A few SEO trends that may be overrated or misused

An SEO professional needs to be aware of new trends, but that does not mean that everything that is in vogue is true; that which was functional a year ago may not be giving the best results at present. In the next article, we will discuss which SEO trends are currently being misused or overrated.

  1. Duplicated Local Landing Pages

It is well known that this SEO practice worked in the past for those businesses that have only one location but need to rank in others. However, duplicating landing pages nowadays increases the amount of duplicate content on your website and does not contribute to the user experience. What does work in this regard is to have pillar pages that are focused on providing great user experience, for which it is advisable, among other things, having a metro page and not a city-specific one, including first-party testimonials from such area’s businesses, setting up your GMB as a service area and getting reviews from local businesses.

  1. Guest Posting

When Guest Posting is done in Guest Posting Networks, it usually leads to search engines detecting link spam, since such guest posting networks often use the same IP. That being the case, for Guest Posting to be really effective, we recommend you to target publications in your business’ industry as a part of a well-planned outreach strategy.

  1. Voice Search

Voice Search has definitely come to stay, but is it really a must in every case? Before answering that question, it is necessary to specify the following: Voice assistance and Voice Search are different concepts.

In fact, Voice Assistance allows you to ask questions or give verbal instructions to a device. Such would be the case of setting an alarm and to find out specific information such as what is the time and climate at a given time. On the other hand, Voice Search, allows you to obtain information between several web sites to provide answers on specific situations in which the person who makes the respective search is involved. Thus, through Voice Search, you could, for example, find out the location of the nearest pharmacy or open bakery shops. Now you can see why local businesses benefit tremendously from this technology.

The above distinction is made for a reason: when in certain studies it is indicated that the use of Voice Search is on the rise, it is really referring to Voice Assistance. In fact, the opposite is true: the use of Voice Search has decreased in 2019 compared to the previous two years. In addition, the truth of the matter is that this technology is just in its infancy. So, unless you have a local business, the recommendation is to analyze if focusing on Voice Search can actually increase your income.

  1. Local Citations

Some case studies, deserving special mention one published by Moz, highlight the importance of having businesses listed in certain directories. For this reason, various citation SaaS management companies have devoted themselves to promoting the supposed importance of including businesses in multiple location directories. However, this is not a guarantee of better results in terms of SEO. What works to win at Local Citations is to focus on twenty to thirty top-tier citations and then on more industry-specific listings, which is critical for businesses that need authority, such as those in the health sector.

  1. Exaggerated Rank Tracking

As it happens with local citations, rank tracking is more a matter of quality than quantity. Regardless of what your keyword rank tracking tool provider has to say on the matter, it is not always possible to track unlimited keywords. The reason for this is that each keyword has several search intents, so no keyword rank tracking tool is able to give an accurate figure regarding your performance.

What can be done about it? Do research on each keyword and choose the 30 that have the best results. With your attention placed on fewer keywords, it will be easier for you to make a better follow-up of them and, consequently, obtain better results.

Do you know of any misused or overrated new SEO missing from this list? We’d love to hear about them.