Cloud Workspaces for Law Firms

We Make Law Firms More Productive and Save Them Up To 50% in IT Costs

Advantage V2 Cloud – Superpowers for Law Firms

  • Upto 10x Faster than Citrix, AWS, VMWare and Azure
  • Always Backed Up, Always Up-To-Date, Always Secure
  • 100% Managed & Supported – Cuts IT Costs in half
  • Total HIPAA & PCI Compliance
  • Scale Up or Down in Minutes
  • Runs on Any Device – Saves on Hardware Costs
  • The Only Cloud Built Just for Law Firms
Cloud Workstation

Cloud Workspaces for Law Firms


Cloud Workspaces
Cloud Workspaces

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Your Law Firm in the Cloud

The Advantage V2 Cloud for Law Firms solves many of the IT problems that Law Firms have.

Better Technology

The Advantage V2 Cloud for Law Firms offers best in class cloud desktops, servers and application delivery that is specifically designed to meet the computing needs of law firms of all sizes. Our cloud solutions are full-service and fully managed so we take care of tasks like security, antivirus, backups, updates and compliance issues (HIPAA & PCI). We help protect you from things like employee theft, ransomware and crashes with our state of the art technology. We’ve built in multiple redundancies and safeguards that are simply beyond the reach of most law firms. We also offer multiple ways to connect including our downloadable app and instant access through any web browser.


The Advantage V2 Cloud for Law Firms is the only cloud solution designed and built for law firms. It’s not a one size fits all solution but rather a highly adaptable, powerful cloud-based network that is easy to use and more reliable than a traditional desktop workstation. Because we are a full-service cloud solution provider for attorneys, we will handle things like adding or removing users, allowing you to scale up or down to meet your needs in minutes, not hours or days. We make sure that things just work right so that our end users have the best possible computing experience.

Fire Your IT Guy

Because Advantage V2 Cloud for Law Firms is fully managed and supported by a team of tech superheroes, you may be able to save money and say goodbye to your IT guy. Since we move all of your computing to the cloud, you will have fewer hardware problems and our fantastic tech support team are available 24/7 if you have a problem. The best part is that Advantage Tech Support is included with Advantage V2 Cloud for Law Firms.

No Hardware Hassles

Don’t toss those old dinosaur workstations. It doesn’t matter if they are old and out of date, as long as they can connect to the internet and meet some basic system requirements, they will run like new when connected to Advantage V2 Cloud for Law Firms. In fact, since all of the computing is done on the Advantage v2 Cloud, you can use practically any computer (including Macs), tablet or smartphone and experience the same high-performance computing power.  When it is time for an upgrade, most law firms on the Advantage V2 Cloud will purchase inexpensive mini-computers or thin clients for around $100 instead of wasting $500 or more on a traditional desktop workstation.

Disruptive Pricing

The Advantage V2 Cloud for Law Firms is unbelievably affordable. Our competitors offer less and charge upto 4x more per user and their systems were not designed for the needs of law firms. When you request our pricing, we will send you a head to head comparison of Advantage V2 Cloud for Law Firms and all of our top competitors. You will be surprised by how much you can save. Remember, tech support is included, but that’s not all. We also give you free setup and free data migration. You get it all for a price so low, our competitors are shaking in their boots. Our superpowers… deliver more for much less.

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Your Legal Software Cloud

What good is a cloud service if all you can do is access a few documents? Google Drive and other products offer document sharing and some collaboration but that is not the same as having your entire IT infrastructure available to you at home, in court or while you are on vacation. Advantage Cloud gives you access to all your software, files, email, etc., just like you were sitting in the office.

Legal Software in the Cloud