The short answer to this question is a resounding, “YES!” Online reviews in general increase click-through rates and they are one of things cited most when clients are surveyed about why they hired their attorney. Reviews are no longer a nice thing to have, they are a must if you hope to beat out your competition in local rankings.

Reviews: Annual Survey of  Clients

Our annual survey of clients revealed some interesting statistics about how clients use reviews to choose their attorney:

  • 78% of those surveyed said that positive reviews significantly increased their trust and confidence in their attorney.
  • 81% said that they trust the reviews on Google, AVVO and Yelp! as much as the recommendation of a friend.
  • Nearly 100% of those surveyed said that they would not call a lawyer with bad reviews.
  • More than 50% said that they would visit an attorney’s website if they had positive reviews.
  • 46% said that they called an attorney directly from the Google My Business listing after reading positive reviews.

Reviews Affect Google Local Three Pack Listing and Organic SEO

Recent studies by Moz and Search Engine Land show that reviews are one of the top factors in local search ranking for attorneys. Attorneys with positive online reviews showed a clear advantage over lawyers with bad reviews or no reviews at all.

Do Reviews Affect Conversion Rates?

Without any further study, you could conclude that attorneys with positive reviews have a higher conversion rate. However, in our study this did not prove to be true. It seems that once the potential client arrives at the attorney’s website, conversion rates depend more on the quality of the website and engagement level of the landing page than the number of stars they had. Comparable attorneys with comparable websites had about the same number of conversions regardless of their average review score.

The Big “But”

The biggest difference between those attorneys with positive reviews and attorneys with bad reviews was in total number of conversions. While the rate of conversion depends more on the website itself, attorneys with positive reviews had a far greater number of potential clients actually visit their website resulting in a far greater number of conversions.

The Takeaway

Reviews may not be the number one ranking factor for attorneys but it is clear that attorneys with positive reviews attract more visitors to their websites. The question then becomes a matter if the website is optimized for conversions. We would be happy to discuss what you can do if you need to acquire positive reviews or you need to make bad reviews less visible. No sales pressure. Just free, honest expert advice. We can also check your website and landing pages for conversion opportunities. Again, it is free.