Get the Most Out of Your Law Firm Marketing Campaign

December 8th, 2020

Marketing online can indeed help your law firm deal with competition. However, note that other law firms in the digital landscape have opted for online marketing as well. Boost your digital marketing strategy by looking into the following tactics:

  1. Prioritize SEO (search engine optimization)

Search engine marketing has become one of the fastest growing online marketing solutions. Your law firm must target clients within your state and area of practice. Because people will not be able to visit your physical location, you must increase web presence through effective local search and engine optimization. 

Local SEO is about strategic positioning in search engines. It improves the chances of your website showing up on the first page of local search results in Google. Using SEO for marketing purposes will bring more targeted traffic (essentially, potential clients) to your law firm website.

While website design and branding is still important, search marketing and optimizing is necessary to grow your business. Optimization for search engines brings about a measurable increase in inbound web traffic and, eventually, clients.

  1. Ensure that your blog posts are relevant and authoritative

Regularly blogging and posting on your webpage adds to your online presence. It educates your target audience on legal issues while boosting search engine rankings. Decide on a doable number of posts that you can accomplish on a long-term basis. However, don’t settle for mediocre content. An effective content strategy necessitates a balance between quality and quantity.

In content creation, make sure that it is not too long (to an extent where people would not read it) nor too short. Opt for authoritative content and make use of tried and tested SEO strategies. Allocating marketing budget to outsource content will ensure that the articles you will post are optimized.

  1. Consider online reviews in your marketing strategy

 Law Firm Marketing CampaignNew customers will very likely read online reviews when deciding between you and a competitor. Encourage existing clients to post a review (in any of your digital channels, be it your website or social media pages). Messaging former clients with instructions and a link to your page can also help improve the image and public relations.

Keep in mind, though, that not all reviews are positive. Negative comments can affect your online reputation and discourage your target market. Address these negative reviews professionally and promptly.

Notice how law firms that rank high in search engine results have numerous positive reviews and testimonials. These help clients know that you are trusted and your law firm is recommended by people who availed of your services.

  1. Utilize live chat as a marketing tool

After search engine optimization increases inbound traffic to your site, make sure your potential clients will be able to contact you easily as they land on your page. The world is evolving: some internet users prefer messaging over talking. A live chat tool, therefore, can help you get more out of your marketing plan. This cost-effective feature can be used to market the services you offer while providing a means to communicate and address inquiries.

Live chats help in converting potential customers into actual clients. This marketing service allows you to put up a custom-made message inviting visitors to type in their questions and know more about what you offer.

In this world of eCommerce, businesses must be able to attract more clients to be more profitable. Your law firm is no different. Choose the right marketing company for your business needs.

Create the most-suited marketing strategies with professionals in the field. We have the marketing skills and experience to help you get ahead of your competitors. Contact us at Advantage Attorney Marketing.


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