigns. Every law firm has different PPC needs. We use the latest technology to find the best PPC opportunities for each law firm and each practice area or service that you want to promote. We analyze every click, lead, form submission and telephone call to hone in on the potential clients looking to hire you. Because our system learns, PPC advertising for your law firm becomes almost surgical, resulting in higher quality leads and lower cost per hire. Our technology, combined with more than 20 years of experience in paid search advertising for law firms, produces results that can’t be beat.

Advantage PPC Results Guarantee

We believe in and back all of the products and services we sell and pay per click advertising is no different. ADVANTAGE ATTORNEY gives you the first sixty days of PPC management for FREE! (ask for details). Our guarantee is that after the first 60 days, if we have not cut your PPC spend or increased the quality or number of leads compared to your old PPC company, you will not pay for PPC management until you do (ask for details).

Cost Effective Remarketing for Your Law Firm

Retargeting or remarketing can be a cost effective way to generate more leads and more clients. Retargeting is a fraction of the cost of Adwords PPC but can be just as effective but it may take longer to see a response.

How Does Remarketing Work?

Let’s start with why remarketing or retargeting works. The rule of seven is one of the most basic principles in marketing and advertising. Essentially the rule of seven says that a potential client must see your ad seven times before they will take action. Obviously this does not apply to every client. Some clients will hire you the first time that they land on your website but, many need to see your ad a few times. Often clients will go to your website to get information but not be ready to hire a lawyer. Whatever the scenario, remarketing works by placing a tracking cookie in the browser of potential clients. When a potential client visits another website with ads or a social media site like Facebook, that website detects the retargeting tracking cookie and then serves up your ad to them. Your ad will follow them around the internet reminding your potential client about your law firm. This supports your other online marketing efforts by keeping you top of mind with potential clients. When they are ready to hire a lawyer, it is more likely that they will call your law firm.

Retargeting Advantage

We want you to give retargeting a try. Give us a call or request more information about remarketing. Our “Beginner’s Guide to Retargeting” is a great way to start. When you are ready, we will give you a great price on remarketing advertising. If you are one of our PPC clients, retargeting ad management is included (ask for details).

Facebook and Social Media Advertising for Your Law Firm

Facebook ads and other social media can be a great way to get more leads and more clients and it won’t break the bank doing it. The ugly truth is that Facebook ads, Squarespace, Pinterest, Linkedin, etc. do not work for every law firm in every situation.

Do Facebook Ads for Law Firms Work?

Aside from using Facebook Ads for retargeting, you can run Facebook Ads for law firms that will appear on Facebook mobile and desktop versions. Facebook Ads are cheaper than most other PPC or Adwords options but, before you jump into a full blown Facebook Ads campaign, you should research their effectiveness for your particular practice areas. We have studied Facebook Ads extensively and we have data compiled for most practice areas. So, if you cannot find data for your practice areas, please request it from us below. We will provide the data without charge even if you are not one of our clients.

After you have done your due diligence, you will want to do so Facebook Ads testing. You should have a few different offers to see what works best. Look at the type of Facebook Ads that you see on your Facebook profile. Keep in mind that the ads will be specifically targeted (or retargeted) for you based on your demographic data and browsing history. Most successful Facebook Ads for law firms use what is called a lead magnet, a giveaway of some kind that has perceived value to the potential client. If you do not have an ebook, guide or video to offer, let us know. We have some lead magnets that we give away to law firms or we can create or modify lead magnets for you for a small charge.

If the data confirms that your practice areas do well with Facebook Ads and your initial test goes well then Facebook Ads will probably be a winner for you. If not, you can explore other social media options but we suggest using the same basic process to determine its effectiveness before spending a lot of money on them. We can help you with this process without any commitment from you. Just give us a call or request the details below.

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